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The TCM can sometimes take many miles to fully adapt. To adapt the Neutral Control: NOTE: This only applies to certain cars.

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This mode is useful when the car is new, the gearbox, valve body or TCM have been replaced, or anytime you want to be sure that the transmission is fully adapted. Volvo introduced its second generation side airbag which increased in volume to offer better protection.WHIPS, Volvo's system to minimize whiplash injuries, was also introduced as part of the standard equipment. A perfect shift is one where the TCM has reached its adaptation target for that particular shift.

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I hope you enjoy visiting our site today, and that you find this information useful. To get the most from your time here, as you scroll down the page we recommend you do these five steps: Scan the feedback from ALLDATA DIY users on the right. If the adaptation is not complete, it may result in: - Shift Flare: Engine RPM increases during a shift.

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The ABS was upgraded from a three-channel to a four-channel system, All-wheel drive models received thicker rear discs and redesigned rear calipers.

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So the best I can do is put it all on the table and make sure you have all the information to make an informed decision. ADAPTATION MODE: When you follow the procedure, you will first be directed to check which software version is in the TCM. It will take several decelerations to adapt all of the shifts. Auto repair business software. Specialised versions for the fleet market, such as a taxi and police variant, were now available from the factory Remove the rubber strip, half way to the middle of the car. This disengagement is normally smooth and isn't felt by the driver. Market adjustments meant that outside of Europe no TDI or models were available. This tells you that the Neutral Control engagement is adapted. Once you have adapted the Upshifts, Downshifts, Garage Shifts and Neutral Control, the procedure is complete.

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check out the live demo and use it to look up your specific problem on the sample vehicle so you know about what you can expect to find for your vehicle. Apart from very minor cosmetic changes, such as a slightly different Volvo badge on the front grille and US models now being equipped with side markers on the front fenders, most changes were done to the mechanicals. Let us know what you think using the contact link to leave some feedback or ask a question We work with external stakeholders to ensure that we fulfill internal and industry-common standards, and continually strive to do more This is controversial and believed by some to be a major contributing factor to increased valve body wear, eventually causing transmission problems that require valve body repair or replacement, and possible transmission overhaul or replacement. The transmission does not adapt while in Geartronic or Winter mode; do not use those modes at any point in this procedure. You only need to see it flash once to know that the neutral control adaptation has reached its target. The adaptation has reached its target when the orange triangle flashes after you shift to 'D'. In the United States, the badging denoted the engine variant and to some extent the equipment level, whereas in Europe engine and options could be chosen individually. Release the throttle and gently brake until you are at a standstill. There is no need to "Reset the adaptation to zero", unless a piece of hardware, such as the valve body or gearbox has been replaced. Now including throttle as well as brake intervention it was renamed. as you scroll down, make sure you click on some of the little Take it for a spin. Repeat this maneuver until the orange triangle flashes after each of the four downshifts. I believe ALLDATA DIY is the best product in its class, but it may not be what you are looking for. To assist in the process, a function called "Control Module Adaptation" has been included in VADIS. With the engine idling and your foot on the brake, shift to 'D' range. After reading through the procedure and using VADIS to put the car into Adaptation Mode, you can begin the adaptive test drive. New engine management systems with drive-by-wire replaced the mechanical throttle on all turbo engines as well as bringing with them an upgraded traction control.

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Once you have checked the software, you will be directed to the procedure. On all markets more powerful versions usually received better or upgraded standard equipment. With the engine idling and your foot on the brake, shift to 'N'. When the brake pedal is released, the re-engagement of Drive should be relatively smooth. - Harsh Garage Shifts: Harshness when shifting P-D, N-D, P-R, or N-R while at a standstill. ALLDATA is the only publisher I know that offers a money back satisfaction guarantee, and check this out: if you ever trade your Volvo for a different vehicle during your subscription period you can switch your ALLDATA DIY subscription to the new vehicle for free. The adaptation has reached its target when the orange triangle flashes after you shift to 'R'. Trim levels varied for each market as did the equipment levels of the most basic trims. Come to a stop and repeat this maneuver until the orange triangle flashes after each of the three shifts. Unlike some other products, nothing is left out, and there are no annoying upsells. If you are having difficulty, increase or decrease the pedal pressure you are using. After it has flashed, release the brake pedal and allow the car to crawl forward. Repeat the maneuver until you see the orange triangle flash after each of the four shifts. This data is collected and memorized by the TCM and then used to adjust shift feel/quality. To install, reverse this procedure, making sure that you connect the positive cable first. If you have been looking at other products, I promise you will not be disappointed when you see what ALLDATA is offering for less money. This symptom often feels like the car has temporarily lost drive or the transmission is slipping. This tells you that the Neutral Control disengagement is adapted. They are listed in the "Description" section of this document. It was only available on non turbo front-wheel drive models. A starter interlock was added to models with manual transmissions. It may take several accelerations to complete this. A harsh re-engagement can be felt if the adaptation is not complete. It will remain in this mode until the car is shut off. When the ignition is switched off, the TCM automatically exits adaptation mode Changes included a redesigned front end with new lights, fully colour-coded bumpers and side trim, and clear indicator lenses for the rear lights, as well as a redesigned interior. If the triangle flashes once, you do not need to see it every time after that. Repeat this maneuver until the triangle flashes just after releasing the brake pedal. For example, you will not see the triangle flash every time you release the brake pedal. Repeat this maneuver until the orange triangle flashes a few seconds after you stop the vehicle

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