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My design only supports the transmission on the vertical plane so the rearward load of the front mounts is never cancelled - possibly putting some strange loads on the front joint of the driveshaft. Plus, if you have the Sport+ Mode selected on the gearbox, the exhaust valves are open all the time for optimum performance. There are several parts of the conversion that are not just bolt-it-up sort of operations. This single fan has been replaced by a set of smaller Deralure pusher and puller working together. My clutch begins to engage as soon as the pedal is lifted rather than further up where it would normally be. With these issues resolved I got the motor warmed up and went for a drive. The lower manifold is taller and its ports are rectangular instead of having the odd semi-curved shape of the factory intake. Post Mortem This was a difficult project for me with very satisfying end results. Activating this mode gives you the ability to change the throttle p. I have no tractability issues with the flywheel and I'd recommend it as a no-brainer improvement if you are doing any clutch/tranny work and have performance goals. Between the magical new acceleration conveyed by the flywheel and the early clutch engagement my entire first run and most of my second were spent keeping the car under control rather than concentrating on a strong run. The first thing I noticed was how much more lively the motor was with the lighter flywheel. Lincoln welder repair. Hook up the clutch cable to the clutch fork and have a friend sit in the car. Both rear wheels spun up past the edge of adhesion up to redline sliding the car sideways around the first turn. I ended up dealing with a lot of sensitivity to vibrations in the driveline due to driveline angles. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. Shop Local Cars Build and Price Model Research Overview Photos Build and Price The rear diffuser is designed to channel air more effectively under the car, contributing to increased downforce for high-speed stability. Turns out you need to plug the speedometer drive gear hole with something or else you will quickly lose ATF. Edelbrock’s runners are also port-matched to the lower intake and computer-designed to flow max air. I carefully ground the length down and then removed the foremost piece of tape and clumsily reproduced the bevel - as far as I can tell it's only purpose is to aid sliding the transmission in through the pilot bearing on installation so I did not freak out. The downside of this situation is that I have no room to shim the engine/trans to meet driveline angles so any adjustment would have to occur at the pinion. We initially reused the original throttle position sensor that attaches to the bottom of the throttle body. The Volvo Concierge takes responsive handling to the next level-you’ll receive updates from the moment you order until your car is ready for delivery at the dealer. It took Scott Blanchard, one of the techs at Dunks Performance in Springfield, Oregon, the better part of a day to extract the old intake and put the Edelbrock/BBK system on our Bronco’s engine. John's design utilizes an adapter on the transmission to use the stock mount maintaining the original angle along with the original crossmember modified to accept it. A brief dip in rpm quickly turned around and the new flywheel began earning its keep. You may be able to accomplish this by shimming the driveline - every car is different so you really just have to measure. The shifter is the slickest thing ever and I change gears often without needing to. Our aged Eddie Bauer Bronco accelerated considerably stronger than it did before the Edelbrock/BBK upgrade with a slight whine from under the hood as the high-flow throttle body and intake sucked in volumes of fresh air. Activating this mode gives you the ability to change the throttle pedal mapping, shift points, shift speed and curve hold.

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After working out my crazy harmonic issues the car is very smooth. You will need to have purchased some big bolts to attach the transmission to bellhousing. Essentially you are starting off with a blank slate. Transmission input shaft sleeve: Further back on the input shaft is the sleeve the shaft rides in. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus and IntelliSafe He said there should be no vibration issues provided there are no clearance or angle issues. All are designed to protect you and those around you. Lots of creative swearing and wrench tossing figured into these obstacles. The chassis, grip and handling – everything works together to give you. Doing this will speed up the reinstallation process. No obvious clearance issues aside from the central seatbelt bolt which was fixed with some shimming. He welded bolts to the body to act as studs and allow the crossmember to be removed easily and shimmed up and down. I purchased a polyurethane Ford transmission mount and started there. Changing the intake takes the better part of a day. Consider using some well placed axle grease on these parts to help glue them in place during the install. Clutch Fork pivot modification: you are using an aluminum flywheel you will need to compensate for the thinner flywheel by moving the pivot point of the clutch fork using spacers. Modifications to existing parts Transmission input shaft: Modifying the transmission shaft or input shaft sleeve is no longer necessary with newer, thicker adapter plates.

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As you deviate from this arrangement you put stresses on the u-joints and create vibration problems that could lead to failures. I believe I can fix this by readjusting the shims on the clutchfork but that means removing the transmission again and I'd like to wait a while for that - it seems to be improving as I wear in the disk a bit so it may solve itself. Now you use the special spacers provided by John - slide them over the tabs with the meatiest section positioned towards the engine side of the bellhousing. I'll describe the route I took and then give some alternatives. Perfect Performance Pair Edelbrock gets those power gains with a modular-designed CNC-port-matched aluminum upper and lower intake. I'll try to go through all of the steps in a comprehensive way so hopefully things will be less difficult for the next person. I attached the shifter to the transmission before installing it in the car and put the transmission in gear. In the end I'm very very happy with it and glad I did it. The design and machining of the two-part intake is all part of Edelbrock’s latest airflow design and CAD technology, which helps feed considerably more air into the heads than the stock intake. It’s machined from an aluminum casting and all the working parts are said to exceed Ford specs. Gory Details - modifications and installation This was a hard project for me. I used some duct tape and other junk to cover the rest of the shaft to avoid getting metal bits in the inner workings while grinding. In hindsight this is a much better solution - but a lot of welding wire has me pretty committed to my FrankenMount contraption at this point. I'm not sure the shifter can be installed once the gearbox is bolted up in position. Have those ready and hoist the transmission up and into the car. I carefully measured this using a caliper and put a piece of masking tape around the circumference of the shaft to keep from marring the smooth surface while grinding. The aluminum Performer Truck lower intake kit came with new bolts and related gaskets.

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We didn’t want any debris getting into the open ports on the heads. The yoke slid nicely into the back of the transmission and the length seemed to be appropriate. As always this is an enormous pain in the ass and almost killed me. I ran up to the Ford dealership and purchased a housing with an electronic sending unit to plug it and possibly accomodate an electronic speedometer in the future.

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