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You've got to weigh it up - if you spend most of the year driving around in the wet, then they're possibly worth the extra expense. The purpose of the tread is to transmit the forces between the rest of the tyre and the ground.

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The dots on the sidewall typically denote unformity and weight. are the straight-lined row of blocks that create a circumferential contact "band." are the indentations in the tread, normally towards the outer edge of the tyre. My personal experience of these tyres is that they work. Every tyre has a high and a low spot, the difference of which is called radial runout. There's a lot of oil and tar involved in laying asphalt and over the course of its lifetime, a road surface will naturally leech out these products. Click Here to open or download a modifiable sample workbook for your personal use Chances are, there's some sourceless bit of knowledge rattling around in your head. For example, given the choice, I'd prefer the tread pattern on the right. Aquaplaning doesn't just happen because of dodgy tyre tread depth. Yet many manufacturers and dealers offer an unconditional* guarantee.

On the inboard side of the tread, an All Season Zone offers an open tread pattern, Aquachutes and lateral grooves for water dispersion, and a high number of TredLock technology microgrooves. As the tyre spins, the tread blocks force water into the sipes and grooves and those channel water out and away from the contact patch where the tyre meets the road. The downside is that they are generally made of a very soft compound rubber which leads to greatly reduced tyre life. You don't know how it got there or where it came from, but you believe it.

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In English this means that the inside bead and outside bead are a different diameter. This solid ring clips the air-filled tyre by it's bead to the wheel rim which is the first bonus - it prevents the air-filled tyre from coming off the rim. This is usually due to deteriorated bushings in the front suspension, causing the wheel alignment to shift as the car moves down the road. As the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road, tires have a major effect on ride, handling, braking and safety. For optimum performance, tires must have adequate tread depth, show no signs of physical damage and be properly inflated. As well as the usual air-filled tyre, there is now a reinforced polymer support ring inside. TwinTire™ This was an idea from the USA based on the twin tyres used in Western Australia on their police vehicles.

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If one of the damaged stair treads has a newel post resting on it, remove the handrail first, then remove the newel post before trying to remove the tread. It might take a few tyre changes to find one but eventually you'll likely find something that makes you think "hey - this isn't a bad tyre". are the segments that make up the majority of a tyre's tread. They can argue the toss with the manufacturers later, leveraging their position as a bulk buyer in the market to get the guarantees honoured. Despite knowledge like this, there are always going to be people who ignore their tyres and at the point where the tread is gone completely, they are within a couple of hundred miles of driving on the metal overbanding in the tyre carcass itself. Use this worksheet to figure your total cost to drive. At this point, it doesn't matter what you do - braking, accelerating and steering have no effect because the tyre is actually making no contact with the road surface any more. In this case, service is any time the tire is on the vehicle, in use, or stored outside. The military are interested because the Tweel is incredibly resistant to damage, even caused by explosions. Keep an eye out for cracks in the sidewall caused by either sun exposure or under inflation, and monitor your tread depth. Auto repair in st george utah. even where disabled individuals are not the design target. Circulate vital liquids such as engine coolant, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Inspect at every oil change. I've been coming to Lancers for several years now and have always been taken care of. That leaves more room for boot/trunk space, and reduces the carried weight in the vehicle. The Tweel's hub functions just like your everyday wheel right now - a rigid attachment point to the axle.

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All-season tyres are neither excellent dry-weather, nor excellent wet-weather tyres, but are, at best, a compromise.Wet-weather tyres Rather than use an even harder rubber compound than all-season tyres, wet weather tyres actually use a softer compound than performance tyres. If feasible, cut off the damaged portion of the stair tread, and cut a matching portion from another damaged stair tread to fill the portion cut from the first damaged tread. The is an integral part of all tubeless pneumatic tyres. These designs normally incorporates larger tread blocks on the outer portion for increased stability during cornering. The steel wire of the belts run diagonally to the direction of motion. editor Daniel Friedman is a contributing author. As a result, all tyres have a point on the tread which is lighter than the rest of the tyre - a thin spot if you like. One Side Wear - Out of Alignment When an inner or outer rib wears faster than than the rest of the tire, the need for wheel alignment is indicated. The larger tread block means the tyres are very noisy on normal roads but grip loose sand and dirt very well when you take the car or truck off-road. Rodgers says that's well past the point of damaging the tire and shortening its life, to say nothing of sucking down your fuel economy. That property keeps the tyre round, but it also means that raising the pressure to improve cornering - increasing lateral stiffness - also adds up-down stiffness, making the ride harsher. Using sophisticated computer analysis, tyre manufacturers spin each tyre and look for the 'wobble' in the tyre at certain RPMs. Sipes are especially helpful on ice, light snow and loose dirt. The actual pattern itself is a mix of functionality and aesthetics. As long as your tires are out of sunlight, away from ozone, and in an environment with a stable temperature, you're good to go.It's never felt so good to be so wrong Bald tires are very unsafe to drive on, especially in wet road conditions. Because load has a great affect on alignment, be sure the car is loaded the way it's normally driven when you have the wheels aligned; this is particularly important with independent rear suspension cars. The AAA Your Driving Cost estimates are provided to help consumers make informed vehicle purchases decisions and budget for annual automotive expenses Find A Store Shop For Tires Shop by Vehicle Shop By Tire Brands Destination Fuel Fighter Auto Repair Find Repair Services Engine Repair Services Tire Repair Schedule Repair Services Online You can save time in the store by pre-booking your repair service appointment online today. Each wheel rim was actually molded as two half-width rims joined together. I know your morning commute along pot-holed roads full of cracks might lead you to believe otherwise, but for the most part, roads, especially motorways, are designed to lessen the risk of aquaplaning in the first place. The tyre tread pumps the water out to the sides and the contact patch remains in good contact with the road. Symmetrical unidirectional tyres can be placed on either side of the vehicle, so the information on the sidewall will always include a rotational direction arrow. As your tread wears down, the depth of the grooves and sipes gets less, which in turn reduces the tyre's ability to remove water. Generally, idiots like this do a copy/paste job so they won't notice this paragraph here. Running your car low on oil can cause serious engine damage. By this point you probably understand that one of the functions of your car's tyres is to pump water out of the tread on wet road surfaces. Each time you fill up, note the number of gallons, how much you paid and the odometer reading. If you've driven for any length of time and ever been caught in a downpour on a hot summer day, you'll have seen how a super-glue sticky surface can turn into a teflon ice rink at the drop of a hat. My advice: if you find a good brand and style that you like, stick with it. is a new independent site which seems pretty good - it has a broad spectrum of comments and their reviews are sorted by tyre type as well as by vehicle. These are all here for a reason, but it's more for the tyre fitter than for your benefit.

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