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Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for mileage recommendations. If you can see the very top of Lincoln's head or the copper above it, replace the tires immediately. The digital and dial designs tend to be more accurate and easier to read, although a good pen/stick gauge will do the job as well. If you have a rear-wheel drive car, then you don't have to replace all four tires at the same time. It happens and it's better to replace the tire than get the blowout as you're speeding along the road. Any tires with sidewall bulges should be replaced immediately, regardless of the tread status. Small engine repair wichita ks. Refer to your tire manufacturer or dealer for details. If any alignment measurement falls outside the specified range, uneven tire wear can result, vehicle handling may be affected and fuel economy can be diminished. This could indicate a wheel misalignment, the need for a tire rotation, or both. Show more answers Unanswered Questions I have good tread on my tires except for the very edge.


However, understanding these procedures will help you feel more confident in dealing with a repair provider. If you have a four-wheel drive car, then you should check with the manufacturer; you will need to replace all four tires for some, and not for others. Bridgestone Tire Brands Bridgestone Tire Brands Tires By Make & Model Tires By Make & Model Tires By Type Tires By Type Contact Us Company Info Company Info Poor tire maintenance can lead to premature tire wear, a flat tire or even a blowout.

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Lawson and son auto repair. If Lincoln's hair on the top of his head is partially visible, it is time to go shopping for tires. If you happen to see wires on your tread or notice wear on the sidewalls of the tire, don't even bother with the penny – just get the tire replaced. Each vehicle has specific wheel alignment settings. Many modern tires have a specific rotational direction and corresponding rotation method. If you can see above the top of Washington’s head, it is time to start shopping for new tires. Treadwear grades are an indication of a tire's relative wear rate. A vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned when the car will drive down the road in a straight line without drifting or pulling to either side. Take both front tires and move them to the rear and vice versa.

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Check your owner's manual for specific recommendations related to your car. Newly installed tires should be balanced, and thereafter whenever a vibration is noticed. Tire Problems to Look for While Driving Unusual vibration or thumping noise: Vibration or thumpingnoises can indicate an out-of-balance tire, one with tread that has a flat spot due to locking the wheels in a panic stop, or a tire with a separated belt. Tire age is dated from the date of manufacture, not sale, as tires deteriorate even in storage Test all of your tires and if possible, replace them all at the same time. Three types of tire pressure gauges are available at most auto parts stores: digital, dial and pen/stick types. A pull to one side: While driving at a steady speed, pulling to one side may indicate an underinflated or damaged tire on the side of the car to which the vehicle pulls. A drift or pull can be caused by problems other than just alignment, so a thorough inspection should be performed by a qualified shop to determine the exact nature of the problem before an alignment is performed. Improper alignment or worn suspension parts can dramatically shorten a tire's life. When tires are balanced, small weights are attached to the wheels to limit vibration of the tire and wheels as they turn. Pressure gauges built into air hoses at gas stations are often abused and frequently inaccurate. The risk of hydroplaning increases as the tire wears. Alternatively, it might be easier to pop in to your regular tire place and ask them to check it for you; likely they'll do this for free if you're regular customer. Such damage could be caused by driving through a large pothole or over a curb, or by driving with low tire pressure. You should have the wheel alignment checked and adjusted when new tires are installed, and thereafter any time when unusual steering characteristics are observed. A sidewall bulge indicates that the rigid internal frame of the tire has been damaged and cracked, allowing air pressure to reach the flexible outer layers of the tire. And always err on the side of caution if you suspect your vehicle has tires that are over six years of age. This becomes noticeable when the built-in tire wear indicator - the letters TWI and an arrow. If this is not the case, a brake problem or poor wheel alignment may be causing the pull. The Tire Rack also reported that tires passing the quarter test exhibited better grip on the road under other driving conditions as well.

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Hydroplaning is an increased possibility with bare tires. The tread should be checked at least once a month for excessive and uneven wear. If you don't already own one, the gauge is cheap to purchase from an auto parts dealer and it's easy to use. Or you can use the traditional quarter and penny tests. Tire Problems to Look For During a Visual Inspection Over inflation: Too much air pressure causes mostly the tire’s middle section to contact the road. Spending a few minutes with your tires every month can help protect your family, improve your vehicle’s performance, and lengthen the life of your tires The charts are available online from companies such as Tire Information Center, which has information relating to anything that is tire specific, such as tread depth and rotations. Under inflation: Too little air pressure causes mostly the tire’s outer edges to contact the road. Vibrations may also be caused by tires that are "cupped," meaning they have a cupped or scalloped appearance around the tire. The structural integrity of the tire has been significantly reduced, greatly increasing the likelihood of a sudden failure or blowout at highway speeds, which could cause a serious accident. Balancing is also called for whenever a tire is removed from the wheel, for example to repair a puncture. If your tires are worn unevenly, you may feel a vibration in the steering wheel when you are driving. This guideline is not standardized among all tires and only serves a. Imagine yourself wearing two different brands of running shoes. However, some sports cars have different size wheels on the front than on the back and can not be rotated. Muncie auto repair. Place the gauge over the tire’s valve stem and press firmly so that no escaping air is heard.

Uneven tread wear is a sign that you need to take your car in for servicing. Tires should never rub against your fenders or any other part of your car. The most accurate tread depth measurements are made with a simple tread depth gauge available at any parts store. To gain maximum life and performance from your tires, it is essential to rotate your vehicle’s tires. Check the pressure every few seconds to help judge the amount of air going into the tire, until you reach the recommended air pressure. When adding air, push the air hose into the valve firmly, until the air stops escaping. Every time my rear tire hits a little bump on the road, it feels like my tires are swaying and tilting.

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There are several tire maintenance procedures that automotive repair professionals should do because they require special tools and knowledge. Factors other than tires themselves also can affect tire wear. Wheel Alignment Wheel alignment is the measurement of the position of the wheels compared to specifications that the vehicle manufacturers recommend. Erratic tread wear: This is often called cupping, and may mean the wheel is out of balance, or that the shock absorbers or other suspension components need to be replaced. Tire Balancing Properly balanced tires help minimize uneven wear and extend their life. Continuing to drive on a tire that has a sidewall bulge is dangerous. Mismatched tires will not provide the same safety, performance and efficiency as a matched pair will. Common on performance cars are tires designed to rotate in a specific direction; these can only be rotated front-to-rear, and if different tire sizes are used on the front and rear axles rotation is not possible

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