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The TORQ Foam Cannon is constructed for heavy duty use with any pressure washer. Watch our videos, then come "Experience the Cascades Falls" at any Cascades Car Wash Location Click on the coupon to the right to go to our coupon page I may have already mentioned this in one of my pressure washer reviews, but washing my car is one of the few things I truly enjoy. The TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Snow Foamer adds a blanket of super-slick and slippery car wash suds to lubricate any abrasive dirt particles. Overall, there are many considerations to take into account when buying a car wash soap. How It Works Professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts wash dirt from cars as gently as possible. The innovative TORQ Foam Cannon is designed to cover any size vehicle with amazing snow foam. Konuşma metni Etkileşimli konuşma metni yüklenemedi. In the video below, you will learn how to wash your car properly the first time Wash your car anywhere and restore that high gloss Carnauba Wax shine! Carnauba wax is famous for creating best of class and best of show winners found year after year at the greatest car shows such as the Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance. Why and How Often I try to wash my car in two to three-week intervals regardless of season. It is like no other car wash you have ever experienced. Thank you for the beautiful ,amazing job you did on my car on Saturday past. Your ads cannot reflect the wonderful work you do.

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Auto repair jenison mi. Simply add one ounce of Griot’s Garage Brilliant Finish Car Wash to a gallon of water, and watch the eruption of rich, slippery suds. The thick snow foam created by the TORQ Foam Cannon provides superior lubrication for a swirl-free washing experience.

Since your car has glass windows and a delicate paint job you don’t need a lot of pressure, so you might be better off getting an electrically powered unit. Now you can do both at the same time and still get sizzling show car results by using Pinnacle Liquid Crystal Waterless Wash with Carnauba! Scratch-free results Pinnacle Liquid Crystal Waterless Wash with Carnauba is a premium quality, high lubricity waterless wash. Use Honeydew for a touchless wash on your garage queen show car, or as part of your two-bucket wash on your winter warrior covered in salt, mud, and muck. Remember a pressure washer is a power tool, not a toy Honeydew Snow Foam is the first auto shampoo specifically formulated to create copious amounts of thick cleaning suds in a foam cannon or foam gun. The TORQ Threadlock Sleeve helps contain the high pressure within the foam cannon system to create the thickest car wash foam with minimal product usage, and lower operating pressures. Gently rinse down the car with water to remove any loose debris and grime, then attach the TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer and cover the car with soapy suds. Woodinville auto repair. High-grade high-density plastics stand up to car washing chemicals and exposure to sunlight while out on any job. I can certainly rely on you to get to it all and return my vehicle looking shiny and new. Use Honeydew Snow Foam for a touchless wash on your garage queen show car, or as part of your two-bucket wash on your winter warrior covered in salt, mud, and muck. The advanced air-injection system uses less water than a traditional hose and bucket wash. Buying brands which are combination brands, or which have a higher concentration formula, will always cost more. View Price on Amazon Mothers California Gold Car Wash Review Your car’s about to look as good as new! With Mothers California Gold Car Wash, you can wash your car thoroughly while protecting your wax. One thing you should keep in mind is to never use anything other than the detergent that is approved for use with your pressure washer. Salt for instance is highly corrosive, and if you live next to an ocean you better develop a habit of washing your car often. Discover the careful balance of powerful cleaning and exacting care. These guys got out the cigarette smell out of my car within two hours. The thicker the foam, the better it sticks to dirt, breaks it down, and slides off the car before even being touched with a wash mitt. A car wash soap should have the right chemical concentration to ensure a quality wash on the first try. More About TORQ Foam Cannons The TORQ Foam Cannon is the perfect tool to wash any size vehicle using snow foam technology. What To Consider When Shopping For Car Wash Soap The most important thing you can do when thinking about good car wash habits is to wash your car often, and with a product that won’t leave streaks or spots. Bug & tar soap is much tougher than regular car wash soap, however, so be careful not to use it unless you really need it. TORQ engineers designed the Professional Foam Cannon with corrosion-resistant brass and stainless steel components that will not rust, tarnish, or break with repeated use. Being informed and conscientous about the needs of your vehicle will keep your car looking clean and sleek for years to come. A traditional soap will likely be enough for the body of the car, but the truly discerning car owner will also need to use bug & tar soap from time to time for the really tough grit. Ideal for weekly maintenance, it is formulated to ensure no scratches occur during your wash. View Price on Amazon Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax Review Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax will mildly take away the dirt and grime on any type of vehicle that can cause unsightly scratches and blemishes. The TORQ Foam Cannon is designed to create thick snow foam to wash any vehicle. Universal fittings ensure the TORQ Foam Cannon is compatible with any gas or electric pressure washer. The Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Cannon is designed for maximum foam efficiency.

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Definitely would recommend these guys for automotive detailing. So, now you see that washing your car is more than just an issue of good looks. Fully adjustable vertical jet nozzle allows precision control to create the perfect wash foam. The Right Way of Pressure Washing Your Car The first thing you need to do is hook up your pressure washer to a hose. The TORQ Foam Cannon will turn your weekly wash into a fantastic foam party. Rinse your car with water alone to get rid of the dirt, mud, and salt that is stuck to your beloved four-wheeler. On top of that, Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash helps neutralize environmental contaminants on the paint finish, making them easier to remove. This high quality car wash gently cleans off dirt and residue left over by the elements such as rain and snow. Click the new TORQ Snow Foamer Professional Foam Cannon onto any pressure washer, and turn a normal car wash into a professional foam detail. TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Snow Foamer will transform the way you wash your car forever. Using a combination soap will never be quite as good as waxing your car, however, so make sure to wax your vehicle from time to time even if your soap brand is a combination soap and wax. Washing car windows. We also participate in a lot of outdoor sports and activities. In order to make it easier on your back get an angle extension wand. Its special brighteners even give your car a long-lasting, high-gloss, streak-free appearance. Otherwise, you may cause unnecessary wear on your vehicle. This makes washing the bottom of your car an absolute breeze. View Price on Amazon Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine Review No Rinse Wash & Shine is a vehicle washing product that contains hi-tech polymers which removes dirt and grime, while leaving vehicle paint shiny and like new. You brought Spring closer and my #wallsalivepainting Jeep a whole lot cleaner again DayMatching ActivitiesMath ActivitiesMeasurementMedia MacaroniMelanie WattMelissa and DougMelted Crayon CraftsMemorial Day CraftsMini OlympicsMom it ForwardMother’s DayMother’s Day BooksMouse ShapesMs It is like no other car wash you have ever experienced. Also try the Cascades' Rainbow Polish Falls and the Cascades Hot Wax for the complete experience. To make sure you clean every inch of your car try to cover smaller sections. I would absolutely recommend this place to friends and family. Avoid the pricey car wash and get a professional quality wash for a fraction of the cost. That’s it! However, before I finish up I have to address some safety issues. Made from concentrated premium ingredients, Griot’s Garage Brilliant Finish Car Wash helps your car’s paint look absolutely spectacular. The needs of every vehicle are a little different, and it’s important to be informed about what your needs are. View Price on Amazon Rain-X Foaming Car Wash Review Rain-X Foaming Car Wash is a concentrated car wash formula that helps to get a streak free wash while protecting wax surfaces. Different products will produce different amounts of foam when washing, and may also pair better with a specific washing implement, such as a sponge or a cloth. On the balance, it’s important to look for a soap which has a PH slightly above neutral, but not too high or low. Turn every Sunday morning car wash into a foam party with Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam!Monkey Business Hand washing ensures that your car receives the thorough, discerning clean that will help keep it looking new, and running well, for years to come. Detailing professionals and hardcore enthusiasts all choose the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Snow Foamer for its build quality, dependability, and ease of use in any car washing system. Even if you are applying it by hand don’t use stuff like dishwashing liquid, shampoo, or soap as it will strip off the wax finish and make the paint job look less shiny. The TORQ Foam Cannon covers every inch of your vehicle with thick foam designed to loosen dirt and debris for a swirl-free shine. That’s right, this is a hybrid carnauba/polymer wash and wax product for your vehicle.

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Finally, some brands may be a combination soap and wax. This is a great buy for anyone who wants to take extra care of their car. Precision-machined components blend high pressure water, air, and car wash soap into a slick foamy solution. The soapy solution creates a foam to clean the car thoroughly, all in one step. Consult your pressure washer manufacturer for any replacement parts or attachment fitting changes.

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The wrong touch pushes dirt around and grinds ugly scratches and swirls into the shiny finish. Pal auto repair. Snow Foam technology clings to vertical panels for the ultimate wash lubrication. For reviews and more product information, scroll down the page or click on the links. View Price on Amazon Chemical Guys Extreme Body Wash and Synthetic Wax Car Wash Shampoo Review Chemical Guys Extreme Body Car Wash Shampoo shampoo includes a great synthetic gloss enhancer to give your car amazing post wash shine. Including chemicals, in the conditioner, to protect the car’s paint leaving a lavish shine. Wax your car while you remove dust and dirt with Pinnacle Liquid Crystal Waterless Wash with Carnauba! Extends Wax Protection High grade Carnauba Wax is emulsified and suspended in the high lubricity formula to leave a high gloss finish during final wipe-off. The TORQ Foam Cannon will transform the way you wash your car forever. You can either apply it by hand, or you can use the soap tip on your pressure washer. View Price on Amazon Griot’s Garage Brilliant Finish Car Wash Review Next time you wash your car, dish soap just won’t cut it. The TORQ Foam Cannon is the perfect detailing tool to maintain a swirl-free showroom shine. The TORQ Foam Cannon is eco-friendly and can conserve water to prevent unnecessary runoff. If you choose the wrong type of nozzle for the job you can end up not cleaning your car properly or worse, damaging the paint job! Go Electric Before I get on with handing out advice on how to pressure wash your car I have to run a few things by you first. Not all car wash soaps are created equal, however, and it’s important to know what to look for, and what you need, before buying a car wash soap product. Avoid a two-step process of washing and waxing and get Chemical Guys Extreme Body Car Wash Shampoo for a great two-in-one shampoo and wax. What we really like about this one is that it is actually car wash soap and wax in one product

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