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Stetson University’s Circle K held a topless fundraising car wash at DeLand’s Wal-Mart to raise general funds for their club. When the driver pulled behind the business, they found out that "topless," in fact, meant that if they wanted the top of their car washed it required a donation. We specialize in bringing you a wide variety of services at a minimal cost Okay, all of you who were thinking of half-naked girls and soapsuds are wrong. Rockwall auto repair. Our vision is to be the recognized industry leader in providing quality, environmentally safe products and services at the best value for our consumers Media Articles Blog Buyer's Guides The Kleen-Scene Resource Library Videos Your shopping cart is currently empty.

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A traditional car wash can raise money every time you hold one. Usually using a nearby business as the parking lot and water supply works well for that. Before anyone calls the police, the members themselves did not go topless. A "topless" car wash is a fund-raising idea where the organization will wash the bottom half of a person's vehicle for free. Also advertising with face paint and signs along highways attracted many people. The name of the car wash is intended to catch the attention of students and members of the community. Our success is built on a commitment to providing you the best service in car washing. Welcome to Wilson's Mobile Car Wash & Detailing web site.

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The logic behind this was that no one just wants the bottom of his or her cars washed Our Mission At Atlantis, our mission is to improve and extend the longevity of our customers’ vehicles by cleaning, restoring and protecting the interior and exterior finishes. However, giving anything a little twist will increase the income.

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We advertised our car washes as a "Topless Car Wash," which attracted many customers.

In order for the members to wash the top half, they must be given a donation, thus the car wash is "topless." It seems the name alone has made this a successful fundraising event. The chapter that came up with this idea set up their car washing area behind a business. Parksville auto repair. Designated people were to lure people to the car wash.

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