Our rates

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Do-It-Yourself Pricing $
Automotive Lift Hourly Rental 20
Non-Automotive Lift (Flat Bay) Hourly Rental 10
Mechanic’s Hourly Advising 25


Full Service Pricing $
Mechanic’s Hourly Labor 60
Parts cost +10%


Specialty and Tool Rental Pricing $
Full Toolkit Hourly Rental 5
Full Toolkit Daily Rental
Over Night Storage 30/Night


1. Minimum of 1 Hour for this Service.
2. Charged in .5 hour increments.
3. Price for 8 Hour Block of Time.
4. Premium 9,000 mile synthetic oil up to 5 quarts and premium oil filter up to $14.99 value.
5. Only charged if vehicle must be stored inside.