Cargurus: Tips To Buy A Car Throug internet

Helpful article about how to buy or sell your car

How to buy a Car through Cargurus

Are you planning to buy a car but a bit confused about going for a new car or a used car or want to compare the prices of different cars to arrive at a decision or want to know more details about a particular model, then you can find everything in Cargurus, one of the most popular auto review and compare services with more than 450,000 listings for new cars and around 3 million listings for used cars.


Cargurus is not only a car shopping site, but also the best car research website that provides A to Z information about the car including the price history of the car over the years, dealer reviews, market-price analysis and everything you wanted to know about the car before finalizing the best car that suits your requirements. CarGurus was launched in 2006 by Langley Steinert, one of the former cofounder of TripAdvisor.


CarGurus strives hard in providing complete and transparent data to the customers to help them make smarter decisions when buying a used or new car. The intelligent search engine analyses millions of new and used cars and ranks them based on various criteria. It is estimated that around 15 million customers shop for new or used cars at CarGurus.

Cargurus website screen

How to shop for the best used car in cargurus?

Buying a used car with CarGurus is pretty much simple as you have lot of options to find your favorite car or find a specific car by its brand or name or use the advanced search to find all cars in a select make, model and cars produced within a certain years and also search by sellers within a certain distance from your location.

You’ve a lot of options to choose the best used car in terms of price, value and many other features. To find your favorite pre-owned cars or used cars, you can either:

  • Use advanced search functionality to search by certain criteria including make, model, year, zip and radius

CarGurus search

  • Or if you are not sure about the model or make and just a wanted to view the list of cars being sold around 50 kms from your location, you can simply enter your zip and our intelligent Car Finder will provide you with all the matching listings
  • You can also use the “Find Dealers” option to search for dealers in your location that are selling a particular make or you provide the dealer name and your location to know the exact address of the dealer to make your inquiries about a model

Cargurus find dealer

  • You also can use the “Used Car Price Calculator” to find the market value of a car and also the estimated trade-in value

Used car calculator

  • Your recent searches are also stored In Cargurus, so that you can start your search again from where you left off

Cargurs recent searches

Apart from all these various options that help you in finding the best used car that suits your budget, your design requirements, CarGurus also provides you with articles that help in giving a lot of useful tips, that is a must read for everyone looking to buy a used car. CarGurus is the best choice as it is a complete package certified pre-owned cars.

How to compare and shop for the new car of your dreams in Cargurus?

CarGurus is one of the most popular online automotive research and shopping website that has over four million new car listings and has assisted millions of users to compare local listings and negotiate a better deal with their sellers and buy a car of their dreams easily and quickly without any hassles. Buying a new car is simple, but the process you need to adopt before buying a car is choosing the best one that suits your requirements, your budget and your kind of travel etc.

CarGurus utilizes some complex and intelligent mathematical algorithms that compare the prices and all the features available in the cars and also analyze various different aspects to rank and list the cars for sale. One of the main aspect that makes CarGurus the leader in automotive shopping is the ability to provide data that is transparent which helps the customers to make a conscious and smart decision in buying their favorite car. You always get the best deals in your location that is unmatched among all competitors.

Cargurus - car listings

All cars that are listed are only done through organic ranking procedures and unlike other car shopping websites where they take money from some of the dealers to list their cars on top, CarGurus only ranks the cars based on its market value and the reputation of the dealers amongst the customers. Each and every car listing also provides additional details like its age in the market, complete price history, an exclusive market price analysis and reviews from the dealers. So you always have all the information about the car before contacting the dealer.

Step by Step Guide to Buy a New Car:

Buying a new car in CarGurus is easy as all you need to do is just provide your zip code and the make or model you need and CarGurus comes up with a great listing of cars in your area with suggestion on great deals and ones that you need to avoid.

  • Choose the make of the car

Choose make of the car

  • Choose the model

Choose the model

  • Select the year of manufacturing

  • Select the trim

Select year and trim

  • Enter your Zip code

  • And finally specify the radius

  • But if you are not sure about the make or model, then just specify the Zip code in the Car Finder and all cars in your location will be listed accordingly

The matched listings will provide you with all the necessary details that includes the listing price, MSRP, MPG, years, Transmission type, No. of Seats, Body Style, Fuel type and drivetrains.

Search results

How to find out the instant market value of your used car?

If you want to find out the market value of your car you don’t need to visit a car dealer to get an estimate but just use the Instant Market Value Finder from Cargurus and you will be able to know the market value and also the estimated trade-in value of your vehicle in just seconds.

Step by Step Guide to get find out the Instant Market Value

Cargurus instant market value

  1. Select Your Make
  2. Select Your Model
  3. Select the Year of Manufacturing
  4. If you just select these three, you would be able to know the market value. But if you need a market value that is accurate, then you need to provide more details about your vehicle like
  5. Your Zip code
  6. Mileage of your car
  7. Price
  8. Transmission
  9. Engine
  10. Wheel type (alloy wheel,
  11. Other options available like Leather Seats, Bluetooth, Sunroof, Backup camera etc.

How to sell your car fast and free with Cargurus?

Selling your car with CarGurus is the best decision you can ever make as CarGurus listings are viewed by over 20 million viewer per month and it has over 3 million listings for used cars. Also it is absolutely free to list your car for sale in CarGurus. To determine the right price for your vehicle, you can rely upon the trusted market value finder and other tools from CarGurus.


Step by Step Guide to sell your car in Cargurus

  1. Choose your car make
  2. Select your car model
  3. Select year
  4. Select trim
  5. Your zip code
  6. Mileage
  7. Select transmission
  8. Exterior color of your car
  9. Interior color of your car
  10. VIN number (optional)
  11. Add some words to describe the car in your own words
  12. Upload photos of your car

Cargurus how to sell my car

One of the important features of CarGurus is you can post an ad of selling your car absolutely at no cost like craigslist. But one unique feature of CarGurus is its recommendation tool based on your car pricing. The recommendation tool compares cars of the same make, model and year and also compares your price with the current market value and recommends whether your car is great deal or a fair deal for the buyer. So if you are going to overprice your car, then you can be sure that your car will be listed at the bottom of the listing. The recommendation tool also takes into account the vehicles age, mileage and vehicle history too.

This recommendation tool is most favoured by buyers as they can see which is a great deal for them and only concentrate on those listings. And one more reason is that posting an ad with CarGurus also adds some semblance of legitimacy for your ad. The tool also provides you with a trade-in value to help the buyers determine if the seller has priced his car in a fair way by analysing over 4 million car listings every day.

How to Save Your Searches and Listings in CarGurus?

CarGurus always puts its customers first and hence strives hard to constantly update the website with various features that makes searching, comparing and buying a new care takes less and less time than before. Market analysts and automotive experts are putting in hard hours to constantly update the valuation model to enhance it further to provide the most accurate data listings in the website, so that the customers can make a smart decision and has every details of the vehicle in their fingertips, before contacting the dealer to start the process of buying their favorite car.

Cargurus saved cars

A customer may not come to the site and buy a car immediately as it is some sort of a big investment and only want the best car in return and hence will do a lot of analysis and discussion with friends and families. So you cannot expect him to buy the car on the very first day, hence CarGurus has come up with a feature that saves all your recent searches and car listings, so that when come the next day, you don’t need to enter the same requirements like the make, model, trim etc., but the search listing will be available and all you need to is click the appropriate search listing and you can see that whatever you’ve done exactly yesterday comes to life again.

CarGurus Mobile Application

CarGurus has also launched their own exclusive mobile application so you can view and compare cars on the go. You can also search for new and used cars, read extensive review and ratings for a particular vehicle and also check the instant market value (IMV) of your vehicle in just seconds. The app is being released for both Android and Apple IPhone. The Cargurus mobile application is lightweight, user-friendly and sports a similar look to the website. Link for download.

Carsgurus Mobile application

Other features of the mobile application include:

  • Find the best deals for your used car with the help of our advanced search engine
  • Choose the best dealer based on the dealer rating from the customers
  • Use the exclusive pricing tools to calculate the instant market value instantly
  • Continue your search for a new car with your saved searches and saved listings
  • Read reviews from CarGurus experts
  • Post any questions in the questions and answers forum or help the community by answering to questions posted by other customers
  • Compare and review cars based on various aspects of a cars

Want to see expert reviews and do more research on a car?

So having decided to buy a car, it is time to finalize on the make and model of the car you are going to buy that will suit your budget, your travel needs and also suits your kind of style. But don’t be afraid that you need to analyze tonnes of car forums and communities to analyze reviews about various cars and which car will fit you in terms of cargo space, fuel economy and other features.

With the research feature in Cargurus, you can see reviews of many car models and you can choose the model of your liking and read an expert review about the car of your liking to see intricate details about the model and in what ways it can suit your requirements etc.

The Car Finder too can only help you to find cars in your budget, but if you wanted to additional details about a particular model, then you certainly need to read reviews from experts who take time to test the vehicles and provide a detail review on each and every feature of the car.

Cargurus reviews

They rate the car in terms of:

  • Look and Feel
  • Performance
  • Form and Function
  • Technology
  • Safety
  • Cost-Effectiveness

List of reviews

You can sure discuss with your family and friends for their thoughts and recommendations, but when it comes to expert opinion, only people who spend a lot of time with cars can give you an in-depth review. You can also check the Q&A section to see if there are more problems being raised for the model of your choice. This research will take you some time, but it is definitely worth the investment that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


Have a question, post it in cargurus and view replies from auto experts and users?

One of the unique features with CarGurus is the Q&A sections, where you ca post all your questions in the community and your questions will be answered by other users and Cargurus experts instantly. To be able to use this feature you need to have an account with Cargurus and create a profile, but posting questions is absolutely free all visitors.

While posting a question, you can categorize your question so that experts in that field can answer it quickly. Some of the categories include Shopping and pricing, maintenance and repair, car customization and general questions. You can also provide the car make, model and year and photo if necessary, if you need specific answers to your queries.

The Q&A section in CarGurus is a vibrant online community with a lot of questions about vehicles being answered by other users who could have faced the same problem or by experts. There is also a search facility available to search for questions, so that you can check whether a similar problem you are facing is already been answered?

It is a community that provides real-world advice by users of Cargurus who share their practical advice for your problems and in cases when your question is unique and not been able to solve by normal users, the CarGurus experts come into play and try to solve the issue. So in any case you’ll be able to get an answer for your question either by other users of Cargurus or experts from the cargurus team.

How CarGurus Works?

CarGurus is the most popular online auto shopping portal that make buying and selling cars more transparent and provides free access to its customers to utilize its advanced search engine that constantly analyses millions and millions of listings each and every day and provides the best deals for their customers.

The actual process being undertaken in the backend of the website is that every night the advanced analytical engine goes through over millions of car listings to find out the instant market value of the car using an exclusive valuation model. This model takes into every aspect that will affect the value of the car including its make, model, mileage, trim, location and other vehicle conditions and use these variables to compare with the local market value of the car to come to a final instant market value of the car.

And now when a user comes into the website and searches for a particular car make and model, the search engine which has already analyzed millions of models will scan through its inventory to check for the matching cars and ranks each and every vehicle based on its instant market value calculation.

Hence, cars that tops the list are the one that can give the customer with the highest savings. Dealers that have received positive reviews from its customers are also ranked on the top, hence the customer always gets the best deals from its top dealers.

CarGurus has put down a lot of time and effort in building an exclusive and intelligent valuation model that analyses huge data each and every day and all car listings out there are not at all provided to appease one dealer, but all results are completely based on our valuation model calculations.

Why Choose

CarGurus has over 7 million used and new cars to choose from and has basic to premium cars that can really fascinate you. The car of your dreams can become yours in quick time. You are provided with a lot of tools to assist in making a smart decision in buying your favorite car. The research section is loaded with thousands of reviews about various car models to help you get in-depth knowledge about the car of your liking.

CarGurus is proud to have some of the best minds in the country and the team consists of senior executives some of the top corporates in the world including TripAdvisor, eBay, Yahoo and Expedia. Selling your used car with Cargurus is absolutely fast and free and with the recommendation tool available in CarGurus, you can be sure that your car will make to the top if you give a fair price and provide all the details about your car.

Another great feature that makes CarGurus worthwhile is the question and answers community section, where you can post any question related to your vehicle and see your questions being answered quickly by other users and Cargurus experts. CarGurus is really a great choice to find a new or used car that suits all your requirements or sell your car quickly.

Hope this article was useful for you! Now you can visit CarsGurus to find your dream.