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For this reason I recommend getting a special serpentine belt tool to give you the extra leverage needed to fully disengage the tension spring. I sent the unit on a Monday and had it back the following Monday. I need to ship my faulty one to them as exchange then I will get refund. Within the week, it was returned and I installed it. Kit includes cover w/ chrome silver welt cord/ piping , belt w/ new alum. Auto repair windows 8. This assures you’ll get just enough slack to squeeze the ribbed side of the belt over the ridge guide. This did me absolutely no good, because after a heavy rain my neighbor would walk up my driveway and say hey my engine belt came off. They really know their stuff and seem to have been doing this type of work for a long time. My husband reconstructs vehicles all the time we will definitely use them again and recommend them when needed Email us at If you don't see the seat cover you are looking for, feel free to contact us at with your request to have one fabricated / replicated. there communication was the best told me how and where to send it and let me know when they received it, let me know when it was repaired and when they shipped it back. Some of these colors are displayed as finished seats on this page. Plus, an important tip for removing some pain when doing the job. I checked how the belt was tracking and it looked okay. It can also get rid of that annoying squeak noise at low rpm. So I’ll stay on track, unlike the Chrysler serpentine belt and stick to the problem at hand.

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Tire replace. The Serpentine Drive Belt Problem I say any vehicle, because the kit is advertised for minivan owners only.

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However, on the second day I placed order, they phoned me and informed this item was out of stock. I’m also including information from a technical bulletin showing how the dealers were fixing this issue. At work I checked through technical service publications on the All Data system related to Chrysler serpentine belt problems. MyAirbags repaired old unit for a fraction of the dealer cost. An updated engine bracket and pulley assembly is available at your local Chrysler parts department. This allows water and snow to jump up inside and over the engine drive belt. They reset the module for my car and a few days later, the car was involved in a head on collision and the air bags worked perfectly. The drawback is, this feature also makes the new belt harder to install. They have excellent communication and returned my computer very quickly. The small splash shield underneath doesn’t divert the water that well. plus detailed instruction manual with "How to Tips" from the Master on removing old cover and hardware trim, restoring / refinishing pan and cover, belt and trim reinstall. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to do the job yourself with Great Results!. Module was storing crash data, however, the vehicle was not crashed nor were there any deployment. The solution kit still takes some work and might not be right for all driveway mechanics depending on skill level. However, it will fit most cars with these engines that fall within the application range. I found MyAirbags on eBay and sent the cluster to them for repair and calibration which I thought was a great service to offer as well as an LED lighting upgrade. I installed it the day it arrived and it has worked flawlessly ever since. Quick turn around, just replace all of your deployed airbags, sensors, seat belts, and install the reseted module and it works right the first time. I also had several bulbs in the cluster burned out. Before discovering the gates solution kit and reinstalling it several times as well as replacing the serpentine belt along with the standard off the shelf tensioner this problem continued. I sent in my module, and had it returned to me in a few days.

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This is why I couldn’t see misalignment with my naked eye. Automobiles with this engine option installed are some of the most popular ever built. This policy ensures that seat covers are not sitting for extended periods of time that may effect the cover, allow folds or permanent creases to develop. This being my neighbor’s van, I definitely tried my hardest to put forth a quality job. We have Factory vintage style Logos for other many brands including Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph and adding more! If anyone can duplicate your seat COOLRETROBIKES can!FOR SEAT COVERS OTHER THAN HONDA USE THE BUTTONS ON NAV BAR & MAIN PAGE INCL. We make every effort to match not only original OEM colors , but also grain patterns used on colors. I don’t have time to go through all of the bulletins, because this would be as thick as a phone book. My ABS light is out and I am really appreciate their good service. I’ve installed it on several vehicles with good results. In my opinion this problem is not limited to minivans. I now just install the enhancement kit when I run into this issue Fast turnaround and their service absolutely works. Before purchasing a Seat Cover Kit please CLICK HERE read DIY Seat Restoration CRB Seat Cover Kits are made on a PER ORDER BASIS, and are usually available within one week of payment. Their description indicated will ship the repaired core unit to me and after I received the repaired one. After reinstalling the serpentine belt I checked for pulley alignment and problems associated with belt tension. Nevertheless, a new belly pan is not part of the technical service bulletin. Chrysler Serpentine Belt Bulletin If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s having a comeback after an auto repair that I performed to the best of my ability. After replacing the engine bracket and the idler pulley and also installing a new Chrysler belt I found out about the Gates Enhancement kit. I would recommend MyAirbags to all other whom are looking for fast and reliable services from the professional team members. We live in Florida and experience extremely heavy rains and some minor flooding in our area during rainy season. Also available in choice of Red w/ Black Logo, Black w/ Gold Logo. You will have to take a lot of stuff off to gain access to the engine brackets retaining bolts. Included is the belt diagram and details about the enhancement kit now available. It not surprising how they have grown from the small in home company. I called in and yes it was "fixed in November" and I was just able to send back in June, could not take the customers vehicle from them when they needed it and they did not feel comfortable driving with no cluster in the vehicle. I also have to make very positive mention of the customer service on the phone.

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This job is not highly technical, but is time-consuming. New Chrome Molding Available upon request for additional fee. I was informed via email on all the stages from receiving, processing, and shipping back. If you’re looking for a complete Dodge Caravan work shop manual we have them as well.

I have never had a problem with them and their service is excellent. I reconstructs vehicles all the time and will definitely use them again and recommend them when needed. The Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caravan and Voyager have a tendency to throw the serpentine belt after driving through a puddle. The price was great and the service was fast as I had it back within the week that I sent it to them. Overall I’ve had little experience with Mopar products. Auto repair randolph ma. In my opinion one design defect of the engine compartment is the underside is almost completely open. I have found them honest and reasonable on both resetting my modules and repairing seat belts. Here are just a few examples of our attention to details, including our exclusive handmade aluminum / non-corrosive, better than OEM pan edge guard molding, new hand polished / clear coated/ rust resistent chrome button rivets included with kits where applicable. After reading through the bulletins I was left with the impression that I’m glad I bought a Chevrolet. Every time my neighbor’s minivan would go through a deep puddle it would take off the engine belt. Until I had to send a cluster back my customer paid for shipping to send it there that's completely understandable but then get a email saying I need to pay for it. This may not be a very good driveway or do-it-yourself auto repair. I have installed the repaired unit now and it works well. What solves the belt coming off problem is the ridge or guide on the new and included pulleys. I found on ebay and gave them a shot. Ojai auto repair. I used my favorite Gator Back belts name brand parts and took my time installing them

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