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I have enjoyed driving her foe a couple of years and then the gear selector linkage failed. The original owner I believe lived somewhere on Long Island, NY. The right front fender was repaired and the fender, hood and wheels were painted. Auto body repairs cost. The interior is in good condition, no cracks in the leather, but the headliner is missing. On this site you will find fantastic technical help and resources for this and other models, be sure to check out the forums as well.. Books on auto repair. The drivers seat leather and upper dash also need replacing.

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I bought it from my father who owned it for a number of years. Clair • West Deer Township • Wilkins Township • Bessemer • Ellport • Ellwood City • Enon Valley • New Beaver • New Wilmington • S.N.P.J This is the earliest-built Comm Ed I've been able to find records for. Alfred auto repair. Its been well cared for, is in nice condition and everything actually works.

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Everything seems to work the way it should except the power drivers seat recline and the c/d.

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The previous owner kept up the car mechanically but neglected it cosmetically. She gave up on the car when the transmission failed. Originally titled in Wisconsin, moved to Maine, and rescued from a certain salty death to the South. I have a fully reconditioned an SPG kit but so far have only installed the bumper extensions. After test driving the car in the rain, I was in the 'thought process' in the owner's kitchen when the phone calls began. Car is fun and drivable as is, but rusting panels will need attention. This car is not as comfortable as modern car--some noise--but it is strong, unique design, reliable, easy to drive and original saabnism. From the listing: Near perfect except cracked dash, small dent/scratch in rear of hood, odometer questionable, mileage not exact, needs ac work. Looking into body repair options but would prefer to sell without further repairs. My wife purchased it from her and we have had it since. It has standard Saab issues - needs a headliner, front seats show their age, and right turn signal works only if you hold the indicator. We have replaced the headliner and had a little bodywork done; need to get the seats recovered. All new brakes were installed along with a new rear axle and EM brake cables and brake hoses & lines. Paint is original & quite nice, as is the interior. fender and door, Headliner re-upholstery, seat motor repairs and drivers seat re-stitching. Motor mounts, suspension, air intake, tune up, manual boost controller, new speakers and amp, new generation stainless SAAB sport exhaust, a few interior odds and ends and she seems fairly happy. Or a yard, or a driveway, or even a dedicated parking spot. It can be driven until it heats up – so that works for alternate side parking in NYC. Unique, beautiful, and made by SWEDES before GM got their greedy hands on SAAB. These models are a great improvement in all respects over their predecessors. A/C did not work and the headlamp wipers were missing. It has been serviced by the Duke of Saab in Plaistow NH.

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i recently got hit by a girl who ran a stop sign and now unfortunately the car is officially totaled. Most work has been done due to parts wearing out from normal wear and tear. Described as: Great shape-uncracked dash, nice leather, no rust, all accessories present but could not see a plaque. Despite these issues the car runs great, has tons of power and handles wells. I realized how great a replacement a Commemorative Edition would be and somehow found one close by.

It had been repaired several times in the rear and then the front end was wiped out. Neither I not the seller knew that it was CE at the time I bought it, as the plaque was missing. Black Beauty is in beautiful condition inside and out.

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It's not that bad, one of the nicer ones out there. I really hate to part with this car, but would be happy to see her go to someone who would take good care of her. It has been my daily driver and very reliable for the last two years. Some rust over the right wheel well and some minor issues with the electrics. There is rust in the wheel wells, and along the bottom of the inside of the doors.

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BTW, my friend Bill has the museum version of this car. These mods caused me to have to back off the 'P' pot in the Red Box. In other words, it's a project car in running condition. She was showcased at the dealership and upon seeing her I immediately traded my new Saab in for her. We offer one of the most comprehensive parts and service department in the automotive industry. There's no plaque so I can't tell the exact series number. I modified the sunroof to a manual when the splines stripped on the cables. Guy is currently in a drivable "restoration" state, but looks good and runs great. We've built our reputation by taking the irritation out of Auto Repair. I keep her garaged and do not drive her in the winter months due to the salt on the roads. I have original "new car sticker" as well as the original CE wheels with mounted tires. Car still runs fine, but was "totaled" by the insurance company who offered only a fraction of its real worth. air vent covers, sunroof deflector, wood shift knob etc. Is showing normal wear and tear and is still driven on a regular basis

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