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I also found a broken TS wire which added to the problem. when you heat the parts, be careful where you apply the heat. Supply valves under the sink typically can be removed with a crescent, open-end wrench or channel-lock pliers. The strange thing is that it runs for a while and brings up heat but then it shuts off. Try to avoid getting dirt in the gears and on the valves. It was replaced with a steel valve with compressing fitting and removable supply tube. This might be the hot water heater, the house water shut-off in the house, or the main shut-off at the meter. These things can be over ridden so that you can get heat. What I the best way to tell that the motor is dead, or the pump isn't getting voltage because the end switch is bad. In this case, the valve WILL open, but it will not pass the call on to the boiler and it won't fire, and the circ won't run.

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Please advice if that is the case that the zone valve motor is bad. It COULD be wired with individual wires each going back to the transformer. A good way to describe what happens is that the Thermostat TELLS the zone valve to open. I need an airtight wood burner combined with a tank and a coil I would think. Lock the valve in the open position before removing the motor. I did the bulk with paper towels and then used some throttle body cleaner and a rag to get the remainder. OR, if the valve IS open by COMMAND from the thermostat, that lever will move FREELY, as you describe. Just tap it in slowly and check to see how far in it is. I used a needle nose pliers and it came out in several pieces. A little more money and effort during construction for good old compression valves would have suited me.

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While you're at it, clean up as much dirt and oil from the leaking as you can. when that gets hot enough to take the solder only then play the flame back on the valve body a bit. When I look back it would have been much easier to hammer them out, just like they get hammered in. It could be, but most likely is NOT the thermostat. If you want to check yours by all means do so, the procedure and all the specs needed are in the EM section of the repair manual. When installing one can overheat the valve and damage the ball, or the seals at the 'stem' can be damaged. Proper tools will prevent you from damaging the fixtures, or causing an injury. But because the copper gets cut by this action and there is a corroded ring left were the seal was, I've ended up up using a stubby tube cutter right below were the seal was to have a clean stub of copper to put a compression valve on. This is bad as the flue pipe basically fell apart and degraded the internal boiler firewall. The thermostat or zone valve don't DIRECTLY control the pump. I didn't clean the under side of the covers much since they were fine. First I sawed as close to the edge as possible with a keyhole saw, but not all the way through since I didn't want to cut into the cover. I have diagnoised them at nausium, and consistently found that with sparco, now honeywell, that the end switch is destroyed by the high temp. If ONE zone has stopped working, you can rule out the transformer being bad. Hope to receive the product and complete installation procedures in a couple of days. There are different ways to do this depending on whether you're working with a liquid or gas system. It will get you to the point where you can inspect and adjust the valve clearances but I do not cover that here. Ask for help at your local hardware store if you're unsure. If you're replacing a valve on a faucet, open it up. The first year after installing it, I did not plumb in the water lines, but just burned it as a regular old wood stove.

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The ENDSWITCH is a small switch inside the valve head that MAKES CONTACT when the valve OPENS. With the proper wrench, remove the valve that you're going to replace. I would have a separate external chimney which wouldn't be an extraordinary problem. I added a wire to short the circuit to enable the zone. This is where it helps to have the bolts on the fuel rail removed so you can have a bit more wiggle room.

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If a little coolant drips out of the upper by-pass hose plug it with a pen, you see this in the pics later on. The reverse indirect storage tank will receive the cold baseboard return water and take the "thermal shock" that will result. Is it located over the top of the motor where the red wires connect to a mircoswitch or elsewhere. Shut off the house water supply and diconnect the hose from the faucet. You can then just unscew them counterclockwise to remove them, hose and all since they were crimped onto the valve. things such as temps, sound of water rushing thru the circulator, etc.

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This is to keep the valve from being damaged by the heat from the torch. the solder will 'wick' down the hot pipe into the joint.


If you have more than one valve does it make sense to put any that are nearby the valve being replaced into the "man. If you are not able to shut everything off and remove the valve to take it with you to the hardware store, then try to take some measurements or photos of it. That control measures the water temperature in the boiler and will shut off the BURNER if the water reaches that temperature. The corners around the curved areas and where the semi-circular plugs line up. I am also working on a thermoelectric generator that mounts to both sides the the wood stove water tank. I've found that you don't need to drain the coolant. I would love to see the insides of a Honeywell zone valve. Sid's auto repair. Now the water will run outside and not into your cabinet or floor. It's a job that is very straightforward and seems simple but is more work than you might realize. If the boiler is circulating heat thru the house, the zone monitor relay in my system temporarily disables my system from doing the same. In order to get the valve covers off there are many parts that need to be removed. I thought I would share this with you all to save the expense of the plumber.

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They include expansion tanks, air vents and part numbers. Yes, they're a pain to get to! I used my box wrench on a string to get these off

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