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Like the hospitality business, a large part of your success lies in strongly in your client’s first impressions. You'd think an original style seat cover would fit perfectly.

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Utilizing our services to repair damaged materials in your vehicle, boat, airplane, home, office or clinic offers an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to replacement. The distinctive two-toned leather weave pattern covers a layer of simulated ostrich skin dyed blue.

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Allow a few hours for the adhesive to dry and then sand around the edges to remove any excess glue and rough edges. Our custom-designed motorcycle gel pads & cushions are fabricated from sheets of a special polymer created for the medical field. Classic welting and a traditional tuck & roll finish were perfect for this shape. When you've removed all of the dirt and fast food crumbs, pour a small amount of leather cleaning product on a new microfiber towel and wipe the seats down in a circular motion. We repair, clean & restore anything leather or vinyl including; car seats, dashboards, arm rests, restaurant booths, boat seats, etc You can see what the original seat looked like in the first two pics below. Okay, the part about the guarantee isn't true, but as you can see in the "before seat rebuild" pic below, the passenger perch is way too small for anything more demanding than a trip to Freddy's. CGI Aviation Leather Experts are the number one choice for all your aircraft leather restoration needs. Store your car inside to prevent the interior from fading Leather and Vinyl Repair Leather and Vinyl Pros is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The liquid leather will wipe off the good leather, but it will settle into the cracks and imperfections.For discoloration, apply several coats of undiluted product and dry it with a hair dryer. Since it does have a tendency to rain in the Pacific Northwest, we usually recommend vinyl. The fit was a little bit off and the underseat fasteners were going bad. As a matter of fact, yes!   Repair Cracked Seat Pan When twin cracks sprout on either side of an old motorcycle seat pan you figure it's time to shop for a new seat. We scratched our heads for a few minutes, then gave it a go. With the base finished, we laid down a layer of rebond foam, tweaked the padding here and there, then went to work on the cover. Bike owners from as far away as Washington DC send us seats for foam repair, shaping, upholstery work and custom gel pads. Every Bob rolls off the assembly line in Kansas City with a passenger perch the size of a postage stamp. You may want to apply a top coat diluted to four parts water and one part product. This soft gel makes the ride smoother by decreasing pressure points and increasing blood flow throughout your hips, butt and legs. We can help you make your leather, vinyl, or plastic surfaces all look like new. Examine the Seats for ImperfectionsLook closely at each seat and note the imperfections. After welding the cracks, we treated the rust, covered the seat pan with a fresh coat of paint and cut new seat foam. Buy a bottle of liquid made specifically for the job. You don't want to put a brand new cover on damaged foam. We also help with the truly worn out areas like arm and head rests by cleaning, repairing, restoring and re-dying until they’re as good as new. We specialize in aircraft leather repair, which ensures that all the arm rests, table tops and other leather surfaces look as they did when they were first installed into your aircraft. 2013 ford escape repair manual. Finely Crafted Leatherwork Attention to Detail Comfort and Beauty While the simulated ostrich skin is manufactured from vinyl, it feels and wears just like durable saddle leather. We used a durable marine-grade vinyl for the cover. Harley-Davidson Soft Tail Marine Grade Vinyl Custom-Fitted Seat Faux Ostrich Skin Mac's enjoys a reputation for crafting unique motorcycle seat upholstery and custom fit gel pads – each designed to express an owner's individual personality. Some manufacturers cut corners by using cheap seat foam. With proper care, this handsome motorcycle seat will turn heads for a long time. The cover was wrinkled because the seat foam had collapsed.   Repair Motorcycle Seat You're probably gonna think we doctored these snapshots. Make sure you clean the surrounding area of the tear both above and beneath it. New Harley Davidson Seat Leather Motorcycle Seat Custom Harley Seat The owner of this vintage bike wanted to go first cabin and cover the seat in leather. Instead of reprising the waffle stitch design, the owner wanted to try something different - wrapping the sides and rear in plain tan leather. Torn BMW GS Seat Original BMW Seat Before Seat Repair Marine-Grade Vinyl Flawless Seams Before recovering the seat in a sturdy vinyl, it was necessary to trim and replace damaged sections of the old foam. But, if you're determined to keep the bike original or if it's hard to hunt down a replacement seat, give us a call. Finally, we installed a standard replacement cover with new straps and chrome. Before doing anything else, we had to determine if it was worth saving. In this instance, we need a stiff, higher density foam. We replaced the foam, then built a new seat cover; good as new.

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Actually, it's a little more complicated than that. However, there are products on the market today that will clean, recolor and patch up leather until it is in near showroom condition. With the right equipment and a little elbow grease, you can repair your leather seats yourself and skip the expensive trip to the professionals.Remove the SeatsRemove the seats from your car and place them in an enclosed, clean location. This is not an everyday motorcycle; it's the sort of bike you park in the garage and only ride when it's nice outside. It should also stop the current leather from losing color around the edges of the tear. Leather can also be more durable than petroleum-based vinyl, if properly maintained. Any rough spots will prevent the liquid leather from being applied properly.Ready the Liquid LeatherPurchase a high quality liquid leather product.

The lateral dorsal pleats are stylish, but they also serve a purpose; a pleated seat cover is 'tackier' than a seat with a plain surface. Instead of spending hundreds on a brand new steel and fiberglass seat frame, he suggested building the seat on an inexpensive skateboard deck.   A Clever Idea Hunting down a replacement seat for a vintage motorcycle can turn into a wild goose chase.

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  Vespa Scooter Seat Most of our seat covers are fabricated for motorcycles and the occasional watercraft, but we do plenty of scooters, especially when the weather turns nice. Thanks to these modifications, the passenger rides more comfortably. Leather is one of the most attractive interiors that you can have in a car, so keeping it in good condition is paramount.

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The tough vinyl not only wears well, it resists UV and water damage. Before and After Restoration FAA Certified Repair Specialist Control your interior maintenance costs.   Keep Your Passengers Happy Harley Davidson's Fat Bob is a great bike, but there's one problem. Higher a aircraft leather repair specialist if the seats become torn or stained. Small or large tears can be repaired in a short space of time using a simple procedure. We fabricated the seat cover from the highest quality vinyl; the same stuff we use for the Alaska fishing fleet. It is very important to match the liquid leather to the color of your seats.Use the toner -- included with high-quality liquid leather -- to alter the color of the product until it looks like a match. If not, continue trying until you get the color exactly right. Aside from the frame, we pretty much had to toss everything. Use a pair of scissors to cut away any rough areas or edges on the tear. Carefully glue the seams back together in accordance with the instructions on the bottle of liquid. Large holes may require a trip to a professional leather restorer. Seat leather repair. They want us to install a stock cover on their old seat.

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Unfortunately, the sides were too badly botched to reuse. With the seat foam repaired, we recommended a marine-grade vinyl specifically engineered to resist fading and shed water. Seat Built From Skateboard Skateboard Deck Mounting Plate Holes After confirming the skateboard fit the motorcycle seat plate, the bike owner yanked the skateboard's wheels and drilled mounting holes in its deck.   King & Queen Chopper Seat When a do-it-youselfer hits a dead end, their project occasionally ends up in our shop. Trashed Motobécane Scooter Seat Deteriorated Foam Now, check out the bottom two pics. Replacing these weather beaten components is expensive and often requires long wait times for replacement parts to be ordered and replaced. Homemade Seat Mold King & Queen Chopper Seat As you can see from the first two pics, the homemade fiberglass base is pretty ragged. As you can see, there's only half an inch of foam in places! Hard to trim this one down any further. Moreover by regularly maintaining your leather and vinyl, you protect yourself from the massive replacement cost you would incur when your interior is beyond help. Use a small cloth to evenly apply the dye over the patch and a sponge to gently rub away any excess dye and color. Auto repair shop insurance companies. A lot of them look like the first row of pics below. The seat not only looks great, we did it without sacrificing comfort! Bikers often ask us to lower their seats. Unless the car is in mint condition, the leather will inevitably show wear and perhaps have faded. The seat cover was designed for the bike, but without these adjustments it wouldn't have fit properly. When it went back to California the restored Scrambler seat was even better than the original. What's worse, they charged the customer for the lousy work. As you can see, the custom BMW motorcycle seat turned out great Fibrenew specializes in the repair, restoration and renewal of leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric and upholstery servicing six major markets: automotive, aviation, commercial, medical, marine and residential. Our professionally trained technicians use proprietary techniques and products to fix holes from hail storm damage, golf balls, satellite dish mounts, construction mishaps and more. While it's hard to improve upon the classic look of an Italian Vespa, some owners take the opportunity to personalize their Vespa with a custom made seat cover.

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We matched his ideas with our experience to create exactly the seat he wanted. Before Custom Shaping After Custom Shaping We began by removing the old seat cover and adding a layer of rebond foam

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