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How to Repair a Lawn Mower With the Wrong Fuel Added.

Communicator Awards for Instructional Training on lawnmower repair. If a valve was straight but not closing, you need to remove the valve and, depending on severity, either use a bench grinder to shorten the back end, or replace the valve entirely.

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It starts but runs really rough unless you pull the choke out a little. With the purchase of the “Lawnmower & Small Engine Repair” set you receive a free Torque Wrench or Blade Lock services and repairs most major brands of consumer equipment regardless of whether it was purchased from an independent lawn & garden equipment dealer or a mass merchant store such as Home Depot or Lowe's. You will learn the tricks of the trade used by the professionals who charge you high prices with long waiting times for very simple repairs. MarCom Creative Award for Training in lawnmower & small engine repair videos on DVD. While moving snow last winter the tractor just stopped moving. Washing my car. Inspect the rubber diaphragm and paper gasket for holes and replace it if necessary. Everything beyond this point should only be done by those who know what they're doing and have dismantled and engine before. If you had spark, check the carburetor by removing the air cleaner and its assembly from the carburetor and check the following. Whether you are retired, just looking for a hobby, or just trying to save time and money. If your engine has a primer bulb, push it to ensure that gas can enter the carburetor. If you found missing chunks, remove what is left and obtain a replacement from a small engine shop. has received: Telly Awards for Education and Training on how to repair lawnmowers & small engines and carburetor repair. Education at your fingertips on lawnmower & small engine repair! Welcome to the Lawnmower Man’s Educational course on lawnmower & small engine repair. Compare the prices they charge for their book courses versus our prices for “hands on” instructional videos. If it still refuses to turn over, it may be time for a new mower We offer a fully mobile repair service operating within Calgary and surrounding areas. If it wiggles, tighten the two bolts on the left end. Suddenly there was no hydraulics, the deck would not raise, and it had and no forward or reverse movement of the tractor.  The engine was still running fine.  The fluid level was OK, but F and R lever seems to be harder to move than before As with all lawn mower repairs, remove the spark plug lead, and ensure that it is a safe distance from the plug. When I got it, it would shut off when the battery went dead. You should check one last time for any mistakes you may have made and attempt a start on fresh gas. To remove the flywheel, pry up from the bottom while striking the top of the crankshaft with a hammer. If this didn't work, ensure that there is no dirt or carbon deposits inside the carburetor. If you are in that area, things are working fine and your battery will stay fully charged. If the gasket was intact, inspect the valves and ensure that one isn't bent or not fully closing. I don't know much about the engine but it looks as if it may have been recently rebuilt.

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I've changed the oil with appropriate summer-weight oil, and we've changed the spark plug as well. If it still doesn't fully open and shut, replace the carburetor. If it is, you may have a thrown rod and should replace the mower. Both of these are difficult and complex procedures and you may prefer to replace the mower unless you have a lots of time, patience, and experience. If your mower has a choke, ensure that it moves without obstruction and can close fully. The Carburetor video can only be purchased with, or after purchasing the Lawnmower & Small Engine Repair Videos. The tractor would shut off if the battery cable was removed. The problem is that if the tractor sits for a week it is very hard to start. I'm concerned that the valves may not be operating properly, or perhaps the piston/rings/etc. Filled with the knowledge of the lawnmower & small engine repair world. Because you have to run at part choke it sounds to me like you have a carburetor problem. If there is a wide spring below the gasket, place it above the gasket, in the metal pocket below. The knowledge our user friendly videos will teach you, will save you time and money with a clarity of methods and techniques that cannot be matched by any other learning source. Lawnmower Man® is a registered trademark of Lawnmower Man® INC. MAKE SURE THE PLUG LEAD IS OUT and turn the blade slowly. If the two notches in the flywheel and crankshaft were misaligned, then you have a timing problem that should be fixed by a professional.

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If you pull the starter the safety kill switch down, you should see a small spark jump the gap on the end of the plug. If you felt little or no resistance and heard an asthmatic-sounding puff noise, you have bad compression. It starts fine since we dropped a new starter and carburetor kit in it.

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If at this point the mower still won't start, the cylinder may be scored from heat or it could be something worse.

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We want our customers to be successful with the information and skills that we provide. Videographer Award for Step-by-Step lawnmower & small engine repair. Bad compression could be caused by either a bent/broken valve, or a blown head gasket. Then use steel wool to remove any stuck on pieces of gasket, place the new one on, replace everything and try to start it. Remove the cylinder head and clean up all of the carbon and put it back together. Inspect the throttle with the air cleaner still off, move the throttle knob to see if it fully opens and shuts and, if necessary, clean it out. If it does, that tells you that you need to get a new rectifier. Align the flywheel magnets with the magneto and replace the key. Take a test light and hook it up to the center wire on the rectifier and turn the ignition switch on. I repaired the gas leak and was getting the correct AC voltage from the stator, so I replaced the rectifier. If compression was not the problem, check for spark by removing the plug from the head, replacing the lead and grounding the tip against the block. It could take you weeks to learn with a book course. I read in one of your answers that if there is voltage to the center lead of the voltage regulator with the ignition on, then the regulator is bad. When you idle down it is almost like the engine goes on and off. We come to your home, place of work or job site and perform maintenance and repairs on your equipment. We service most small engine equipment, such as lawn tractors, lawn mowers, snowblowers, generators, etc.  Learn how to fix it yourself with the Lawnmower Man’s How-To-Videos On Demand Download and Streaming The Lawnmower Man videos are an award-winning set of visual teaching tools, drawn from years of experience and skill. If you have current, it is a good chance that your rectifier needs to be replaced. Our videos are the best teaching tool on the market today in lawnmower & small engine repair. If you felt and heard nothing, ensure that the starter cord system is working. We feature excellent prices on our course in professional lawnmower & small engine repair. I take the breather off and spray ether in the carburetor and it starts right a way, but dies.

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Another possibility is the balance gear bearings could be in very bad condition and will also cause an engine knock. Lawnmower Man Has been seen and acknowledged in many magazines View our World-Renowned Testimonials What We Offer We sell to you, the consumer, as well as public schools & libraries across the country.

If that is not it, replace all of the fuel lines from the gas tank fuel shut off valve. No books or book course’s can compare to our “hands on instructor”, that can work side by side with you. With a book course, you have to read it and still try to understand what it means. Gas had leaked onto the rectifier and the insulation inside the rectifier had melted. On lawn mower & small engine Repair There are a number of facts to consider when purchasing the Lawnmower Man’s video’s, like the price and the long term value of the skills and knowledge you will learn. The tractor will still shut off if a battery cable is removed. This was due to a bad ignition switch, which I replaced. Either way, it is pointlessly expensive to continue repairs. A visual teaching tool – brought to you by Lawnmower Man, INC. That says our videos are rated number one in today’s market

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