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· The ML's cruise control is bad compared to that of the ML. The S E-Hybrid is a new addition to the range and according to Porsche, "the first plug-in hybrid in the premium SUV segment". So, So, So Much Better Inside Inside, the improvement is overwhelming. During the appraisal of my trade in, the dealer was so unprofessional stating he'll give me " A twinkie for my car". I commented to the salesman that he didn't sound too excited about me wanting to buy a car from him. They put us on hold multiple times for extended periods of times before telling us they could "no longer honor the price they gave us the day prior." We decided not to play their game so we will not be buying from this dealership. Comparing it to the GPS the speedometer also is more accurate than the ML's and virtually spot on real speed. It was imperative to select the sport mode for the powertrain to prevent the engine from shutting off when braking into a corner. It also lets the car coast effortlessly without the drag of engine braking. Porsches are never cheap, and these Cayennes are no exception, but the vehicles do deliver a remarkable degree of versatility. When it shut off, there was a slight but irritating delay when we picked up the power at the apex. Off road capability is enhanced by low range, center- and rear-differential locks. The complicated nature of the controls might be off-putting for some, but the Cayenne comes across just as luxurious as it is capable. One additional twist to this hybrid is a clutch placed between the engine’s flywheel and the electric motor. I let them know I had intentions on making a purchase that day. To determine eligibility for all affected Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi models, Volkswagen set up VWDieselInfo.com for owners. Run run run i should have read the reviews first worst car buying experience in my whole life. The eight-speed transmission shifts frequently, constantly selecting the optimal ratio for ever-changing driving circumstances-and you can follow its efforts because there’s a gear display on the Cayenne’s dashboard. Combined with Porsche’s version of hill-descent control and the air suspension’s ability to raise the ground clearance, the Cayenne Turbo negotiated this severe course with ease. Interestingly, Porsche didn’t use its twin-clutch transmission-PDK in Porsche speak-on the Cayenne because the vehicle is so heavy and has substantial towing capacity. Although a Range Rover would be every bit as capable-or more-as a Cayenne Turbo off-road, it couldn’t touch the Turbo’s aplomb on a winding road or racetrack. There's very little rugged about this design-even though it's deft off-pavement.

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However, if you try to apply the brakes gently, you can’t, because the regenerative braking has a minimum threshold level. Rounding out the changes is the retuned chassis with Porsche promising greater levels of comfort without compromising the SUVs "dynamic pace" We were going to pay cash but they said they would rather I finance it than pay cash.

Interestingly, the hybrid model doesn’t seem to employ the electric motor much during everyday driving. Shop Local Cars Build and Price Model Research Overview Photos Build and Price. Each of the five flavors also offers its own set of design and features as part of the package, wrapping its five-passenger interior in slightly different trims, though each offers an almost impossibly multi-faceted list of upgrades and customizations. Speeding tickets on downhills are a given with the Porsche. There are however several pertinent nuances that distinguishes the two from one another. Body motions were well controlled, the machine was always planted, and there was plenty of grip at any speed. Rate your car on Performance, Safety, Features and more. The difference between that figure and the actual reduction is additional content and reinforcement that had to be added in order to meet various legal requirements. With a softer suspension calibration and lighter steering, the hybrid needed to be driven with greater smoothness as we started going quickly. With the Cayenne’s high nose and the machine jacked up, we couldn’t see what was directly in front, especially when cresting a grade. They didnt care.The warranty company works with them and they both lie to each other. Sound systems include Bose or audiophile-grade Burmester sound systems, and your budget is really the limit on a wide range of upholstery, trim, paint, and wheel upgrades. Reducing a vehicle’s weight while adding content is quite an achievement. Instead, the new model gets an eight-speed automatic with a lower first-gear ratio and more sophisticated traction control. Part of this capability comes from the lower first gear in the new transmission and part comes from changes in the Porsche Traction Management system that now works with a computer-controlled multiplate clutch in the center differential that can distribute the torque fore-and-aft as needed. The Porsche overruns the set speed easily on even mild downgrades whilst the ML actually braked the car to maintain the downhill speed except on the most acute of downhills. With this the engine can be completely disengaged from the rest of the drivetrain, which increases the electricity from regenerative braking and further improves fuel economy. · The panoramic glass sunroof is great and when fully open leads to a lot less buffeting compared to that of the ML. · The Porsche's steering and handling is much sharper and more responsive than the Merc of dream of. Perhaps these niggles wouldn’t matter if you drove the hybrid every day. However, our experience changed after we went to look at the vehicle.

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The S and Turbo models are very fast; the Turbo S has even more power But with this second-generation Cayenne, Porsche has taken to heart many of the criticisms of the previous model. Lots of Cayennes sold subsidizes excellent sports cars, not that they're not pricey themselves. Jeep auto repair shops. Chase auto repair. · The Bi-Xenons on the Porsche are better than those of the Merc and the high speed swivel action and low speed side lighting works great. · The ML has more storage spaces and things like remotes. We said we'd like to sleep on it and we would call them in the morning with our decision. Of course, only the journalists on this press trip would ever be likely to experience this situation, so it’s an extremely minor quibble. For those who want a do-anything machine that is comfortable, luxurious, and practical, these updated Porsche Cayennes have much to offer.

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That means a lower first gear to help compensate for the loss of the dual-range transfer case, combined with a taller top gear for better fuel economy on the highway. Also the Porsche does not have a speed limiter function for use with manual driving as the Mercedes does.The Porsche only gongs and lights up an alert in the dash when exceeding the targeted limit - too late in my opinion. Continue Reading The Car Connection Consumer Review Tell us your own ratings for a vehicle you own. But several powertrain upgrades serve to dramatically improve fuel economy. You need to apply full throttle before the motor kicks in to boost the performance, or you can press the E-power button on the center console, which forces the electric motor to cut in a bit sooner. The most important is the switch from a six-speed to an eight-speed transmission. · The ML has more storage spaces and things like remotes, keys, sunglasses, parking change, etc. As part of unprecedented settlements with federal and state governments, Volkswagen agreed to buyback from owners diesel-equipped models of this vehicle. The only downside was a lack of forward visibility when the grades changed rapidly. On normal flat and uphill driving it is fine but different from the ML is the downhill speed control ability. Porsche engineers also managed to grow the Cayenne slightly in the process. Ride quality can be a bit stiff, however, particularly in the sportier models. Our drive was at Barber Motorsports Park, so we took the cars onto the track for some hot laps. The center console mimics the beautiful Panamera design with a neat array of buttons on an upward sloping panel. Overall Rating Interior/Exterior Performance Comfort and Quality Fuel Economy / MPG Reliability I really like my Cayenne but my prior SUV, a GMC Acadia Denali, was much better equipped for about the same price. Auto repair auburn al.

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Roadholding is also better and in mountain passes this is particularly noticeable and higher speeds can be carried through the corners with better comfort for passengers. Those agile at mental arithmetic will have noticed that these reductions add up to somewhat more than the claimed weight reduction.

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The body can also be raised to improve ground clearance. Navigation, a panoramic sunroof, and a heated windshield are among many, many options. After spending several hours in the new model, we think the old Cayenne looks plain and pedestrian inside. Further fuel-economy improvements come from the addition of automatic stop/start, which turns off the engine when you’re stopped. Few manufacturers would introduce their SUVs at a racetrack, but the big Cayennes are very comfortable in such an environment, diving toward apexes and rocketing out of corners. Low-range gearing and advanced electronics support strong off-road capability. And although it’s still difficult for some of us to accept a Porsche SUV, this second-generation Cayenne is much truer to Porsche’s efficiency ethic than was the original. · Seats are equally comfortable on long trips although those of the Porsche affordwsw more side support. Use our Car Buying Guide to research Porsche Cayenne prices, specs, photos, videos, and more.Read Motor Trend’s Porsche Cayenne review to get the latest information on models, prices, specs, MPG, fuel economy and photos With the compact Macan crossover joining it in showrooms, the Cayenne actually provides a large portion of the profits that permit Porsche to persist in designing and selling some of the best-performing and handling sports cars in the world. Porsche also says-and we can believe-the torque-converter automatic provides greater sensitivity and control in delicate off-road driving. And it likely would suck more fuel in either context.

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At the other end, there’s a tiny delay when you release the brakes. Find a Porsche Cayenne Near You Enter your ZIP Code to discover local offers on new and used Porsche Cayenne vehicles. Go with the base model, and there's really no sacrifice in features versus a BMW or Mercedes-Benz product in the same price range. The Barber facility has a challenging off-road area where we played a bit with the Cayenne Turbo. The Cayenne S was almost as satisfying, even though its suspension wasn’t quite as buttoned down. The next day we called them to tell them we are comfortable moving forward with the offer they gave us. Yes, this is a well known issue with Porsche, but frustrating never the less Unlike so many other facelifts we see today, Stuttgart's designers actually made plenty of changes to the body, even if they're not immediately recognizable to an untrained eye. Contrary to its slight size increase, the new model looks slightly smaller and tidier than its predecessor. Overall Rating Interior/Exterior Performance Comfort and Quality Fuel Economy / MPG Reliability The Porsche is mostly very similar to drive than the ML.

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Porsche has done an excellent job of minimizing the transition between regenerative and hydraulic braking on the Cayenne hybrid. Worst customer service I've experienced anywhere." Next Page >> WILSON Auto Show News JENS MEINERS First Drive K.C

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