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– Performance – Reliability – Driveability – Maintenance – Efficiency Cost: Almost all EV Conversions have a budget.  The repair process went fairly smoothly however it was much more time consuming than I would have expected.  It won’t be long till it’s ready for someone else to enjoy this beauty every day. We can get you the gear to repair if it is available.  The front factory speakers are in the kick panels which is close to the ideal location in most vehicles as far as imaging goes. The main purpose of this pack is not to drive the car on it’s own, but to supplement the existing pack in the car for longer range so the maximum current output doesn’t have to be as high I tried too many places and trying to fix that and none of the company can fix that problem.  When the clutch pedal is pressed it disables regen from the off throttle position and/or regen based on the brake pedal.  The majority of vehicles were OEM’s but there was a handful of conversions at the show. To put all of these cells together there are some inexpensive plastic holders available from Fasttech.com. I have looked everywhere for the male conterpart to the female end on the speedo. If you've misplaced on or more of the nuts that holds the gauge tight against its bracket and don't want a trip to the hardware store - look to your spark plug connection. Auto world repair.

Tin the tops of the cells, take care not to heat the cells too much, others have said this can damage the cells.

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Used Car Classic: 1983-1995 Porsche 944/968 - Road & Track

To give modern functionality and a more informative display an Android tablet will be incorporated into the center console which in conjunction of the EV Display and Torque app will allow a customizable gauge cluster to be created in software. Front-end clunks when entering or exiting a driveway, for example, can indicate worn balljoints or anti-roll bar bushings.  When I first set up the GEVCU I didn’t have the brake lights connected so I have a very small amount of regen configured, it basically mimicked engine braking and let me slow down when traffic slowed down without riding the brakes.   Again I no longer have to worry about heat and how long my motor is going to last.  The Torque app also allows programmable warnings for each gauge. Crown point auto repair.  It’s an iffy time for EV conversions, on one hand there are OEM EV’s to get people familiar with EV’s and what they can do.  The electronics are actually more complicated than the DC system, so long term reliability of the electronics will depend on the design and ruggedness. I am mounting it under the instrument/dash down by the fuse array on the left where it is out of the way.  If any of you guys have a stash of “dead” or unused laptop batteries and just want to get rid of them please feel free to send them my way to speed up this project. You can put the shaft back up across the top of the gear stack and eyeball where you will want to peen the shaft to lock inside the p.m gear.  Energy use was already down significantly compared to the DC system.

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 While very specific the parts aren’t very complicated, simple plastic pieces needed to plug unnecessary cooling ports to start.

Porsche 944 Ball Joint Kits by Rennbay

Do you know of a reputable firm that can diagnose/repair this cluster.  After all the cells are done, the PCB is placed overtop of the protruding leads, this takes careful alignment to make sure they all stick through, careful soldering in the previous step helps out a lot here. One option that you have, if you do not want to buy another DME Relay, is to re-flow ALL the solder points on the board of the relay.  Unlike the Volt where the first two battery assemblies are in a row then feeding the final module through the “side” ports I found the need to have some of the assemblies side by side with cooling ports on one end only.  Although I have a few hundred cells, what I need to make this work is a few thousand cells. Dj auto repair.  Many of the AC motors are sealed including the Siemens motor I purchased.  On paper this gets even more one sided if you consider a used forklift motor and performing some modifications to make it “more” suitable for EV use.  If the pack won’t stay balanced using this method either a top balancing BMS or RC charger with balancing leads may be adapted for long term use.

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Sent tach to be rebuilt and they said it works perfect on bench. My mechanic just days ago, removed the cluster, heated it up and immediately it was operating.

Porsche 911 Parts, Porsche 996 Parts, Porsche 944 Parts.

For daily use my pack  provides more than enough range for what I need and want the car to do.  In reality there are a large number of factors that together have significantly increased the efficiency of the car.  This will all be taken care of and clean, solid and beautiful bumpers will go back on the car. Above you can see the vintage heater almost ready for testing before it gets torn down for cleanup and repainting. Take this seriously, lack of oil pressure even for a short while can cause engine damage.  The mounting brackets were, you guessed it, RUSTY.  The car worked, but it never had very good range and was significantly overweight.  A quick test drive to and from the scales yielded decent energy use results, however due to a cable issue regen wasn’t working.  The center and right show the two types of blanking plates required to block off the cooling ports on one end of a battery module, one holds a gasket, the other seals up against the gasket in the last battery plate. With the gas heater out of the equation it became necessary to incorporate a heat exchanger into the stock fan box that will transfer heat from the coolant heated by the Volt battery heater into the cabin.  I couldn’t be happier with the driveability of the car. Worn lower balljoints can lead to catastrophic failure, i.e., the loss of a wheel.  The stock fuel gauge will be interfaced with the Ah counter to give the driver an indication of the remaining “fuel”. It has built in functionality for a backup camera and/or dash cam.  Any pieces reused from the original EV system have been cleaned up and restored/repainted where required to make the car look as good as it performs.  It comes with the Torque Pro app installed and was designed to work with it, apparently there are two bluetooth radio’s, one for connecting to the Torque device and the other to connect your phone

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