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It's not so much a maxi Miata as a Corvette junior petite Just gave me the information and number to call if I had any further questions Shop by Budget/Price Range  Coachella Valley Buick GMC has your Buick, GMC at your price. Nor does it expand the capacity of what we laughingly call the trunk. JAKE HOLMES Reviews · Another Chevy gets the coveted SS badge.

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And beyond that, it's clear the Solstice's chassis and suspension were designed to handle this much thrust with casual competence.

If you want to go anywhere for a weekend with the top down, plan on packing just underwear and a toothbrush. It features a high-strength stainless steel fuel line that feeds a variable-pressure fuel rail. Indio Buick and GMC shoppers make the drive to our showroom because they know we'll help them find a new car or truck at a great price! If you're looking for used cars near Palm Springs, visit Coachella Valley Buick GMC in Indio. We offer a large range of Buick, GMC financing solutions. But once in a while, a car comes along with a price that absolutely screams at us. We provide the best sales and service to our Palm Springs Buick and GMC customers. When you bring your vehicle into Coachella Valley Buick GMC in Indio for service, we do everything we can to make sure you go home happy. Gen II blocks support the high-performance demands of the engines, but are merely a strengthened version of the original Ecotec architecture. We have all kinds of financing options available to make sure you get into the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams. We also serve all Cathedral City Buick and GMC customers from our Indio, CA dealership. The cylinder head incorporates mounting locations for the fuel injectors–which are typically mounted in the intake ports or intake manifold on port injection engines. Essentially, the system locates the injector in the combustion chamber rather than in the intake manifold runner or intake port. Service and Parts Department for Indio GMC and Buick Drivers Drivers come from as a far as Yucca Valley and La Quinta to have their vehicles serviced at Coachella Valley in Indio because we offer more than just maintenance. The sound is now a constant moan as it oozes through the revs; it's not invigorating, but gone is the harshness as well as offensive noise of the base Solstice. The groundwork for its capabilities was laid on the drawing table at the beginning of the Ecotec’s development. You'd think these issues, along with the complete lack of luggage space and that awful top design, might land the GXP on our enemies' list. The variable engine timing enabled by cam phasing allows the combustion process to be optimized. The GXP looks mostly the same as the standard Solstice, but a black honeycomb front grille, a small chin spoiler, and dual exhausts distinguish the two.

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The four-wheel disc brakes are unchanged, but added grillework around the fog lamps houses cooling ducts that direct air to the front rotors. If you've been searching for the perfect vehicle to fit your needs, Coachella Valley in Indio has a large selection of heavy-duty as well as dependable vehicles for Cathedral City GMC and Buick shoppers. Even though the GXP still likes to understeer at the limit, picking apart corners is much more entertaining now that the rear tires have a chance of breaking loose under power. The crankshaft and camshaft position sensors are digital. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. Excelent service! always good to take our cars and be service by excelent people! thanks to Raymond awesome guy Excellent people, service an no waste of time. Choose a Buick, GMC service center in Indio with skilled technicians and top technology. SIDI also permits a slightly higher compression ratio than if the fuel were delivered with conventional fuel injection and allows the mixture to be leaner at full power.A high-pressure, returnless fuel system is employed for this application. With an attractively priced performance package that should deliver on all fronts, a realistic sales forecast, innovative marketing, and the potential for even more power, the Solstice GXP could well end up being one of the best performance cars Pontiac has ever released. The GXP's small price increment negates any reason to purchase the base car, and it's sure to be sold out for the foreseeable future. We also cater to La Quinta, Palm Springs and Cathedral City Buick shoppers, so take a look at our offerings and see if anything interests you. First, the steering lacks linearity and feels artificial on center. There's nothing like a big power boost to enliven an already capable chassis. It tracks exceptionally straight on the highway, the seats are comfortable, and it's reasonably quiet and has an agreeable ride -- no combination of bumps seems to upset the chassis or even cause a noticeable tremor. Those two guys in service have been the service writers on my current vehicle and have. Unlike a diesel, the Ecotec uses a conventional spark plug and otherwise operates as a normal four-cycle spark-ignition engine. They also have cam position sensors, so that the engine control module can accurately control valve timing. Skip going out to dinner once a month, and you're there. We invite our customers looking for a Cathedral City Buick and GMC dealership source with great prices to experience our exceptional customer service, and those nearby too. As a premier Indio Buick and GMC supplier, we take pride in our outstanding reputation and we are dedicated to maintaining it. Salesmen and financial department went above and beyond even after one manag.

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Our service technicians can also assist you with genuine GM parts, new tires and great accessories.

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There's a reason why La Quinta and Cathedral City GMC and Buick owners bring their vehicles to us! We serve the entire Indio area, including the Palm Springs and Cathedral City Buick and GMC communities. That new ratio eliminates the previously large gap between second and third gears, and the base Solstice gets this improvement as well. Fuel enters the combustion chamber through multihole fuel injectors. For example, it doesn't reduce the softtop's hassle factor. Yes, the stodgy General is introducing its first gasoline direct-injection turbo at the same time as BMW. A high-pressure fuel pump delivers fuel to a variable-pressure fuel rail. It had better be–Pontiac and GM really cannot afford anything other than a grand slam Regularly driving cars that are so impossibly out of our price range makes it difficult to be as sensitive to the bottom line as someone signing the loan agreement. Headroom can be tight for people much over six feet, but legroom is ample as long as you don't mind sitting upright. A heroic infusion of vitamin HP is a panacea for this car's many little demerits. The oil pump, for example, is the same as used in all other Ecotec engines. A dual-scroll design is used on the exhaust turbine and speeds up velocity and response, much in the same way a two-plane intake manifold performs the identical function. BORREGO SPRINGS Coachella Valley Buick GMC - We're Indio's Choice Buick Dealer We offer one of the largest Buick, GMC inventories in CALIFORNIA. Dual cam phasing complements the turbocharging by optimizing valve timing at lower rpm for best turbo response and quick engine torque build-up time. Roseville auto repair mn. We have a great team of technicians and a well-equipped service and repair center to take good care of your vehicle. Not only do we carry countless models from two great brands, we also treat our customers the way they deserve to be treated.

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Thankfully, the GXP hasn't given up any of the Solstice's excellent cruising traits. As your Indio dealer, we have a full line-up of new and pre-owned models, listed right on our website. We are your premier Cathedral City GMC and Buick dealer alternative. Besides addressing that power complaint, the GXP adds a stiffer suspension, a taller axle ratio, and a shorter third-gear ratio in the same five-speed Aisin transmission. We have been serving La Quinta and Cathedral City GMC and Buick customers over the years and have proved to be their trusted dealer. The fuel pump, fuel-rail pressure, fuel-injection timing, and injection duration are controlled by the engine control module. Our dealership also features a full equipped service department with world-class technicians who do fast, efficient work on all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles. The Solstice GXP occasionally feels a bit unfinished, as if GM had pulled its cookies out of the oven before the timer went off. GM's new turbo four-cylinder Ecotec is the company's first gasoline-direct-injection engine in the U.S TONY QUIROGA News · Pontiac adds the hardtop variant we’ve always wanted. Our first acceleration times for the GXP were somewhat slower than Pontiac's claims, and company officials suspected our car may have been delivered - and then tested - with regular fuel. very good deal and great service I purchased a vehicle from Carlos at this dealership and I had one of the best experiences and two years later my battery died and I called Carlos to. It can be turned off, but even when enabled, its intervention threshold is satisfyingly high. Find answers to your auto financing questions at Coachella Valley Buick GMC. This arrangement is similar in layout to a diesel powerplant, exposing the injector to the heat and pressure of the combustion event. A new engine controller, specific to this powerplant, is used to sense and dictate its performance parameters.Variable intake and exhaust timing works synergistically with both the gasoline direct injection and turbocharging systems. When you visit Coachella Valley Buick GMC in Indio, you can expect a great selection and a greater service. In this way, fuel is metered and delivered in a finely atomized spray, which, during the intake stroke, is introduced into the chamber near the intake valves, in direct line of the spark plug. Cathedral City GMC and Buick drivers can visit Coachella Valley Buick GMC, your local Indio dealer. Find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle at Coachella Valley Buick GMC. That's already a good deal, but much of the optional gear on the base Solstice, such as a limited-slip differential, anti-lock brakes, cruise control, and power windows and locks - things you'd want - is standard on the GXP.

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The engine is responsive, but it does take a second to wake up from idle, a penalty of the high-boost turbo. It appears the bitter lessons learned by the demise of the Fiero have not been lost. If you need service for a Buick or GMC car near Cathedral City, drive in without hesitation

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