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Check out the new article about us on the Denton Business Review. Great thanks to the Denton Business Review for such a great write-up about our business!

Many vehicle owners find themselves handcuffed when it comes to maintaining and repairing their automobiles. Whether it be minor maintenance such as an oil change, or a more complicated repair job, we are typically faced with two rather unpleasant choices. We can take our car to a mechanic where we will typically pay premium prices and never be 100% sure that we are being treated honestly, or we can do the job ourselves. The problem is that, although many people are willing and able to work on their own vehicle, most of us don’t have access to the necessary tools and facilities to do so.

This problem is what led Denton residents Jason and Jessily King to establish MyBay Automotive, and put the power back in the hands of the vehicle owner. Established in April of 2011, their goal is to provide a way for anyone to work on their car and do their own repairs in a safe environment with all the necessary equipment, and save a lot of money in the process. If you have ever over-paid for a simple vehicle maintenance job, this resource is for you.

MyBay Automotive was birthed from personal experience and frustration with the expense and hassle of auto repair. Like many people, Jason wanted to save some money by doing some of his own vehicle repairs, and in the process a few things became clear. He learned that many vehicle maintenance and repair jobs that we are charged top dollar for are actually rather simple to do, provided you have the right tools for the job. He ended up spending much more time than he needed doing the repairs simply because he lacked the right facilities. He also realized that it is sometimes difficult to know if you are getting an honest answer from your mechanic.

MyBay Automotive provides all of us with the means to maintain and repair our vehicles in a professional environment. Many repair jobs do not require expert training, rather simply the right tools and a little bit of instruction. It’s not as complicated as most people believe. Their facilities provide professional lifts and tools that most would be do-it-yourself mechanics do not have in their garage. You’ll find everything you need to work on your car without having a shop of your own. You can save money by replacing your own oil or brake pads for example, and do it much easier and in less time than it would take you in your driveway.

In addition, the staff at MyBay Automotive does not mind getting their hands dirty and helping you out with their expertise. If you need some expert advice, they have a certified Ford Master Mechanic on hand by appointment to provide you step-by-step instructions to do the job right.
If you are interested in saving money on your vehicle repairs and maintenance, MyBay Automotive has the place for you to do it.


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