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Unlike leather, top-grade vinyl will not dry out and crack, nor do you need to worry about it getting wet. The padding was rather thin toward the nose and sides, which made for an easy reach to the ground, but became hard on the inner thighs after a few miles. The tough vinyl not only wears well, it resists UV and water damage. We recommend it for mattresses, window seats, and seat cushions. If you like to tinker with your bike at weekends, we’ve got a treat for you here.

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Because he lives in Alaska, he requested we use a superior quality marine vinyl engineered to remain supple in extremely cold temperatures. Corpus christi auto repair. Seat Built From Skateboard Skateboard Deck Mounting Plate Holes After confirming the skateboard fit the motorcycle seat plate, the bike owner yanked the skateboard's wheels and drilled mounting holes in its deck. Comfort Line Wood Bead Seat Cover Back when we were planning this comparison I included the beaded job mostly in jest. If you suffer from this acute pain the pads that will benefit you most will have some way to "float" your hard parts, e.g., air or gel. Original Double-Bucket Street Fighter Style Original Foam With Button Holes Steamlined Without Button Holes As you can see, the changes transformed the chunky looking "La-Z-Boy" into lean street fighter. The most important component of seat comfort is the foam - and that includes both the shape and the quality of the foam itself. It still bounces back when compressed, while the cheaper stuff will collapse under pressure. You don't have to live in Seattle to get the best motorcycle seats. We used a durable marine-grade vinyl for the cover. In this instance, the polyurethane foam was too far gone. Idealy your seat should have high-density foam in the middle and bottom portions and a thinner layer of soft foam closest to your glutes. Though the Renegade had the narrowest rider dish of all the seats, its pillion was nicely formed and padded, and nearly as wide. If you sit bolt upright, you could be prone to upper spine aches. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more dramatic example of how we're able to transform a trashed seat into something good-as-new. First, they keep you wonderfully cool by circulating air. The seat has a fiberglass base plate and is covered with a proprietary stretch vinyl that moves with the foam and is lightly textured for a good grip. Precise auto repair. The best studs to use are chrome-plated brass that won’t rust. If you're a big slouch, your tailbone will receive more pressure and filter pain up your lower back. **Roho Airhawk ** The Airhawk is the Cadillac of butt pads. There was some rust on the seat pan, but aside from that, everything was in good shape. It is premium priced and can be dyed in a variety of colors. Kia picanto repair manual. The structure of foam can be described as either open-cell or closed-cell. Colors, designer stitching and emblems! The possibilities are endless and here's your chance to set your bike apart from the rest of the pack. Audi q5 repair manual. It won't circulate blood like the beads, and it won't dampen bone contact like air or gel, but it's an all-around good option -- the good ol' boy of seat pads. Cut the outline's right and left lines with the electric knife. The nerve pain some riders encounter down the back of the left leg, is the result of coccyx-supported posture. Top-shelf, closed-cell foam offers superior support on the road, but be prepared to pay superior prices for an aftermarket motorcycle seat constructed of it. In any form it can reach debilitating levels and override the more pleasurable sensations of riding.

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The Vintage is covered with high-quality, expanded vinyl for good weather resistance. Cruiser designs usually employ a bucket in the middle and many frames are shaped like a U.   Custom Seat Pan For Softail Check out this custom-built seat we fabricated for a modified Harley-Davidson Softail. Damaged Honda XL Seat Torn Honda Seat Cover Seat Foam Damage Honda XL Seat Cover After Repair New Vinyl Seat Cover Seat Padding Added Unless the seat pan is rusted or cracked this sort of restoration is pretty straightforward. We also rode solo around town for a week and rated each saddle for ease of installation, fit, looks, comfort, support and passenger accommodations, with five stars representing the best score. If you're above a certain age, you know this bike as a four-stroke enduro. Using this sort of material accomplished two objectives; it raised the seat by an inch and gave it a slightly stiffer feel. Have Your Cake And Sit On It Saddle comfort issues are complicated for the saddlemaker too. For a weekend ride, or a longer journey for those with some personal padding to add to the mix, the gel pad is a worthy installation. You can also have your stock seat rebuilt, modified or custom order an entire saddle. Plus, Comfort Line sheepskins are attractive, fully washable and available in beige, brown or gray, in addition to basic black.

As a matter of fact, yes!   Repair Cracked Seat Pan When twin cracks sprout on either side of an old motorcycle seat pan you figure it's time to shop for a new seat. This mass produced seat and cover looked great online. Also, be careful if you purchase a new seat cover online. Other custom seat shops might reshape the foam on your original seat and add their own cover. This is the economy model, so we're optimistic its pricier products may perform better. Here'a a great example of how something as simple and inexpensive as diamond stitching can transform a plain vinyl seat into something stylish and unique.

If youre pressed for cash, check out for used saddles, or consider seat pads for temporary relief. Apply spray adhesive onto the bottom and sides of the smaller section and into the hole where it was removed. You'd think an original style seat cover would fit perfectly. At that point you'll find yourself virtually sitting on metal -- the seat pan underneath the foam. This process took the longest of all the seats tested. With the seat rebuilt, this Fat Bob is ready for the road. Even so, there's nothing quite like the look and feel of leather. Restoration Projects: If your goal is to stay true to the original OEM seat design when restoring a bike, dig up all the pictures you can showing the factory OEM seat. Butt rash is something we don't like to talk about, but all experienced riders have succumbed to it. We took six weeks, including a seven-day, coast-to-coast jaunt, to experiment with the five different types of motorcycle seat pads: air, animal hide, foam, gel and wood.

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The padding felt progressively better each time we rode in it, though. I fall on the extremely disadvantaged side, therefore I'm an expert on buttache and how to avoid it. For those who don't like the elasticized feel or the high cost of riding shorts, both Hanes and Jockey make comfortable thigh-length cotton briefs. The owner wanted something stylish with a little more beef. Pillow top seats should be tufted with covered buttons, which are double-tied with four cords, not two, so as to not lose their buttons. The lateral dorsal pleats are stylish, but they also serve a purpose; a pleated seat cover is 'tackier' than a seat with a plain surface. Measure Twice, Buy Once An old tractor seat best describes the typical cruiser saddle shape. The Saddlemen's back support was superior because of its steep bucket rise in back, but the Mustang had the best backrest. Switch off the electric knife and plunge it into the cut you made to the back of the outline. With proper care, this handsome motorcycle seat will turn heads for a long time.

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A cord is drawn beneath the seat and then permanently clipped into barrel locks on the two provided hooks on the other side

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