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If "Electrical Problem" is displayed in the Vehicle Information Center in the instrument cluster; there may be other faults in the vehicle; please call us for more details. Odometer displays strange characters or goes blank. Ordinary cars have a single catch at the front center to hold the hood closed. Getting the rollbar back down after the SL raises it has a slight trick as explained in the manual: you have to hold the UP button for about five seconds until you hear an engagement click, and then hit the down button. ROADSIDE AND TECHNICAL ASSISITANCE Eternal free roadside assistance and technical support. The high beams are the same; it's the low beams which are superior in the European version simply because they light up the road so you can see safely on low beam while not sending any glare to other drivers. If you get an SL with the hard top rest assured the soft top is snuggled away underneath. The Winter position is quite clever: it gives smooth second gear starts in casual driving, and has no qualms about downshifting instantly back into first if you punch it. Life must be tough in Germany, and having been there I've never seen anyone driving SLs or Porsches. Politos auto repair. The spring on them is so solid that the forces of evil are not likely to figure out that they open.

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Battery or Brake light on dim even when truck is turned off - may kill battery in a few days. Of course the seats have three position electronic memories. Climate Control malfunctions.Your climate control system is not at fault - remove instrument cluster and climate control functions should return to normal. All these washers do for SL owners is overspray washer fluid on our carefully detailed hoods. Most users forgo using the tonneau since it requires more effort. Also see some collector sites at Here's one with a green interior offered by Mercedes as a golf commemorative, press release here. It's not visible from behind the car, you can see it from inside the trunk to learn where it is. Unfortunately the steering wheel usually blocks it, a rare ergonomic faux-pas by Mercedes. Different years have different lens, optics and reflectors. It is laudable to have a cloth top with such a low Cd, this took a lot of work on their part. The interior storage areas automatically lock and unlock with the rest of the car. Auto repair shops dallas tx. It freed me to concentrate on traffic and driving and not have my attention distracted by having to twiddle with the wipers. : there is a light switch on the inside of the trunk near the latch on the body.

The volume automatically varies slightly with speed. The removable aluminum hard top is included standard with all SLs.

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Then it dawned on me: firm braking and a sudden turn meant that for all the computer knew I was trying to avoid something. It did exactly what I would have done without me having to touch the wiper control. We now have a simulator to bench test cluster operation. May have failed after battery charge or jump start. With the top down you'll still want to duck the levels when stopped to avoid sharing with the neighbors.

Styling Size-Up: Lexus GS F vs. BMW M5, Cadillac CTS-V.

Each driven axle requires an additional four universal or CV joints to add this feature. Mercedes no longer stocks the version with "Mercedes" on it.

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I'm an amateur and leave the top down and the A/C on. It gives meaningful readings at all throttle openings and only pegs when you punch it. As many world religions have noted, pleasure and Heaven are not obvious pleasures, but the complete lack of unpleasantness. There's no jerking forward and back like other cars searching for a powerband while shifting. The Mercedes SL series is quite likely the very finest automobile ever made. There are also two hidden map pockets in the doors that don't lock. Different frequencies are sent to each amplifier and then these signals are connected directly to each speaker driver, exactly as in professional sound systems used in concert halls.

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These are the little black wipers you see on each headlight. Backlighting flickers.Works better when warm.Fuel gauge not working or inaccurate. FM and cassette are stereo, AM and weather are mono.

What does the orange ESP warning light mean on a Mercedes?

There is a part number for the piece with a hole and a different part number for the piece without. The front grill slats are made from spare titanium Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace fighter jet engine blades. Who knows; it's nice to know my car cares as much about my safety by erring on the safe side as my fiancée does. Order the pieces without holes, have them painted to match and you're done. We are now able to repair partially lit gauge needles in most cases. Other convertibles are too shallow to swallow a grocery bag or allow the top to take up much of the trunk. When cluster fails, radio, power windows or interior dome light does not work. The silly headlight wipers have to jump over the aiming nubs that poke out of the US lenses. The seats are designed for old rich guys fatter than me, so I slide around a bit on the leather. The SL instead has about a hundred smaller invisible wires embedded inside the glass. This advanced feature is what makes this engine have such extraordinary power and fuel efficiency and silence, all in the same engine. Single cam-operated wiper blade sweeps the entire window. The center dash cubby was originally designed for the integrated cell phone, which of course today would be useless with modern mobile telephone systems. You have to stick your hands underneath to feel the heat. This is standard procedure in movie theaters and concert sound because it allows much higher efficiency, power and freedom from distortion. These gutters are the slight indentations towards the front that channel water to the rear instead of letting it slip off to the side. The real magic is on closing: just move it halfway down and let it go. This needs more research since the Winter position might save fuel, give a comfier ride and not lose any performance. Likewise, pulling off electrical connectors will allow the connections to get dirty if not covered under the hood.

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Those earlier models have an awful transmission that isn't fun to drive and sucks much more fuel. These clusters will not come alive without proper computer signal making repair verification impossible. Auto-dimming rear view and driver's side mirrors Automatic rain-sensing windshield wiper system. We carry out Service Resets, Odometer Adjustment and Digital Mileage. Explosive charges in each seat called "Emergency Tensioning Retractors," or ETR, snug down the seatbelts in case of crash. EPA ratings are with professional drivers, top up and the air conditioning turned off. Therefore it has a long scale and can be read to great precision. Even with all this complexity it is as solid as a bank vault. The entire raising or lowering requires no more than a single touch of one button, a world's first. It's only driven for fun, and never left parked anyplace. Of course who cares, no one has to drive these in bad weather anyway. Some owners and dealers lose, damage or otherwise get rid of these tops and then try to claim that they were "just an option" when pawning off incomplete cars on less savvy buyers

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