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In certain types of crash events, the center console may unlatch, allowing the objects within to fly around the cabin. Mercedes-Benz will notify owners, and dealers will replace the right side window curtain air bag. If any of the remaining front or rear axle bolts fracture, the vehicle may be unstable, reducing the handling capability and increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the fuel filters free of charge. This interference could prevent the gas pedal from retracting and the vehicle may not decelerate as expected when the driver lifts their foot from the gas pedal, which could increase the risk of a crash. If the vehicle does not move forward or backward as selected by the driver with the shift lever, there is an increased risk of a crash.

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MBUSA will notify owners, and dealers will update the electric drive system software, free of charge. Bmw repair nashville.

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In the event of the passenger airbag deployment, if the molding strip comes loose, there is an increased risk of personal injury. As a result of a faulty seal around the rear tail lamp assembly, water may enterthe rear compartment containing the spare tire. If the fuel filter flange cracks, it will leak fuel which may lead to a fire if anexternal ignition source in present. Mobile auto repair nashville tn. The bracket for the center support bearing of the drive shaft may not have been properly welded. Dealers will remove the windshields, clean and reinstall them correctly with primer and activator. MBUSA will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the bolt fasteners, tightening them as necessary, free of charge. MBUSA will notify owners, and dealers will update the lighting controller software, free of charge. An unexpected air bag deployment or engine stall increases the risk of a crash. The affected vehicles may be equipped with rear head restraints that may not stay locked in the upright position at very low temperatures. Clearance between the mat and the gas pedal may be reduced, possibly allowing the pedal to become trapped. If the internal circuit board is damaged, moving the shift lever will not select a transmission gear. The manufacturer has not yet provided a consequence for this campaign. If the vehicle experiences a loss of power steering assist, extra steering effort will be required at lower speeds, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. The higher illumination level may cause glare to oncoming vehicles, increasing the risk of a crash. Parts to remedy the vehicles are not currently available. The trailer hitch must not be used for any purpose until it has been repaired. In the event of a loss of electrical contact, certain systems may be impacted, including the function of the front passenger seat occupancy recognition system, the passenger side air bag indicator lamp, the instrument cluster and the windshield wipers.

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In the affected vehicles, after driving in electric mode, the fuel pump output may be insufficient to restart the gasoline engine and the vehicle will stall. In the affected vehicles, oil may leak from around the chain tensioner gasket area. MBUSA will their notify owners, and Fiat Chrysler will notify the affected Chrysler owners. MBUSA will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and, if necessary, correct the installation of the right rear seat belt anchor bolt, free of charge. Drivers auto repair humble. A variation in the transmitted values between affected and unaffected sensors can result in one front strut adjusting to a value indicating body movement while another strut does not adjust presenting the driver with an uneven front suspension. Mercedes-Benz will notify owners, and dealers will replace the floor mats free of charge. The crankshaft sensor could fail due to separation of bond wires from the lead frame in the sensor. If a radial knuckle fails, the steering control of the vehicle may be affected, increasing the risk of a crash. The power steering system in the subject vehicles may fail due to the loss of power steering fluid. The affected vehicles have a rubber seal at the back of the engine bay that may temporarily stick to the hood when it is opened and then may fall into the engine bay when the hood is closed. MBUSA will notify owners, and dealers will replace the passenger frontal air bag modules, free of charge.

D's auto repair. Should the function of the instrument cluster and the windshield wipers be affected, the risk of a crash would be increased. As a result, the harness may chafe and the air bag may unexpectedly deploy or the engine may stall. In the event of a crash necessitating side air bag deployment, the passenger would be at an increased risk of injury. Upon deployment of the driver's frontal air bag, excessive internal pressure may cause the inflator to rupture. Mercedes-Benz has determined that under certain circumstances use of the brake pedal may not automatically disengage cruise control as expected by the driver, although the other means of deactivating cruise control remain fully operative.

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If the OCS does not detect a very light person sitting in the seat, the passenger side air bag would be turned off. The affected vehicles have LED tail lights that may not light on the sides, reducing the rear side visibility of the vehicle. MBUSA will notify owners, and dealers will replace the steering column-mounted shift lever module, free of charge. As a result, the car ``cannot be restarted after failure of the electrical connection in the sensor, increasing the risk of a crash,'' according to the report. This may result in the trailer hitch receiver separating from the attachment bar, creating a road hazard which may lead to a vehicle crash. In the affected vehicles, the double seat belt buckle for the middle position of the rear passenger seat could fail under loading experienced in a severe frontal crash. If the bolts are not properly torqued, the seat belt anchor bolts may continue to loosen and in the the event of a crash, the belted occupant may not be properly restrained, increasing the risk of injury.

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This all-season floor mat may not fully conform to the contour of the vehicle's floor plan as intended. MBUSA will notify owners, and dealers will replace the double seat belt buckle, free of charge. In case of a frontal crash, the fuel pump would no longer function but a partial dislocation of the line could lead to a potential for fuel loss from the line at the quick connector.

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As a result, the installation angle may be incorrect, affecting the seat belt locking behavior. Repair Shops Find car repair shops by make, shop name and location. These problems can result in an increased risk of a crash or an increased risk of injury in the event of a crash.DVUSA will notify owners, and Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner dealers will update the affected control units on the vehicles, free of charge. Mercedes-Benz will notify owners, and dealers will replace the front passenger air bag, free of charge. Note: Until the vehicle has been remedied, owners are advised that passengers or other items should not be placed in the passenger seat. If the locking plate is not properly secured to the fuel delivery module it may become loose, and leak fuel, increasing the risk of a fire. Due to a manufacturing error, the air bag control unit may corrode and cause the control unit to malfunction

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