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Unwanted flexibility is thus reduced, with the vehicle responding precisely and directly. A large radiator at the car's front end ensures controlled cooling of the water circulating in the low- temperature circuit. Wider front and rear fenders allow an increased track width for optimum grip and even higher cornering speeds. It is flanked by two more black exhaust tips on left and right in the diffuser. The AMG GT R comes as standard with a roof made of high-grade carbon to underscore the high-contrast look of the vehicle and lower the vehicle's center of gravity. To ensure ideal airflow through the double wheel arch radiators, the AMG GT R additionally features new and unique wheel arch liners with special cooling-air slits. This means that each engine is assembled by a highly qualified engine builder who applies the strictest quality standards. Personal data can only be saved in cookies if you have given your consent or if it is essential for technical reasons, e.g. The RACE START function is now even more impressive thanks to increased starting revs, more sensitive wheel slip control and sports tires fit for the racetrack. Additional Air Curtains on the outside of the front fascia calm the airflow, improving the Cd value of the AMG GT R. The "RACE" mode optimally adjusts the shift strategy of the dual clutch transmission to the needs of racetrack usage – shortest shift speeds and highly emotional engine sound are included. A variety of components all play a role in this respect. Without these cookies, services such as the vehicle configurator may be disabled. The data at a glance*: The third member of the AMG GT family is the new spearhead of the AMG model range. per hp*, the Mercedes-AMG GT R takes up pole position in its segment. However, you can also view our website without cookies. Depending on the type of use or racetrack conditions, the precise angle of the blade can be adjusted manually - another technique used in motorsport. A new front fascia with active elements, a large rear aerofoil and a new rear fascia with double diffuser enhance aerodynamic efficiency and help ensure optimum grip. A ceramic high-performance composite brake system is available as an option. Extremely short charge-air ducting makes for optimum responsiveness. The advantage of this innovative solution is that it provides an additional substantial improvement in driving precision and lateral dynamics. Cookies are small files that are stored on your end device. The double-wishbone concept locates the wheel firmly, with minimal elastic movements.

In terms of their shape, the large outer air intakes in the front fascia are reminiscent of jet engines. Louvers control airflow: active air management system Another technical highlight improving the aerodynamics of the AMG GT R is the active air management system. A small air outlet is incorporated between the tail lamps for additional dissipation of the heat generated by the rear silencer. In an accident, these components help to guide and catch the front wheels onto the side members as part of the intended crash kinematics. Apart from the powerfully sculpted body and the motorsport components, the new AMG Panamericana grille is a real eye-catcher. "Sport Plus" is ideal for more flat, modern Grand Prix circuits such as Hockenheim and conveys a high degree of structural rigidity. Auto repair flint mi. When the electrically operated profile is extended, the radiator air outlet opens at the front end and precisely guides the air flow towards the double rear diffuser, which therefore also benefits from an optimal flow of air. The new AMG Interior Night package will also be available. of weight compared with the AMG GT S thanks to the use of titanium for the rear silencer and thin-walled stainless steel for the front section of the exhaust system. Thanks to their narrow, vertical openings, the Air Curtains also guide the air specifically towards the wheel arches, optimizing the flow properties in this area. Two steering actuators replace the conventional control arms on the rear axle of the AMG GT R. By pressing the separate "M" button in the center console, the driver can activate the manual transmission mode in any drive mode. With its special, hexagonal form, the large tailpipe tip centered in the rear fascia emphasizes the car's motor-racing character. The eight-cylinder engine thrills with its spontaneous response, precisely measured power output and linear power delivery with powerful thrust in all engine speed ranges, all of which makes the car far easier to control when driving at the limit. The coil-over suspension is combined with AMG RIDE CONTROL continuously variable, adaptive damping system. More equipment, less weight: AMG Lightweight Performance One key factor that influences the performance of a sports car is weight. As a result, the AMG GT R can be driven with even more precision.

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Grip to the power of nine: AMG TRACTION CONTROL In ESP OFF mode, another innovation allows the driver to exert even more influence on the handling characteristics of the AMG GT R. As a structural component of the transaxle drivetrain, it creates a connection between the engine and the transmission with extreme flexural and torsional stiffness. Performance cookies help us, for example, to identify especially popular areas of our website. Auto glass repair charlottesville. It not only further improves the grip of the driven wheels, but also increases cornering speeds at the limit. These genes are particularly prevalent in the new AMG GT R. The increase in performance was achieved with the help of new turbochargers with modified compressor machining, smaller wastegate aneroid capsule and sharpened engine mapping. Unbridled forwards thrust even when stationary: the front end The low-slung front section and the forwards-inclined radiator grille create a distinctive "shark nose" impression and make the car appear to sit lower on the road. The high bending and torsional strength of the entire design enables extreme linear and transverse forces from the drivetrain and suspension to be absorbed and transferred. Let an expert agent help you with traffic information, directions, recommendations and reservations for dinner, tickets to events, and answers to almost any question. Mercedes-AMG uses an intelligent material mix for the structure of the AMG GT R: various aluminum alloys for the chassis and body, steel for the trunk lid and magnesium for the front deck. Their main purpose is to integrate social media content on our site, such as social plugins. Their tips are sheathed in carbon fiber like in motorsport to protect the diffuser against high exhaust temperatures. We have modified all performance-relevant components and linked them together intelligently for maximum driving dynamics," says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. The uniball spherical bearings on the lower wishbones of the rear axle are also inspired by motorsport. New: carbon-fiber tunnel cross brace for maximum torsional rigidity The new carbon-fiber tunnel cross of the AMG GT R replaces three different aluminum components of the GT. The side view additionally benefits from the new, optional AMG Performance forged wheels in matte black. Electronically controlled: rear-axle limited-slip differential As standard, the AMG GT R is equipped with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential on the rear axle, which is integrated into the compact transmission housing. A harder damping rate, for example when cornering and braking, effectively reduces rolling movements. This system has vertical louvres positioned in the lower area directly behind the front fascia. Variable ratio: speed-sensitive sports steering The speed-sensitive sports steering features a variable steering ratio, which enhances vehicle handling and agility at low speeds while maintaining driving safety at high speeds. They can be used to determine whether there has been any contact between us and your end device in the past. The lightweight design of the wheels has three advantages: reduceing overall weight, rotatory mass and unsprung mass.

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The same applies to other new features such as active rear-wheel steering, nine-way adjustable traction control system and adjustable coil-over suspension with additional electronic control. Close collaboration between design and aerodynamics experts Aerodynamics engineers and designers worked together more intensively than ever during development of the new AMG GT R.

Mercedes-Benz TecDay Special Feature: PRE-SAFE And PRE.

mbrace Connect, Secure and credit card required to activate your mbrace Entertain trial subscription Maximize your music, podcasts, and connectivity with mbrace Entertain. It has been adapted to the heightened driving dynamics requirements of the AMG GT R and saves weight due to its hollow design. In "Sport Plus" and "RACE" modes, meanwhile, the sound composition is far more emotional They make navigation easier and increase the user-friendliness of a website. It is far harder than conventional cast-iron liners and is less susceptible to wear. Only once predefined components have reached certain temperatures and the demand for cooling air is particularly high the louvres open and allow the maximum amount of cooling air to flow to the heat exchangers. It therefore remains at a constantly low level even under full load. All-new active aerodynamics profile in the underbody A special engineering feat is the completely new active aerodynamics profile, which is concealed almost invisibly in the underbody in front of the engine.

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Triumph Tucker Turner TVR UD Unimog VAM Van Hool Vauxhall Velie Vento Vespa Victory Viking Volkswagen Volvo VOR VPG Wartburg Westcott Western RV Western Star Wet Jet Whippet White White/GMC Willys Windsor Wolseley Workhorse Workhorse Custom Chassis Yamaha Yellow Cab Yugo Zeligson ZERO Zundapp. The new- look aerodynamics profile is barely visible on the underbody and thus blends in harmoniously with the overall silhouette. The damping characteristics are modulated rapidly and precisely by two separate valves for rebound and compression forces in the dampers. In addition to this, its reduced friction in combination with aluminum forged pistons helps to increase efficiency. Camshaft adjustment on the intake and exhaust side enables an excellent throttle response and optimizes the gas cycle for each operating point. In addition, the drag coefficient is improved and the downforce on the rear axle remains unchanged. Engine and transmission mounts assume an important function in the case of a transaxle design: soft mounts improve comfort since they provide more effective decoupling of noise and vibration, however, handling and agility benefit from a generally stiffer mount set-up. Furthermore, the transmission cooling has been adapted to the tougher requirements of racing. As an option, customers can order the trim in matte black carbon fiber. Ready to race: sporty interior design To give the driver of the new AMG GT R ideal conditions in which to drive, the interior is also strongly inspired by motorsport. At the same time, this shape lowers the vehicle's back-pressure point, enhancing the flow of cooling air and the car's aerodynamic performance. The exact instructions for how to do this can be found in the manual for your browser or end device. This position lowers drag and makes it possible to route the air to the underbody to reduce front lift even further. Those with gasoline in their veins will be thrilled by the radical longitudinal and lateral acceleration, the precise turn-in and the sensational grip. When the wheels reach this level of slip during acceleration, the traction control modulates the engine output so that this level is not exceeded and the vehicle continues accelerating with this specified slip. A further distinguishing feature is the special fender vent featuring a stylized fin and a large air outlet through which the waste heat from the engine bay flows. Further details on how the information is collected and analyzed can be found in the section 'Analysis of usage data'. "Our sports-car and performance brand AMG has its roots in motorsport and, ever since its formation, has repeatedly faced up to the competition on the racetrack. The high camber and toe-in stability results in high cornering speeds and also provides the driver with an optimum feel for the road when cornering at the extreme limits. In conjunction with the high beltlines, concave-shaped door paneling and dynamic center console, the AMG GT R comes across as exceptionally sporty and consummately integrates the driver into the cockpit thanks to the low seat position. Four central spotlight-style vents and the individual vents at the right and left ends of the dashboard reinforce this impression

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