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The technical explanation of what we see happening When the electrode wear increases, the resistance in the spark gap increases causing the current to go down. - Nick at Pelican Parts there is no codes its just engine diagnosis light.  Include the               best way to contact you should we not find the same failure mode. Was considering replacing the cam shaft position sensor but figured a code would have registered. I would start by checking the vehicle for fault codes.

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It might start right up in th emorning, then I'll go to the healthclub, come out in an hour and trun the starter key, but car will not start unless I give it gas. When the module has been repaired                  we will contact you to process the balance due payment.  Take your package to your shipper of choice and send it to us.

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What ever the F looking thing is called has section going to it from the supply but it never produces any suction. Could be the crank sensor, especially with that code.  For these reasons, it is not uncommon for a coil pack to experience more cylinders reading a misfire after changing the spark plugs or after a performance tune is downloaded into the ECU. Valve cover gasket and intake manifold gaskets for non-turbo As complicated as the turbo units look, replacing the valve cover gaskets on the normally aspirated, non-turbo units is actually far more labor intensive.. The other car harness wires are black/green, black and a brown wire.

If so, check function of the wipers using a Mercedes-Benz scan tool via the front SAM. I have faith I can get this right with it just keep running out of ideas of what it could be.Thank you so much for your time. But wait to diagnose until fuel control issues are remedied.

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 If the rental unit fixes your problem, you can keep it and the rental fee will be credited back to you. The only other things I have read that could cause the problem may be the Crank sensor and the Magnetic sensor on the front of the head.  They can also fail from getting fried as the result of a direct short at the coils which will draw too much power from the VT/ICU. I have triple checked the fuses correct voltage in correct place multiple times now. Please include the vehicle year, model, and VIN# with your questions. - Nick at Pelican Parts check engine light came on couple of miles after replacing catalytic convert. In all of the books that I've written, I recommend that our customers stay away from these generic sensors and instead use the proper OEM BOSCH ones with the proper car-model-specific connector installed and attached at the BOSCH factory. Engine light remains on , mechanic told me to drive the car andnaddnoctane booster to the gas. Check spark, fuel injector pulse and fuel pressure, volume and quality. I wouldn't deter you from replacing parts on a hunch, but it is a hunch. It also hesitates really badly once it crosses a speed bump as if its about to stall. Almeida auto repair. We do not recommend fixing or repairing just one or two cylinders. My problem seems silly but I don't know the answer. I would check for a vacuum leak or fuel delivery issue. - Nick at Pelican Parts Hi again and thanks for your reply, I'll start by checking the spark again. - Nick at Pelican Parts Sorry Nick, I should have said. Please help! I was crying today because the stress of this is just horrible.  In essence, over time, these coils are subject to heat, electricity and vibration. operating as normal then abrupt acceleration failure as though run out of fuel. I cut the old wiring under the passenger carpet so I could remove the sensor but did not mark the wiring connections dumb!!!. You may be developing a vacuum in the tank because the vent in the casiter is clogged. My Key Won’t Turn Ignition Mercedes-Benz ProblemYou insert the key in the ignition of your Mercedes-Benz, but nothing happens. You can not install a used unit because the EIS has to be paired / married to the car using Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnostic Software.They key itself may be the reason why the car doesn’t start. A friend managed to get the All Data wiring diagram for my car and it shows the following wiring connections: Bosch Sensor Black signal wire to the Green thick car. I would check the signal from the cam sensor to the engine control module.  All modules will be returned priority mail through the USPS. They can figure out what part or repair kit you need. The check ingine came on like two weeks ago snd i took it to rhe mechanic but they didnt find anything so all they did was turn the check ingine light off. The only one communicating with the engine control computer is the crankshaft position sensor. Do not use liquid to clean the EIS.Checking Fuses Avoid letting the car’s battery discharge while the key being in the ignition. The only thing was I didn't follow your advice on using themagnetic hex bit to avoid frustration, I am frustrated, lost the bolt.  There are lots of variables and possibilities of what can go wrong.

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We recently changed battery in car idk if this has something to do with it. You need to test the engine to see what is missing.  Please call or email before placing your rental order to ensure we have product availability. From there you can cross to other manufacturers and see what's available. My best advice: Take it to your local Mercedes Benz dealer for correct diagnosis and repair. The inner wire is insulated and the outer is like a screen wire. After leaving it for a few minutes it will start and run fine. Your article above sounds as though it crosses with several other vehicles.  Each coil set will be sold with the matching set of MOSFET IC drivers. Last time, when the car totally died and wouldn't make any sound whatsoever in the morning, they did something with the wiring, but the same thing is still happening. and it also make a rattling noise from the engine i guess from the timing chain, though i am not sure cuase this happen when it in motion.

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Removed and cleaned spark plugs, which were wet, indicating the problem being flooded. Maybe change it in the description would help fellow DIYers to feel motivated to do the job. Also I feel the engine seems slightly rough at idle.  If the rental unit resolves your problem you can leave it in your car and purchase it. Of course, I didn't realize that until after I had pulled out all the fuses in an attempt to locate the power drain. The main reaon why this happens is a dead battery, but it can also be several other problems which we have described below. The signal seems to be intermittent because when it is cold it starts. I would start with the sensor on that side, in front of the catalytic converter. Please advise if it is safe to travel that distance. One blog says there is only one but I can't double check that.  Chances are very high if you have oil around the bottom of the ignition coils, that is oil that has weeped past the valve cover gaskets, run down the cylinder head and collected in the spark plug wells. Many car owners complain that the car starts fine on a warm or hot day but in cold days the car will not start.  The EIS in the Mercedes-Benz has a coil that induces a magnetic field on the Smartkey wich causes the key to respond to the car with a specific rolling code. I have noticed just recently that the engine stops if I engage Drive or Reverse or when I apply brakes abruptly while the car is moving. I would check if the fuel pressure is too high or if you have a leaking fuel injector. I checked connections, and they are good, even used electronic cleaner on it. all of sudden car start juddering when you turn the engine off and turn it again it runs fine. As you do this insert the key into the ignition and try to turn the key. After market sources say two before and one after the catalyst. I would check the vehicle for fault codes, then run a test on Idle control using a Mercedes-Benz scan tool

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