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Unusual among mainstream European automakers of the time, Mercedes developed and built their own automatic transmission system. The result was a visibly new car with a more sleek appearance and an open and spacious interior. View Photos Model Research Show More Specifications News and Reviews Mercedes me Country Sites Visit Mercedes-Benz in your country/region Go to Mercedes-Benz in Change Country close Mercedes-Benz close Visit Mercedes-Benz in your country/region Go to Mercedes-Benz in Bitte wählen Sie Ihre Region und Ihr Land. At Mercedes-Benz of Valencia we don't disappoint! Each and every member or our team is trained to cater to your every automotive need. "We are putting a lot of effort into sensor fusion," says Balasubramanian. Exclusive reports and current films: experience a broad range of topics from the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz. The camera also feeds information to the Distronic cruise control.

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We also were told that the technology was not created by a supplier and Mercedes will not offer it for sale or licensing. West Germany's stringently applied trade description laws and figures resulted in these figures being under quoted. Regular service appointments can slip some peoples minds and if you need repair because service was forgotten we have you covered for that as well. However the hand-assembly of the limousine and its very high price limited the sale of the car, whilst the size and weight affected performance. The cars were successful in West Germany and in export markets including North America and Southeast Asia. If you've chosen a new Mercedes-Benz lease instead of a car loan we encourage you to take a minute to see if we're currently offering any lease specials that meet your needs. On Sprinters so equipped, a second button press activates low range. We tested the system on truly nasty surfaces, and it ironed out the bumps to such an extent that we felt like we were essentially driving on a smooth road. For example, the tail fins, originally intended to improve aerodynamic stability, died out within a few years as a fashion accessory. But the elimination of pretty much every other bump makes travel on highways and country roads so much more comfortable that it likely will give Mercedes a significant edge among luxury-minded consumers. To cap off the dirt theater, we never once experienced anything approaching palpable chassis twist, an impressive feat for a vehicle with such a large, hollow, tubelike structure. What the system cannot do is iron out steep and very short bumps, such as roadside curbs, at least not to any extent beyond the regular ABC suspension. Engines for the new car were carried over from the previous generation, but enlarged and refined. The Sprinter’s body rocked heavily, certainly, but ultimately the van continued on its course. No matter what model you're interested in, new or used, we invite you to visit our dealership today A push of a button switches the van from a two-wheel-drive hauler into a four-wheel-drive off-roader that just happens to carry a massive volume of stuff.

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The suspension system featured a reinforced rear axle with hydro-pneumatic compensating spring. We truly recommend using genuine auto parts for long lasting quality.Mercedes-Benz of Valencia is committed to making sure you have a fantastic Mercedes-Benz experience. Mostly, due its simple and square contours, it is not remembered for its looks, though some argue that it was thanks to such design that the car has such a timeless charm, but instead it was very well known for its reliability and durability, as proof of excellent German engineering. To find out about the offers in your country, please go to the Mercedes-Benz website for your country.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. T & j auto body repair. Mercedes was attempting to shrink the system as part of a development program inventively dubbed "ABC Compact," but that project was put on hold This article needs additional citations for verification.

Our trusty parts team is standing by to link you up with the parts you need if you choose to perform Mercedes-Benz or other make auto service yourself. Mercedes-Benz of Valencia takes pride in our used car selection and stands behind the quality of our pre-owned vehicles. Wichita ks auto repair.

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If one person at our dealership isn't able to fix your problem right away we'll take you to someone who can. In doing so, the system knows exactly what the tires will encounter just fractions of a second into the future.

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Auto glass repair orange county ca. Our vast variety of car loan and Mercedes-Benz lease options combined with our skilled auto finance professionals makes for an easy and affordable financing experience. Your friends won't even know the luxurious model you've bought from Mercedes-Benz of Valencia is pre-owned, unless of course you tell them. It had a modern six-plunger pump that adjusted automatically to accelerator pedal pressure, engine speed, atmospheric pressure, and cooling water temperature, to deliver the proper mixture depending on driving conditions. We work hard to provide the best quality used cars for the price in the greater LA area. On one run, we approached a visibly scarred road-the type where everyone in the car frantically searches for a handhold in anticipation-at a wildly excessive speed, and the suspension shrugged it off, keeping the body level and passenger compartment relatively serene. That's exactly what Magic Body Control intends to do. Mercedes' current ABC system uses a hydraulic piston to act on each steel coil spring to quickly and independently adjust the suspension on each wheel in reaction to the road surface, and it does a fine job keeping the ride smooth and occupants unjostled. Three years of work have gone into the new system, and it will be another three years or so before it becomes available to buyers in the next-generation S-class and CL-class. Our pre-owned selection of Mercedes-Benz and other make used cars in Santa Clarita are comfortable, reliable and stylish. However, its success as "premium flagship" convinced Daimler to add an LWB car to the model range. The standard transmission for Europe was a four-speed manual gearbox. But the key term there is “reaction”-the suspension deals with the bumps the wheel has encountered them. This engine/transmission combination became more widely available when incorporated in the successor model. From that moment on, all future S-Class models would feature a LWB line. This hurricane-grade blast didn’t put the thing on its door handles. Thanks to the air oil filter and better arrangement of cylinders, cooling and hence economy improved. As new models were being developed the export markets had to be considered, and the United States in particular. Falcon auto repair. Drive a bumpy, lumpy road with the system turned off and then with Magic Body Control activated, and the difference is nearly unbelievable. Provider/Privacy Statement DeutschEnglish Close Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz international website. Experience now Visit Mercedes-Benz in your country/region Mercedes-Benz Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more * The figures are provided in accordance with the German regulation 'PKW-EnVKV' and apply to the German market only. A camera situated at the top of the windshield scans the road ahead, analyzing its flaws and blemishes, and feeds that data directly to the ABC system's control unit.

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We recommend stopping in frequently for oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacements and other auto service and scheduled maintenance. CLA CLS GLA GLC GLE GLS SL SLC X-Class Mercedes-Maybach Suppliers and carmakers often invite us to tech days to show off their latest gadgets and gizmos. Buyers could still opt for a four-speed manual box, however, and benefitted from a price reduction if they did so. By then, Mercedes expects to shrink the components so that the system will take up far less space than on the prototype we drove, the trunk of which was stuffed with computers. Then they might want to pay us a visit and score an excellent deal on a used car too. We'll get you excellent deals and fight to get you approved if your credit is less than perfect. The brand, however, is considering offering the regular, non-magical ABC suspension to competitors. As we sat down with S-class project leader Hans Multhaupt and the company's super-brain, Prof. Essentially a few lines of code added to the van’s electronic stability control, ETS brakes traction-challenged wheel or wheels, which sends torque through that axle’s differential to the opposite wheel. Speaking of large, broadsided structures, they’re not ideal in heavy crosswinds

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