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DO NOT SEND THIS CD CHANGER FOR REPAIR OR EVALUATION! CD does not operate properly, we no longer repair this CD changer. Before sending it anywhere else for possible repair ask them if they have the "reconfiguration code" - if they don't know what you are talking about, your next step is to call us - we have the code. Guide to various automatic transmission solenoids, how they work, and DIY instructions. - Low, missing or intermittent channels,Display looks like hieroglyphics, flickers, missing segment, missing digits, or no display, parts are not available for this repair. Try disconnecting the car battery for several minutes then reconnect, this may reset the audio system. If anyone has links to others please email me and I'll get them added.

ECM To Go engine computer and electronic controller repair.

However, the stereo and amplifier communicate with each other. - I have updated the info section with many new LS links thanks to all the ClubLexus members for helping me out! - Happy New Year! As a new years "gift" to everyone I have put together a small collection of articles and links to commercials related to LS's here. Please read the description of the problems carefully. How to Locate and Fix an Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak Vehicle owners become aware of a transmission fluid leak either when checking the fluid level and seeing that it is low or seeing a red colored fluid on their driveway or garage floor. Defective speaker symptoms - tweeter works and the door speaker does not. Remove the covers from the amplifier and take your hair dryer to the circuit boards.

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 Here we explain how to release the shifter, the causes, how to repair and the estimated cost. Found some good stuff while digging through my folders. Your best option is instrument cluster repair, circuit board replacement! If you trade in or sell your Lexus with the dash lights not working, you're going to get FAR less money for your car than you could otherwise get. Note: Other model years may apply - call us if you don't see your specific year. DO NOT SEND THIS CD CHANGER FOR REPAIR OR EVALUATION! CD does not operate properly, audio muted, static only on CD, we no longer repair this CD changer.

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Speakers will have low volume then be fine the next day, this is a stereo problem. Another common problem, no back lights on car stereo. We now have a simulator to bench test cluster operation. This acts as a reset and may bring the changer back to working conditions. May happen more when vehicleis warm or while driving with lights on. Many think the power saver relay on the cluster is at fault - this is not true. Even though I don't own an LS anymore the site is still going strong and I plan on keeping it online. - Check speakers, if the speakers are good, this could be a new problem begining to crop up, car stereo. My work is guaranteed on those repaired circuit boards for as long as you own the car. If unit has not been tampered with, we can repair it. Beware of Copycats! The work I do on these circuit boards is a true rebuild, not just a simple instrument cluster repair by swapping out used parts. These clusters will not come alive without proper computer signal making repair verification impossible. If you find a repair center for this stereo, please let us know, we will refer one for repair. In order to repair an internal transmission fluid leak or front seal leak, in most models the transmission must be removed from the vehicle. Radio on with low or no volume could be car stereo or amplifier. OR intermittent operation; gauges go dead and indicator lamps flash while using turn signals. That problem is always corrected as part of my routine rebuild. If you find any of my site interesting or helpful please click "like" or similar buttons to share! I also added more direct product links to in the tutorials. Climate control back lighting dim or not fully illuminated. Common amplifier symptoms - no audio or a thump, thump, thump from speakers. You may not have even had that particular problem yet, but it is a known common problem that will eventually show up. Motorcycle engine case repair. RECOMMENDED ACTION: Diagnose Overheating Problem ASAP - Do not continue to drive vehicle. We have seen very few of these amplifiers in shop in need of repair. May have failed after battery charge or jump start. We are now able to repair partially lit gauge needles in most cases. Bmw x5 repair costs. - Sad news, I no longer own my LS! Read/comment here. Battery or Brake light on dim even when truck is turned off - may kill battery in a few days. That is just one example of many such problems that I address as a "preemptive strike" for you. If all functions have no volume, this is likely an amplifier problem. Joe biden washing car. Our door panel removal guides for Lexus speakers include help with aftermarket speaker installation. use detailing or cleaning solutions on navigation screen. If "Electrical Problem" is displayed in the Vehicle Information Center in the instrument cluster; there may be other faults in the vehicle; please call us for more details. More to come when I find time! - Added social networking buttons to all relavant pages and all tutorials. There is a good chance you will bring it back to life. If it is sunburnt you will see color through the displays as in the photo below - if yours looks like this or similar to this with the car off, your cluster is sunburnt.

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Odometer and/or trip odometer intermittent or missing segments.

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Select your vehicle manufacturer from the drop down box below.Then, from the list displayed check to see if your year and model is on the list.  When the speed sensor fails the speedometer stops working and shifts may become erratic. This problem may be defective speakers with Nakamichi only.

• We pay parts and labor to the shop installing your replacement transmission. Climate Control malfunctions.Your climate control system is not at fault - remove instrument cluster and climate control functions should return to normal. Most times it is water damage because the passenger window is left down, this amplifier sits under the passenger seat. What is a transmission torque converter clutch solenoid and how to replace one if it goes bad. This "Do It Yourself Repair" does not work with blackened or gray display screen.  NO REPAIR CD does not operate properly, we no longer repair this CD changer. Backlighting flickers.Works better when warm.Fuel gauge not working or inaccurate. When cluster fails, radio, power windows or interior dome light does not work. See below for more specific rebuild/replacement costs, if necessary. WE NO LONGER REPAIR THIS DISPLAY PROBLEM - Low, missing or intermittent channels,Display looks like hieroglyphics, flickers, missing segment, missing digits, or no display, parts are not available for this repair. Must be initially installed at a licensed auto repair shop* for labor warranty to be valid. Also certain Mercedes models require VIN# flash to operate for anti-theft system. - New tutorial: How to remove the power steering pump.

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Just one example of this is the fuel gauge that is inaccurate and slow to react after a fill-up. Warehouse Shipping Locations Ordering a Remanufactured Transmission We accept all major credit cards & PayPal. CD Changer has Error message, will not play CD's, mechanism jammed, will not accept or eject CD's. • Your warranty is attached to your VIN and transferable with vehicle ownership

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