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The Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Prius, Hybrid Synergy Drive, Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid, or any other Toyota, Lexus, and Scion logos and language seen here are trademarks of their respective owners and are used to illustrate the type of vehicles CARspec services. Needless to say quite irate! I would love to join in on class action suit. Correct me if I'm wrong but a dash shouldn't be that soft! The cracks on mine started on the passenger side and have spread. My dash has cracked and I took it to my dealer who said he would see if it Lexus would assist in the replacement. I hope a class action lawsuit helps everyone who has had the same problem, as this Lexus dash cracking is a very common problem caused by the decision makers at Lexus corporate to use inferior quality. We need to flood the Corporation with calls and emails. Bought product to see if I could take film off, but the film was inside the headlight. I contacted the corporate office on several occasions. The exact number of affected models for these campaigns isn't yet known at this time. Here at headquarters, we do not maintain a database of all vehicles that are on the waitlist. An update to that story included word from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it was considering launching a federal investigation into potential delays by the automaker in notifying owners about the problem. There needs to be a class action lawsuit brought against Toyota, just like with the headlight moisture problem. I've emailed my service advisor a few times and each time, still waiting. I have been wanting to sell the car at this point but the value has dropped tremendously due to the dashboard issue.

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I was so excited to buy a Lexus and be able to drive it for years to come, but this is just insane. i'm beginning to question if Lexus brand is any better than Ford or GM. But the recall hasn't started yet, because the company hasn't figured out how to fix the problem Only correction is to replace the dash or dash panel. It might take action in lieu of our trying to find class action lawyer who only craves for big money. I took my car to the Longo Lexus Dealership in El Monte Califiornina for almost a year ago and I'm still waiting for my dashboard replacement. The material on the dash is so soft too that it can be nicked with my fingernail and it causes a gash. The automaker says that it isn't aware of any fires, crashes, injuries or fatalities caused by this problem. I do not know if this was a dealer decision or one supported by Lexus/Toyota, but I am very appreciative for the service by Hndrick. Not sure if that has been an issue for other owners as well. My dealership won't replace it until I send them a picture of the headlight with condensation. Auto repair new westminster. Didn't return but I may just go back after the Google research. Prior to receiving my good news, I had posted a comment regarding my dash on Lexus' official Facebook page and was immediately messaged by a corporate rep requesting my VIN#. Thank you for contacting Lexus Customer Satisfaction. The waiting list is arranged according to VIN and interior color, not your position on the waiting list. Lexus Lighting Discuss Lexus Lighting, Inc Hid Kits and LED lighting. Ann arbor auto repair. As it turned out, the trunk surround behaved like a fulcrum, putting more force against the center of the release than toward the trunk mechanism itself.

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I always keep my car in the garage.The cracks are getting longer. I couldn't be more happy with how Lexus took care of this and I will be buying another one from the company. Lexus makes too much money to ignore problems of this magnitude. They also are unaware of how many they will receive at any given time or when they will receive them. At this time, we advise our customers to continue to work with their preferred Lexus dealer until the parts arrive.

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Hobbs auto repair. The recall of faulty airbag inflators supplied by Takata has exploded today to grow to seven automakers. As you may recall, CR found the federally-mandated emergency releases could break if pulled toward the user. If any of you are legally inclined or know someone could help us. Dealers & Pricing Forums Forum to discuss and share your experiences with Lexus dealerships Lexus Guides Support Topics Website Suggestions and Feedback Toyota is re-notifying owners and expanding its Takata airbag inflator recall for some regions. CARspec is not a Toyota, Lexus or Scion dealership nor a factory-authorized repair facility. Couldn't even change the radio without getting black tar like melted dash all over my hands. I didn't get it fixed then and they said I could bring it in whenever I'm ready. Apparently I'm not the only one have cracked dashboard problems. We have called corporate, dealerships, the local news. Also I have a friend Lexus dealer that can get me the part but can't put it in, asked Lexus if thy would reimburse me said NO needs to be put in by Lexus themselves.

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Recall letter received yesterday about this problem. I visited them every month to make them know I was never going away. The first thing out of my mouth is yeah, Lexus refuses to stand behind this. DID I MENTION THAT MY CAR HAS ALWAYS BEEN GARAGED! Do I have to leave it outside on a super rainy day to try to get water in the headlight. Was beating myself up for leaving it in front of the house few times, but now I know it's the faulty product. Let's flood Toyota and your dealerships with getting this issue resolved. Call them few times to make sure that your name is on waiting list otherwise, like headlights, they will say that the window when u could replace is gone and now u have to pay out of pocket. I have read that it does not matter if you are original owner or not. The dashboards had to be re-designed and re-constructed out of new materials for vehicles that are no longer in production. The wait for me has been a year--and that is from the time Lexus admitted it had a problem. Prior to anyone getting in my car, they almost always say that my car looks like it's new, until they see my embarrassing dash. I was happy they said they would replace with no cost but totally agitated that they didn't have any idea as to when. Make sure your address is updated with DMV in order to receive all notifications concerning this matter. Prior to this issue and based on these comments I will definitely be looking at other name brands when I purchase my next car. Going to check at the Naples Lexus dealership when we arrive there in a couple of weeks to see what they are doing about it.

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Please know, your dissatisfaction has been documented at Lexus National Headquarters. Some, like mine, apparently were, improperly sealed.

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Love my new dash, but furious that this is a known issue. Apple auto glass repair. Outside of that I love the car but must say I'm disappointed with Lexus. There is also a Lexus Dash Defects Facebook page that no one seems to have found.

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Also my dealership said that the RX's do not have Takata airbags. Called bother them again to know maybe when, gave me the run around again. I've called the dealership and they keep telling me the parts are not in

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