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Auto upholstery repair phoenix. I have tried just pulling off the rubber cover etc and found that impossible in the space. Am deeply frustrated that such a simple thing should be such a trial. Then looking at this site, I read about and tried removing the bolts and tugging, as suggested.

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This is the second time Kia has recalled its Sedona minivan for corroded front lower control arms I think I also located the clip referred to in this thread, but I was not able to pull the unit out, because I was afraid of scratching my front of the car. It should be a far bigger standout in its crowded segment.

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And therefore I feel that changing the bulb should be something one could do at the roadside. Kia's midsize CUV continues to be competent and well-rounded. I too will have to submit to the expense of a mechanic.

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Here in the UK it is illegal to drive with only one headlamp working. It's a strong competitor in a relatively unexciting segment of the market.

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This is the second time these minivans have been recalled for this issue. All in all, changing a freaking bulb is starting to look like a job for the mechanic and I am sure he will have to remove a whole lot of stuff too. The units will unclip, they are always silly tight the first time out, good sharp tug does it.

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