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Have a friend rotate the steering wheel from left and right while you look closely at the track bar bushing. Strict attention is paid to crisp stamping detail and general panel appearance and accuracy. If you are going to daily drive the TJ, do yourself a favor and purchase one with full hard doors. Another culprit is the bushing or rod end being worn. There are all sorts of posts in the forums about the automatic transmission shifter linkage breaking. The goal here is to see if there are any leaks that have been wiped up. We will also provide you with further ordering information at that time. You may simply fax or e-mail us your anticipated order and complete shipping address along with your telephone/fax number. When you consider other available rear axle options, it’s better to replace. If the Jeep is being sold as a running and driving vehicle, tell the buyer that you are coming in from an hour or so away and see if they will meet you half way. Some companies offer frame repair kits, and you can even purchase the back portion of the frame from Jeep-specific wrecking yards.

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Panel B is flanged where it meets panel A for a smooth fit. Our supports can be special ordered with original factory type wood crush blocks if desired. Next you will need to put the loop over the nipple and zip tie it on there there. Use our lights on any Jeep with or without a tailgate. Auto repair san gabriel. There is a small contingent of Jeep owners who choose to ignore the exhaust leak and chalk it up to “a Jeep thing”-Don’t get caught up in that nonsense. Foreign / Alaskan-Hawaiian Orders Foreign can be placed on-line if we are to ship your order to an address anywhere in the USA.

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If you noticed the bar is moving or plunging significantly, it’s likely the bushing is bad. Yes, all edges are properly formed as was original. If you are looking at a lifted Wrangler and the front end feels a little shaky, we would eye the track bar mount at the axle. They are strong and can hold the linkage together for a long time if needed. It really isn't that big of a deal and can be fixed fairly easily and in just a few minutes if you have the right stuff. Aftermarket half doors for those summer days are easy to come by, but even on the used market, a pair of used full doors can set you back a grand. it is really close to the front drive shaft and is easily seen when you look at the space between the transmission and the driveshaft. Mitsubishi tv repair service. The specific seal you are looking to see if it is dripping is the rear main. Yes, the wheel side edge is properly rolled inward as was original. There is another Jeep LJ or TJ website with this writeup The wheel opening has the finished edge as it should. Sometimes it may take a week longer for certain items Step By Step Nearly every staffer that has worked at Jp has owned a four-cylinder Wrangler at some point. Suspension joints and even complete systems are pretty inexpensive these days for the TJ. Basic suspension neglect can cause an otherwise solid Jeep to drive and sound terrible. Sometimes it may take a week longer for certain items. Unstamped panels are available upon special request. When ordering via fax all major types of credit cards will be accepted. Be sure to carefully record your card number, expiration date and security code. If the Jeep has been wheeled with the hardtop on, look closely for cracks.

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The fix that I think is the best solution is the zip ties. All of our patterns and jigs have been updated to provide for an improved product in general. tape, string, chewing gum would even work in a bind. Beyond looking for leaks, listen for excessive knocking or loud valve chatter. I would leave the broken pieces in there to have a more secure fit but it really doesn't matter. There is another fix that involves replacing the nipple with a bolt and a nut to hold the loop on.

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Common issues on higher-mileage or wheeled Jeeps tend to be worn axleshaft U-joints and a leaky pinion seal. Note that we continue to use pipe stand-offs rather than the original type wood crush blocks in all boltdown areas. Soft tops are relatively cheap and easy to get, so don’t let one in bad shape deter you. The type of damage shown here can even occur from storing it improperly. Manual or automatic is largely a personal preference, but we find automatics tend to be a greater draw for those daily driving their Wranglers. If the Jeep’s rear axle looks like the one in this photo, you’re going to want to find a replacement axle eventually. The rubber bushings on the TJ’s stock control arms are actually incredibly durable. Ordering Option Information Click Here for printable order form if needed or simply write down your order and your other information on whatever paper you choose. This, in combination with a slightly leaking valve cover, can cause oil to run down the back of the block. None of our panels are cosmetically coated.  Click here to find out why. The placement of the "Jeep" stamp is very important if you are restoring with the correct striping. People love their hardtops and will ask a premium if their Jeep has one. You can actually swap it out without removing the transmission. Also, if you think that you can just swap in an inline-six for cheap later down the road, think again. If the engine sounds rough but the price is right, it might be worth going for Please read our FAQ Page for all questions related to complete assemblies.Shop CSE Offroad for Parts Wrangler parts and accessories at affordable prices When ordering via fax all major types of credit cards will be accepted.

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E-Mail us at or Click here for printable order form which you can scan and submit via jpg format or simply send your order description to us via a text format.

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The cracks are sometimes hard to see but easy to hear. All ribs and outboard edges are die formed for proper appearance and detail accuracy. However, the most common front end joint failure isn’t in the steering system, but more likely the track bar. The outside edge of our panel is properly formed downward to attach to the side panel as was original to the vehicle. Flanged upper edge allows for a flush fit for welding purposes. Despite a fairly stout boxed frame, TJs are notorious for rust near the rear portion of the frame/tub. Apparently it is a common one for Jeep LJ and TJ's. Typically, you’ll need to replace the entire radiator when this happens. From the factory, TJs use an aluminum radiator with clamped-on plastic tank caps. The bolt could simply be loose, but we’ve also seen the bolt holes deform into an oblong mess.

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A very common leak, which is sometimes misdiagnosed for a rear main seal leak, comes from the crank case vents on top of the valve cover. The forward, upper, rear and lower edges of our panel are a duplication of the original. Expect to pay a few hundred bucks if you have to farm the job out. To add a bit more structure to the connection I bought some linkage bushings from the auto parts store and placed the right sized one in the looped end. LJ or TJ Shift Linkage Before this happened to me I had never heard of this issue. So the first thing you need to do is find where this part is on the underside of your Wrangler. Our attached floor supports are over-gauged which will provide you with a much tougher and durable panel.

A large amount of rust is usually a good sign to walk away. In such cases our standard shipping charges will apply. If the Jeep is stock, chances are they are probably fine. This is another DIY project for those wrench-savvy enthusiasts. Orders that are to be shipped to foreign countries, Alaska or Hawaii will require a special shipping quote and are not to be placed on-line. All foreign, Alaskan and Hawaiian orders, once confirmed, are to be placed via credit card only. In a stock TJ application, the culprit is often the joint on the frame end of the bar. When you add larger tires, wheeling, and high mileage to the mix, you are bound to have one or two worn parts. Special care has been taken to assure that original factory appearance is preserved

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