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Tom got a call from a client that also needed a djembe re-headed. We'll recondition the drum shell, repairing any cracks and flaws such as a chipped or uneven bearing edge, have new rings made, wrap them with cloth and rope them; and, of course, install new tuning rope and re-head the drum. Like all African nations, Ghana is struggling to maintain its footing in today's global economy, so it's no surprise that Ghana is learning to build drums that are not native to Ghana because there is a demand for them. MDB Repair uses them solely to describe the functionality of its products and provide accurate information about the use of the products. The skin is mounted on the drum and gradually tightened. The point is that Stephanie wanted to repair her husband's djembe as a present for him. We also found that the bearing edge on that particular shell was rough, poorly shaped and incredibly out of level. From the way she sounds, now I realize she was never, ever tuned correctly before, I just never knew. Boy oh boy, did the djembe need repair! The skin was ripped, the rope had to go and the shell needed major fixing. We found the perfect goat skin and mounted it without a hitch.

The African goat skin we use is of medium thickness. There's nothing particularly remarkable about this repair project. How to replace flat tire. We decided to reuse the thin, doubled up rope in order to save the client some money and ended up regretting it. What we do is cut the excess from the goatskin so that we end up with a round similar to our cow skin round. MDB Repair DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE WEB SITE OR THE SERVERS WHICH MAKE THIS WEB SITE AVAILABLE OR ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS SENT BY MDB Repair ARE FREE FROM VIRUSES OR ANY OTHER HARMFUL ELEMENTS. OK, let's stop scaring the children and get to work. This gaping crack runs virtually the entire length of the trumpet. Tech arrived in the appointment window, diagnosed the problem, explained to me and then fixed it. The drum shell is flawless except for a couple of inconsequential scratches, the rope is in great shape and the rings are perfect. They are honest and suggest cheaper options even if it means they lose out on a repair so that is why we keep coming back. As is often the case, there were unexpected issues. In fact, this is one of the most beautiful drum shells we've ever seen. This keeps the skin in place during the early stages and assures that we have the right tension on it to begin with. After consulting with the owner, we determine that this is the result of the woods natural tendency to expand and not due to having been dropped or crushed. Repair of Kevin's Stave Djembe Kevin's djembe has two very obvious features. The cow skin is much thicker than the goat skin, which gives these drums completely different voices. To begin with, the rope is substandard and will not withstand the rigors of the task at hand. He did some adjustments to the temperatures which seemed to help. KWIK KAR OWNERS Make the Difference Kwik Kar auto service centers are individually owned and operated, so not all Kwik Kar locations are alike. I would … read more Excellent service and reasonable price. But we knew there was plenty of life left in that djembe and had already begun emergency repair. We also gave the shell several applications of nourishing oil. Resucitation Of LaVonne's Djembe LaVonne's djembe drum head has suffered an untimely death. The workman was on time and consciences about his work. Such amended Terms of Use shall be effective upon posting on this Web Site. As always, we give the drum a thorough inspection before beginning any work on it. Once the shell had been fully restored, we were able to mount a beautiful goat skin of medium thickness.

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CDR Repair hereby disclaims any rights to trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, copyright, patents, domain names or other intellectual property interests of third parties. The rope is also on the thin side and showing clear signs of wear and tear, so we're going to replace it. Paul can't wait to get this baby back in his son's hands. However you are not allowed to use in-line linking or framing. Here, you get a look at the crack from the outside, from the inside looking through the bowl and from the inside looking through the trumpet.

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This inspired Scott to attempt to repair their African djembes, both of which had suffered blown drum heads.

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One color for the crown, another for the bottom ring and a third for the verticals. Unable to use software, as the basic requirements to run software are not fulfilled by your machine. You are a real craftsman and artist who takes pride in his work. When purchasing, your aim was not to purchase this specific software. CDR Repair HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL FURTHER REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT WITH RESPECT TO THE SOFTWARE. Mail for download or activation is bounced by the sender or receiver mail server due to any reason. In fact, the integrity of the drum shell was severely compromised and needed repair before we even though of mounting a fresh skin on it. I have used them in the past and always get great results! The repair tech was here the same day I called for service on my dryer. Many of our clients ship their ailing African drums to us, and we return their restored djembes by whatever means they choose. Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Web Site, MDB Repair assumes no responsibility therefor. We had a leaky refrigerator and he knew exactly what the problem was and had it fixed in no time. But we found a skin with unusually large haunches, and one of the haunches was just large enough to do the job. Linking to the Web Site is permitted provided that you comply with the following rules. Refund will only be done when signed Letter of Destruction in the form of an email that is received by the client. We replace the feeble old rope with the finest availiable. Let's take a look at how this damaged hand drum was transformed from the ailing patient seen in the previous images to the whole and healthy drum we see here. After a complete examination, it's determined that the drum shell is intact and needs only to have its bearing edge levelled and refinished. Granted, the drum is fairly useless as it now stands, but that's why Brandon brought the drum to The Drum Doctor. Adding insult to injury, someone used this drum as a coffee table. This crack will have to be sealed before we do anything else. Here's another crack that many people would not even notice. And we mount the perfect goat skin! Check it out! Indonesian Djembe Repair Those of you familiar with Indonesian djembes would probably not recognize this djembe as Indonesian - except for the rope. CDR Repair may use such User Materials as it deems fit, anywhere in the world, without obligation for compensation, and free of any moral rights, intellectual property rights and/or other proprietary rights in or to such User Materials. In fact, it ocurred to us that it was this flawed bearing edge that had caused the damage on the skin. This Web Site may provide links to other web sites that are not under the control of MDB Repair. Finally called Affordable, they were out a couples hours later and within an hour had our washer working as new. In case our software is unable to perform the process it is projected to perform, and likewise, no other software in the market also couldn't perform the same process, then, a refund cannot be claimed. Any other use of the Content, including without limitation distribution, reproduction, modification, display or transmission without the prior written consent of CDR Repair is strictly prohibited. Ive been so busy I haven't had the chance to respond yet and thank you for your work! The djembe looks and sounds fantastic. Carlos was very courteous and explained what needed to be done to get the dryer to work again. I would refer anyone to your service and I would like to give all of you KUDOS and I really mean this. Such a poor bearing edge affects the voice of the drum and life of the skin. Great job Dr Tom! Thank you! I played the drum a little and. And these sisters, each belonging to a different owner, blew their tops and ended up at The Drum Doctor's at the exact same time! Synchronicity. In this case, we decide to use the fold over rather than circumcision. We also found that the rings were a bit too large, but the really serious problem was that these rings were just too old and flimsy. You must agree to the terms of the applicable end user license agreement to download or order Products or Services from this Web Site. Thick skins tend to need additional tension to get the nice, clear tones and slaps we want from a djembe. I was very pleased with the repair service provided by Affordable Appliance Repair Group. Quick response time, friendly and professional tech. The top rings were too large and on the flimsy side, and Jeremy agreed to replace them. We didn't have to wait all day for someone to come. CDR Repair does not bear any responsibility nor assumes any risks if by any reason a product or a service made available on this Web Site breaches national law of any state. G & s auto repairs. He called me and arrived when he said he would and went right to work.

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We are very satisfied with his service and will definitely use … read more The representative arrived on time and was very professional. MDB Repair DOES NOT WARRANT OR MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS AS TO THE SECURITY OF THIS WEB SITE. By the way, these views give you a good look at the ledges carved at the bottom of the bowls. CDR Repair shall not be responsible in any way for the content of such other web sites. Therefore, the refund requests in this case are not valid. Any notes, postings, ideas, suggestions, concepts, or other material submitted through this feature will become the property of MDB Repair and MDB Repair shall be entitled to use such material for any type of use forever, including in any media whether now known or hereafter devised. Both the Software and any accompanying documentation made available through this Web Site is the copyrighted work of MDB Repair. Denny's divorce resulted in serious damage to his two djembes. Tom and say: The drum arrived today, and I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with your work

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