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We specialize in fuel injection, pumps, turbochargers and anything else diesel related. In other words factory tuning is great at being mediocre. has been the leading source for diesel engine parts and repair with stores in Oklahoma City and Tulsa serving the entire state.

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When it comes times to tackle those gremlins, nobody knows the Ford Powerstroke like Bernhausen Specialty Automotive. Ask us about tuning with EFI Live and the benefits it can provide! Over time valve lash changes can cause your engine to tick and clatter. • Increases engine longevity due to more sedate driving. No matter what version PowerStroke you own, we have the right solution for you. Ask us what fleet tuning can do you for you and your business We Provide RV/Motor Home Repairs Your RV needs to be maintained properly in order to avoid pitfalls in the future. Dodge owners have always battled with wobbly front ends and premature suspension component wear. Preventing valve train noise on the Cummins is as simple as routine Valve Sets. Make sure you are spending wisely by having it checked out first. We appreciate all of our customers and are willing and able to help with just about any diesel problem your truck or heavy equipment can dish out. Dyno proven to develop better atomization and higher boost levels then comparable "pintle free" injectors.

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Improper band adjustment can cause premature failure of your truck’s transmission. Diesel Pro’s is very prompt about having things done as quickly as possible. Hypermax Smoke Puff Limiter For the IH/Ford Powerstroke owner. Get Back on the Road with Wooddale Truck Repair Service Inc. Over time these veins become rusted and clogged with carbon, decreasing your fuel efficiency and preventing your truck from making the horse power it should. To say the least I have always been exceptionally pleased with everything Mike and his employees have done – upgrading my exhaust, turbo injectors, Head studs, and many more performance installs. Come on by Wooddale Truck Repair for motor home and RV repairs and tune-ups. specializes in diesel truck repairs to get you back on the road with quality repairs. At Wooddale Truck Repair we have broad capability and can manage maintenance on tractors, engines, and trailers of all makes and types. of Baton Rouge Your diesel truck or heavy machinery can face a variety of problems. COOLING SYSTEM SERVICE Scale and rust build up in a diesel’s cooling system can result in costly repairs.

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DRIVE LINE SERVICE The differentials and transfer case are often overlooked when performing standard maintenance.  Forget letter codes of the past!  This injector provides even performance across the board for all IH and Ford IDI engine models. We perform light duty truck repair on Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke engines. We offer competitive rates and unparalleled service. No matter the industry, Thompson Diesel has the fuel injection parts and service for you High Performance Moose Fuel Feed Line. -  Dress up your Pump installation with this high quality flexible stainless braided line with red and blue aluminum fittings intended to replace your existing hard line from the filter head to the pump. Ask us about upgrade options available for your truck. Ask us about tuning with EFI Live and the benefits it can provide! Custom PCM Tuning Modern day diesels are run by sophisticated computer systems, controlling fueling, timing, turbo boost etc. From a simple brake job to diesel transmission and engine repairs, our diesel mechanics have you covered. With years of experience and hundreds of ARP jobs under our belt, Bernhausen has tailored the Haus Special to address all your Powerstroke problems. TRANS FLUSH/ SERVICE The transmission is a vital component of a vehicles drivetrain. Call us today to schedule your service appointment. Don’t get stuck on the side of the road and have your fluids exchanged when they become worn. Unlock hidden horse power, torque, throttle response, and fuel economy. We work hard at making our diesel shop the best in the Santa Rosa, CA area They switched the programmer with the Edge CS model. Prevent future issues and have your coolant system serviced. This is a must have item, if you've installed a Hypermax Intercooler, and can no longer change your fuel filter without disassembling either your fuel line or your intercooler piping. CUMMINS Equipped with the most modern Cummins specific diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians know exactly where to look to get you back on the road. Auto repair shops in austin tx. Juice up your engine without compromising smoothness or runability If you are looking for a quote on diesel parts, diesel repairs, injectors, turbos, wheels, tires, lifts, etc., please give us a call. • Can increase service times for variable service schedules. Ask us about your options, we have solutions for early and late model trucks. Moose Mister Mark II Injectors - The only performance injector on the market with an acceptable spray pattern.

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Regular maintenance will ensure the proper running and longevity of your turbo charger. Our mechanics will take care of you and get you rolling along in now time! Repairs for All Diesel Trucks & Heavy Equipment From windshield replacement and brake jobs to engine replacement, Wooddale Truck Repair has all your diesel truck and heavy equipment repairs under control. I couldn’t be happier with the performance of my truck with the added horsepower that the programmer gave. Each head job includes a custom billet serial plaque, and billet grill emblem. POWERSTROKE The Powerstroke is a proven performer, but it’s not without its gremlins. Keep your transmission in proper working order with regular servicing. Factory mapping is designed to accommodate all drivers regardless of what they are using vehicle for, or howthey as an individual drive. I am extremely particular about my truck and I would highly recommend Diesel Pro’s   Certified Diesel Inspection Purchasing a diesel truck is a big commitment. Thompson DieselFor more than four decades, Thompson Diesel Inc. • Prevents the driver from cruising at high speeds saving fuel. Located in Baton Rouge, Wooddale Truck Repair Service Inc. Fleet Tuning • Save fuel, lower repair bills, save money.  This injector is completely new, and built using recycled bodies which have been re-machined, and which bear the CDI name. We have serviced both the big corporate giants and also small businesses with only one goal in mind: excellent and competent service where you can put your worries to bed. Equipped with the most modern Ford specific diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians know exactly where to look to get you back on the road. A costly bill that is easily avoided by having your transmission serviced by properly trained technicians.

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Since then, we have become a pillar in the community and a household name. DURAMAX Equipped with the most modern GM specific diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians know exactly where to look to get you back on the road. We have access to thousands of parts for all models/engines at the best prices. Modern turbo charges are equipped with variable veins to obtain optimum boost levels at all RPMs. The perfection, efficient work and customer service is outstanding.

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