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Build performance and improve repair quality in less time with these new courses. Push the Tune Down button for hours, Tune Up button for minutes. We have done our best to supply specific model numbers for each repair. ~ They can also run diagnostics on your de-installed parts such as starter, battery, alternator, etc. Take knowledge into the shop and learn hands-on! Two NEW Hands-On Skills Development Courses. These businesses send us customers that are looking to restore their original sound system and we do not want to compete with them. ~ Over tightening of screws and bolts can strip, or break them off and be very difficult to extract the embedded broken off screw. LEARN MORE Business Performance  Improve cycle time, touch time, CSI score, supplement frequency. ~ You need to understand that when the nut/screw head is viewed from the opposite end that reverses that direction. Draw a picture before dis-assembly -- or if you have to, get someone else to draw pictures and work on labeling them with you. GM/Delco/Delphi have similar looking stereos with a variety of different CD mechanisms. Whether it is a quick drive to the grocery store down the street or you are stuck in stand-still traffic, being in the car provides a great time to relax and listen to your favorite music. We can install your own replacement radio, also, if that is your only option. You might find a fuse panel in the glove box or by unscrewing a cover in the dashboard/near the instrument panel. Cell phone pictures are small, and it's more helpful if you are able to upload them to your PC when needed; but even a small picture, taken from very close to show a vital detail, can potentially save you hours. We will troubleshoot your entire stereo system to its defective unit and down to its individual component level, so only the work that needs to be done is repaired. Start with small and simple: Repairing your vehicle assumes that you know what's wrong with it. Realize that each repair is a relearning or learning process.

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This will give you back the original sound your car had and makes for an easer and cleaner installation. The value we place on our great customer service will have you taken care of in no time. Check speakers before thinking of replacement or repair of amplifier, see our Speaker Replacement for help.

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This is often the most difficult part of a vehicle repair, as the repair itself is covered step-by-step in the manual. Cassette player does not work, poor audio, parts no longer available for repair With our certified electronics technicians and state of the art facility, we can handle all your car audio and radio repair needs. We are very proud of this reputation, and we are dedicated to the restoration of these high-quality sound systems. New Vehicle and Technology Specific Training Courses Featuring the newest edition - I-CAR's Vehicle and Technology Trends course. Read More HOW IT WORKS We don’t operate like other companies. How to wash car seat. Replace or put it back before you look at the next one. ~ Causing an electrical short can ruin the cars computerized systems, relays and fuses. These amplifiers have a white label placed on them for your Corvette application with correct part number, front or rear. ~ Battery acid, hot fluids, and oil can each burn you, etc. ~ Mashed fingers, skinned knuckles, slips and misalignments are problematic. Push the Set button to disengage or turn stereo on. If you will need to get under the car, a flattened, large cardboard box or a scrap of carpet pad can make all the difference for comfort when you are lying on the ground and for cleanliness. Short Circuit works hard to provide quality car audio repair services to our customers Many engine compartments are very crowded and it may be difficult to see the parts, screws and nuts, and accessing, reaching or even touching the parts, nuts and bolts is often tricky. We will gladly refund all charges to compensate for your trouble. ~ Working under cars and in a street or parking lot are very dangerous. Along with repairs, we also offer new stereo installations and upgrades to keep your car the coolest on the block. However, there is a wire harness adaptor needed along with a modification to the wire harness and antenna adaptor. FIRST ISSUE NOW AVAILABLE! I-CAR tackle's an issue on everyone's mind - Diagnostics. We always attempt to repair it right the first time. BOSE AMPLIFIER NOTE - Okay, we have seen Bose amplifiers for Corvette for sale from some internet stores. You should have some knowledge of what the services will cost before deciding to repair your system. It can help you apply to the right institution, get the best rate, lower your payment and assist in speeding up the approval process by educating you on which product to choose. ~ Driving two wheels onto a curb may work in a pinch to help raise one side or an end of a vehicle. ~ Drive up ramps are quite useful, but some very low cars can "not" work with the ramps. If you don't with the first parts guy you talk to, shop around, as you are going to find one you do like to work with, and probably follow him around as he changes parts store jobs in your town. We will not repair anything that is not worth repairing. The following car stereos are only a list of common problems and possible Do It Yourself repairs.

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~ Remove only "one" clear plastic fuse at a time and check by seeing if it is burned out "one by one" to keep from mixing them up. ~ Caution: A manual instruction such as "now replace the peripheral flange bracket" is useless to you, if you can't remember how the bracket came off -- and while the manual is helpful, the pictures often are not very clear and are not labeled or explained well. Be sure of the correct process and sequence of loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts which can be very important to keep from warping/ruining parts. There is no conflict of interest! We receive work from many local car audio sales outlets, such as Best Buys, Ultimate Audio and many others. When you use our process you will know exactly who you are speaking to, we will not share your information with anyone.

See the latest vehicle and technology specific training from I-CAR. Offering your clients options helps take the pressure off of them and lets them focus on what's important which is the repair to their automobile ALL CAR STEREOS REPAIRED of Central Florida offers the highest quality professional service on out-of-warranty and extended warranty, original factory installed car audio and electronic systems. Ask us about aux input, Bluetooth and USB capabilities. While you may find a manual at the library, these manuals need to be exactly specific to your vehicle, which can make that difficult, and they are so indispensable, it is best to buy one. New Platinum Packages! If you're not training, you're falling behind. Car Stereo Display reads "CLn" when cassette is inserted. However, before thinking of repair, disconnect one of the main car battery terminals for several minutes then reconnect. See our car Stereo Repair Video for worn or chipped knobs.

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TAPE STUCK! Will not eject, click and tries to eject. Could be Courtesy, Dome, Cigarette Lighter or Back Up fuse. We offer the top quality car stereo repair in Houston and provide different specials and coupons on our website to help you save even more money. Contact us today with any questions and to get you started on the path to superior sound quality IDENTIFY YOUR CREDIT SCORE GET YOUR CREDIT SCORE Knowing your credit score before you apply is one of the most important pieces in any credit application. Label parts with tape and names and numbering, etc. Working with our team allows you a personal one on one experience. Lifetime labor and manufacturer warranties are provided to give you the same confidence we hold in our work. They are generally broken up into sections that each encompass a system on your vehicle, i.e. Some pickups, vans, and trucks have fuse boxes in odd locations compared to where they are located in cars. We will not try to sell you equipment instead of repairing the system you have. *No Display with Static - Check ALL fuses first before sending for repair. LEARN MORE Offer more opportunities to succeed and watch employee loyalty grow Chevrolet Bose Amplifier/Speaker and Car Stereo Repair Single Channel amp repairs have Lifetime warranty, car stereo one year. Contact us for professional repair on factory installed car audio systems in Orlando, FloridaPlease call if you have any questions The Repair Information You Need.Now Your online resource for repairing today's complex vehicles. We can also intergrate many of the latest technology like Bose in your vehicle's existing electronics and can install them for free with your repair. Use nail polish, or a number of clear scratches to mark the spot for alignment of parts. Study each problem thoroughly before beginning: If you are in any doubt as to your ability to perform a needed repair, read the manual step-by-step R&R for that repair, re-read it; it will give you a pretty good idea whether you're up to it or not.

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can save you of the need to re-calibrate, re-time, and re-adjust after the repair is completed -- you just re-align the polish stroke or scratches. Please remove Bose amplifiers from enclosure before sending for repair. Complete, Safe and Quality Repairs Make sure your customers drive off in a properly repaired vehicle, every time. This prevents long down time and unnecessary high cost. Our services are first class, we treat you the way you deserve and like to be treated. This is where the parts store guy becomes your friend. These guys are often hired for their knowledge; a correct diagnosis by them equals a parts sale

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