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rear wheel or suspension and Hang your helmet on the holder pin could cause a crash in which you. Insert the oil filler cap/dipstick until it seats, but don’t screw it in. If you If you have to park on a soft surface, can’t park on a paved surface, make insert something solid under the side sure the ground surface is firm, stand for support. Mazda 323 repair manual. If a garage registration, and insurance information isn’t available, park in a concealed area with your motorcycle. throttle when the choke lever is at fully Open the throttle slightly. Authorized Manuals The Service Manual used by your authorized Honda dealer is available from Helm, Inc. Shifting Gears Close the throttle and pull the clutch lever in completely before shifting. If you can’t correct the problem, see your Honda dealer. If one of these indicators does not come on when it should, have your Honda dealer check for burned-out bulbs or other problems. If you can’t charge the battery or it appears unable to hold a charge, contact your Honda dealer. A repaired tube will not have the same reliability as a new one, and it may fail while you are riding. Lubricate the clutch cable with a clutch friction discs may be worn. Controls & Features RES for extra fuel to get to a gas station Fuel Valve for refueling. Other Inspections Make sure there are no fluid leaks. EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM Should be serviced by your Honda dealer, unless you have the proper tools and service data and are mechanically qualified. This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when it is resold. Lubricating Inspect the drive chain for: the chain will often eliminate binding damaged rollers and kinking.

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This publication includes the latest production information available before printing. Prospective owners and Insight enthusiasts are also free to ask questions and post comments. engine or experience poor engine performance the following information may help you. Tips Here’s a few helpful tips on how to store Storing Your Honda.and transport your Honda, and how to be Transporting Your environmentally responsible You & the Environment.. Improper or lack of proper air cleaner maintenance can cause poor perf ormance Your motorcycle’s air cleaner has very. Improper shifting may damage the engine, transmission, and drive train. You MAY NOT COMPLETE THE ACTUAL SALE ON THIS SITE - READ THE RULES inside this section before posting or responding. The periodic checks provide additional confidence in your motorcycle’s performance. If you have a tire and tube professionally repaired at a non-Honda facility, we recommend that you have the work checked by your Honda dealer. New riders should can help make you more noticeable in start with the basic course, and even traffic. Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause serious damage to the engine and transmission. conserving on the circular API Suggested oils are equal in performance. sure you and your motorcycle are ready to ride, and important information about loading.

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Start the engine, leaving the throttle To restart a warm engine, follow the closed. Community Support and Announcements We request that all new members read and agree to the Forum Posting Rules found in this section, and we strongly encourage everyone to read the Registration and Posting F.A.Q. This will help dry the brakes and restore normal braking Refer to Saf ety Precautions on page performance. To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. Auto repair cost. If the engine doesn’t stop, see your Honda dealer for service. Basic Operation & Riding This section gives basic riding instructions, Safe Riding Precautions.including how to start and stop your Starting & Stopping the Engine.. faulty starter motor If all possible causes are negative, the starter motor may be faulty. NOTES: All events posted here MUST be open to Insight owners. installation, see your Honda dealer as soon Temporarily tighten the rear axle nut. Sustained riding at lower altitudes with the lean high-altitude setting may cause rough idling, stalling, or engine damage from overheating. This is the place to discuss alternative fuel news, fuel cell information, tax incentives and other issues surrounding hybrid cars and advanced automotive technologies. A Few Words About Safety Your safety, and the safety of others, is very important.

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about the Honda Rider’s Club of America, Do not continue riding if you are hurt or see page your motorcycle is not in safe riding condition. Operation Component Locations steering lock rear brake pedal Instruments & Controls. Either action may When descending a long, steep grade, cause one or both wheels to slip and use engine compression braking by reduce your control of your motorcycle. For example, the following label shows the MA classification. Used oil, gasoline, coolant, and Following are tips on how you can be an cleaning solvents contain poisons that. Battery posts, terminals and accessories on your motorcycle –– or do related accessories contain lead and lead not ride frequently, we recommend that compounds. It’s illegal and enjoyable, but you must do your part to thoughtless to put used engine oil in the protect nature.

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Please read the Warranties Booklet given Almost all of your warranty coverage can to you by your Honda dealer at the time of be extended through the Honda Protection purchase. Park your motorcycle in a locked Keep your owner’s manual, current garage whenever possible. If you aren’t satisfied with your your motorcycle, call the service dealer’s handling of the situation, we department of your Honda dealer.

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Remember, more frequent checks may be needed for riding in severe conditions. Never ride beyond properly maintained and in safe riding your personal abilities or faster than condition. To meet clean air standards, some by Volume areas of the United States and Canada use You may use gasoline containing up to.

Flooded Engine If the engine still won’t start, refer to If the engine fails to start after repeated Your Engine Quits or Won’t Start, page attempts, it may be flooded with excess fuel. Both the pre-ride inspection and the scheduled maintenance at the recommended intervals are necessary to assure safe and dependable performance. Avoid braking or closing the throttle quickly while turning. Saf ety Precautions on page LEFT FRONT We recommend wheel removal be done only by your Honda dealer or another qualified mechanic.

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Using a spark plug wrench, remove the high speed riding spark plugs

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