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Outboards cost a lot of money so you want to make sure you look after it. Comes From a.GOT A BUNCH OF GOOD ELECTRONICAL PARTS OFF A MOTOR THAT WAS OVERHEATED AND SCORED ALL THE CYLINDERS. You need a spanner or a pair of pliers or something like that. Or if it is a bad ding, take it into an outboard shop and they’ll get it professionally done. The weight of each item will be added together when you check out Please see our Vehicle Data Privacy, Privacy Policy, Legal Terms and Conditions Video Transcript Good day Jim Hamwell here from Fishing World Magazine. It comes as seen with the hardware shown, but it seems to be an incomplete kit.

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You can see here that the inside of the housing has starting to melt and from here this is how it’s just going to degenerate very quickly and cause major problems for your engine. Which you can see that when they are new they are quite flexible and they are fairly sturdy. Pull those out, clean and check if they are operating fine. One of the other things you can do is once every couple of trips, just remove the railing. Just check that things are generally okay; check your oil and those sort of things. Obviously if there is any serious problem you should take it straight to your local mechanic. With the VTEC, Honda was the very first company to introduce variable valve timing and from there it’s being copied a few times but fairly unsuccessfully Outboard Motors Parts & Accessories Financing Why Choose Honda Service & Support Warranty Information You are invited to join our public Boat Repair Forum to seek assistance from other members. Okay this is a very basic outboard maintenance tip. [Andrew] Today you see boats with single engines and twin engines on them. Maybe give it a spray with a good lanolin based aerosol to provide corrosion resistance. It’s also backed by the Honda Australia five-year warranty. Honda and Yamaha Generators Specialty Marine is an authorized Honda and Yamaha generator sales and service center Features key switch, tilt switch, oil pre.Honda Side Mount Remote Control Box. NOT.This is a good used Honda Outboard Remote Control Cable assy. And then once they have them on the back of the boat they have the better features of an outboard. They are purposely built for saltwater; maintenance is a lot easier because they are on the back of the boat. Maybe wipe off any salt deposits there, check that there’s no corrosion there on any wiring. This Control cable fits most of the following outboard motors You are responsible for checking to see if this fits your application. Servicing is basically industry-standard across the outboard range. If there are any dings sometimes you can file them out yourself. You may also visit the Boat Motor Manuals section of our site to obtain a service manual. The water bin rubber running in stainless steel housing here. If there is any fault codes it will store those and he can check. Once he has done the fuel filters and fuel side of things, he’s going to come along and he’s going to check out the oil filter and the oil. Also on-board engines there are a few fuel filters; one inside the vapor separator which is a high-pressure fuel that’s going to restrict any of the finer dirt entering into the engine. The other thing you should do is to always flush the engine after you have used it in the saltwater. So basically that means that the warranty from the first day to the last day of the warranty period remains the same. But what we do there, inside all four-stroke outboards they have valves. Probably you could put a bit of good marine grease in here. He will check the water pump impeller which is vital; it’s a rubber component that needs to be checked yearly and replaced when it’s perished.

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If you don’t adjust the valves, later on down the track you’re going to have a fair bit of problem. He will take the prop off and he will check behind the prop. You can check all your spark plugs now with four-strokes. Also down in the gearbox there is gear oil that needs to be checked yearly and replaced. Once he has gone from there, he will take the gearbox off. So what you should do is if you think you maybe have hooked up a bit of fishing line or you haven’t checked it for a while. Now with our outboards we are the only ones that use fully adjustable valves, and with Honda everything is quite easy to service. If it’s not working, that means your impeller is not working. The legs are easier to get out of the water if you’re going to moor them. Of course check your prop; just make sure there are no dings on it. With four-stroke the servicing price is sort of offset to the two-stroke oil. Also what you should do on a fairly regular basis is check your propeller. There are two options; you can run standard plugs or Iridium. Because the seals inside here can get chewed away by the line. If the water is not coming out, stop the motor immediately. That means your outboard could overheat and it’s going to cause some big problems. Also on a boat at sea you might find the boat tends to lean over on one side, you can adjust the trim and that will ride out of it. It changes oils and gets to make sure it’s running to its optimum so you’re ready to go. There are a lot of misconceptions with four-stroke that the servicing is actually newer. You want to be particularly careful about spraying up under here where your tilt and trim mechanism is and all your fuel and hydraulic steering, that’s really important to do that.

I am going to run you through a few very basic outboard maintenance tips.

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That’s basically covering the hundred hour service. Now what can happen is that the propeller can sometimes catch fishing lines and that can cause some big problems. That allows the engine to heat up and as the water is circulating through the engine it will remove the salty deposits. With all manufacturers now, warranty relies on getting your engine serviced. H that he can hook into your engine and it’s basically going to tell him all the information about your engine. The other main benefit with the bigger ones is you can actually get a lot of horsepower on the back of the boats now. Then that can cause problems with your gearbox and that’s all very, very expensive. Modern outboards like this one needs to be serviced once every hundred hours or once a year and your local Honda mechanic will do that for you. Meantime there are a lot of things you can do to make sure your outboard last the distance and gives you the maximum fun on the water. So comparatively the four- strokes are getting cheaper and cheaper to service these days. I also have Luke Kirby-Clark here who is our technical officer. Smyrna auto repair. This Throttle/shifting cable also fits mo.Remote Control Lock Pin. Once he’s got the cover off there are a few things that he does need to check. So in behind here is the rock and cover or tap and cover as some people call it. And warranty itself is actually backed by Honda Japan. What flushing does is it puts freshwater through your engine and it helps remove salt deposits from inside the engine.

The world's lightest 4-stroke outboard, the Honda BF2D, is.

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