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As the computer responds to the addition of electrical load, you may notice a momentary dimming of the lights. An improperly tightened gas cap might illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Light on your instrument panel. The sidewall markings on a tire provide descriptive information about the tire's design. For example, the headlights or instrument panel lights may briefly dim as the air conditioning cycles on. Refer to your owner's manual for the specific procedure. Have your vehicle inspected by your local dealer if the indicator is illuminated. Although some auto manufacturers do offer extenders, Honda believes they are not the best or the safest solution for our customers. If you'd like to order a part, please check out our Honda eStore. If you see the BATTERY CHARGE LOW or BATT LOW message, don’t panic. If you have recently refueled your Honda, this light may display to warn you of a loose or missing fuel filler cap. Since cross-car distortion occurs when you look through the glass at an angle, it may be even more noticeable for short drivers. There is absolutely no benefit in changing your oil more frequently than recommended in your owner's manual. Refer to your warranty booklet for more information. Some newer vehicles allow you to retrieve the audio unit serial number electronically from the radio. Do not get back into your vehicle during refueling. Honda Auto Service, Maintenance Used Car Repair Hinshaw's Honda welcomes you to our Award Winning Service Department. On the main Service Records page, use the VIEW/EDIT links to display a detailed record. If you do not have a card, click on link to Retrieve your Honda Radio code online. For your convenience you can request a service appointment online. We are a friendly, family-run business with a focus on professional and personal service for each and every one of our valued clients. Do not exceed the recommended maintenance interval. The tire warranty information is located in the glove box of the vehicle. On normally operating vehicles, the odor is usually noticeable when the engine is cold, right after deceleration, or after wide-open throttle acceleration. 2013 ford focus repair manual.

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It is our goal to build a long-term relationship based on value, quality and trust with you. From the Service Records page, click the link marked "all records" to get a complete printable version. Honda does not recommend modifying the vehicle in any manner, including changing the original tire size or the suspension. If the Warranty booklet is no longer with the vehicle, the same information can be found online through the Honda Owners site.

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Honda parts and fluids are manufactured to the same high-quality standards as the original components, and we recommend the use of them every time you have maintenance performed. Whenever you move or sell the car, please complete the form and send it to us promptly. Current offers from your dealer, including sales and service specials Up-to-date recall information for your specific vehicle. Auto repair bloomington. These situations are normally localized and last only during a brief period of severe changes in climatic conditions. In general, Honda recommends that you buy gasoline from high-volume, major name-brand stations. You may service your car with any qualified service facility or person. The detergency of some US gasolines is insufficient to provide protection from such deposits. Never install a new oil filter with the old O-ring stuck to the block. Buying fuel from high-volume, major name-brand stations should resolve most of these problems. The battery management system is intended to protect the driver from allowing the battery charge to drop to a point where it cannot start the vehicle. You'll find our prices are competitive with the aftermarket stores and our Parts and Accessories professionals are at your service. Extremely cold weather is also hard on the battery. Front-seat passengers see the same distortion when they look through the left side of the windshield. This oil meets the Starburst performance requirements listed above, but is also subjected to a series of Honda-specific tests to guarantee optimum performance and compatibility with your Honda vehicle. It can only be reactivated by entering the Navigation Code. Ensure that the gas cap is securely tightened after refueling, as per the instructions in your Owner's Manual. The affect on the battery is made worse if the radio, lights, heater fan or other accessories are on at the same time. The computer controls the output of the electrical charging system to improve fuel economy and minimize vehicle vibration. If the sulfur odor is overly bothersome, please contact Honda Customer Relations or your dealer for further guidance or assistance. The use of oil additives will increase your cost of ownership, and can lead to engine damage. Engine oil contains special additives to enhance the oil's performance, and these additives are also broken down or consumed with distance and time. And when that moisture finds its way into your braking system, it can corrode metal and seals. have winter/summer blended fuel, which is needed to prevent cold or hot start problems. Watch the video for a quick explanation of the system and how it can help you keep your vehicle in prime condition. By using it as a guide, not only will the life of the battery be extended, but the chances of the vehicle not starting due to a discharged battery will be greatly reduced. This is a normal characteristic and is caused by variations in the electrical system created by the onboard computer. Separate maintenance schedules are listed for "normal service" and "severe service." Read the description of severe service carefully. Honda recommends the use of "Top Tier Detergent Gasolines," where available. These windshields meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for glazing materials, and this minor distortion is allowable within the industry specifications for automotive glass. It is recommended that customers contact their local auto parts store to obtain snow chains. All Honda vehicle dealers will be happy to perform these services for you. We work with many financial institutions to assist every customer with their unique credit needs Your Messages & Notifications Latest News & Messages View all [] Frequently Asked Questions We've organized all the answers to the questions we're most frequently asked. If you or they have questions regarding the applicability of warranty, they will contact the local Honda Zone Office for directions. Please refer to the Owner's Manual for your vehicle for specific fuel recommendations. You should have the vehicle checked by the dealer as soon as possible. Select a topic to jump directly to content you need, or browse the page to find answers. The most complete warranty information can be found in the Warranty booklet supplied with your vehicle. For more information on this system and the sensor battery life, click here to watch this informational video. No, Honda does not offer seat belt extenders for any of our vehicles.

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DOT safety standards; the letters and numbers following the DOT symbol provide information about the tire manufacturer, tire size, and the date it was manufactured. Since it has already been crushed, it will not collapse further. If your Honda came equipped with a Navigation System, you should have a Navigation Code access card in your glove compartment. Engine damage can occur if the proper maintenance schedule is not followed. This will only increase your cost of ownership, and create an unnecessary burden upon the environment by increasing the amount of disposed oil. This identifies where the vehicle was manufactured or assembled and the type of vehicle it is. Refer to the Scheduled Maintenance section of the appropriate owner's manual for specific information. Honda has factories in Japan, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. This symbol indicates that the oil meets the latest performance requirements set by the automotive and oil industries. Once you have the audio unit serial number, you can go to the Radio & Navigation System Micro-site to retrieve your radio code. A dealer can review any and all work performed by that store. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture. When a new washer is installed and the drain plug is tightened, this washer "crushes" to form a very tight seal, thereby preventing motor oil leaks without overstressing the oil pan threads. These are normally temporary and are considered normal brake noises not requiring repair.

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White house small engine repair. It is important to avoid any activity that might result in static electricity build-up and discharge. We are proud of our state-of-the-art facility, which features the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available. This can be fixed by taking longer trips between shorter trips, minimizing unnecessary electrical accessory usage during short trips, and spending less time using electrical accessories while the engine is not running. As a Honda owner, the crush washer you should be most concerned with is the one that must be replaced every time you change your motor oil. Volvo v70 repair manual pdf. Because the recall campaigns are safety-related, recall service appointments are given the highest priority.

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Oil eventually deteriorates and loses its ability to protect your engine, due to heat, friction, and exposure to exhaust components. However, their "factory" training is usually several years old, so their technical knowledge of current model vehicles will not be as good as the local dealer's technicians, who routinely receive new model training from American Honda. Most vehicles will fall under the normal service category. Honda Vehicle Finance Used Car Auto Loans We will work to find the best deal available for you. If the engine is not run long enough, the charging system cannot recharge the battery to the level it was at before the engine was started. Generally speaking, their Honda product knowledge is minimal. Service reminders from your dealer Entering your VIN or HIN will help you get the most out of Honda Owners Site

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