Honda gx140 repair manual

We will work with you to resolve any probl.Good used parts. I triple checked for air leaks on the fuel side but if this were the case, it probably would not even idle. I figured clogged main jet in carb or vacuum leak at carb mounting but a vacuum leak probably would not let it idle. If you had another carb you could put on the generator to check it out....

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She runs pretty good with the choke fully on or closed.

Honda GX140 Parts List and Diagram - (Type STP)(VIN# GX140.

Bmw repair temecula. Gas residue in the carburetor for test purpose by manufacturer.

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I'll post back after I soak the carb and put everything back together. There seems to be ok compression but this engine does have a compression release built into the cam so you can't tell. I am almost sure something is amiss in the high speed circuit even though it visually looks clean · Gas residue in the carburetor for test purpose by manufacturer. I will recheck for a fuel restriction all the way from the petcock to the main jet once more. We will not be held accountable for parts ordered incorrectly if you do not verify your engi. I squirted parts cleaner juice at the back of the valves and there was no leakage. Switzer auto repair. I put it all together and it acted the same, no change. There is a bit of recession in the face of the exhaust valve, but didn't leak when I sprayed parts cleaner behind it.

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Check the black plastic piece between the carb and the head. I took the carb apart and put the plastic parts aside. You would think it would run full bore until it ran low on fuel in the bowl if the fuel was restricted but not shut off to the carb. Auto glass repair bismarck nd. I yanked the head to inspect the valves and cylinder and there does not seem to be a lot of wear on this engine. I blew through all the holes and they are all open. The valve adjustment on this engine was tight so I adjusted the overhead valves with no change. There is remarkably little wear in the cylinder bore. You can hold the throttle stop against the idle screw and it idles just fine with the choke off

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