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Auto hose repair. Measure the clearance between the select arm and piece and the interlock. How to Read Flowcharts A flowchart is designed to be used from start to final repair. The hydraulic pressure is applied to the reverse brake and the start clutch. These wheels are brand new in the factory box! These rims come a lifetime structural warranty ! THERE ARE NO TIRES INCLUDED! INQUIRE ABOUT WHEEL AND TIRE PACKAGES. Torque Convertel, Geats, and Clutches The torque converter consists of a pump, turbine and stator, assembled in a single unit.

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Clean them only with sol- C l e a n t h e c r a n k s h a f t r o d i o u r n a l a n d b e a r i n g h a l f vent or detergent, with a clean shop towel. ECM/PCM CONNEgTORS Inspoction ot PSP switch signal. Replace the valve body as an assembly if any parts are worn or damaged. How to replace a rear bike tire. Install the shift rod Install the steel ball' the spring, and the set screw' Install the spring washer and change piece attach- ing bolt. R e m o v e t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n m o u n t b r a c k e t , t h e n remove the transmission mount. The distance that the clutch end Thickness Part Number plate moves is the clearance between the clutch end. Great fuel economy, low maintenance costs and five-star frontal crash rating are a big plus. In operation, the ECM/PCM receives the sjgnals from the sensor and varies the duration during which fuel is injected To stabilize the sensor,s output, the sensor has an internal heater. The other PCM terminal voltage and measuring conditions are described in section I l. Shift Fork Assembly Clearance Inspection NOTE: The synchro sleeve and the synchro hub should Measure the clearance between the shift piece or be replaced as a set. Thgn, align the inner rotor with the crankshaft and i n s t a l l t h e o i l p u m p. based on the input from the vehicle speed sensor, the throttle position sensor, the manifold absolute pressure sensor, the engine coolant temperature sensor, the brake switch signal, and the shift lever position signal, to control shifting while the vehicle is ascending or descending a slope. OIAL THRUST SHIM Selective part BALL BEARING Check for wear and damage. Clean and install the rocker shaft orifices with new l n s t a l l t h e r o c k e r a r m s i n t h e r e v e r s e o r d e r o f O - r i n g s. Measure the distance @ after mounting the shift piece shaft. Grankshaft Pistons lnstallation lnstallation Before installing the crankshaft, apply a coat of B e f o r e i n s t a l l i n g t h e p i s t o n s , a p p l y a c o a t o f engine oil to the main bearings and rod bearings. But beware: "map" anywhere but a "stop" symbol, you can easily get lost. It was available in both carbeurated and PGM-FI versions Ploase undorstand that these warnings cannot covsr all conceivable weys in which service. With the water and air valves off, attach the water and To prevent iniury to. After the engine starts, the lAc valve opens for a certain time. Beinstall the mount bolts/nuts in the following sequence. Test it by pushing the plunger fully apply air pressure to the oil passage of the rocker with your finger, a r m. Solt-diagnosis E indicator light solenoid valve I connectol blinks eight times. Self-diagnosis E indicrtor light solenoid valve B connector blinkstwice. however, should be installed with a press before lubricating them. l f t h e backlash is not within the standard, replace the dif, ferential carrier. clean all parts thoroughly in solvent or carburetor cleaner, and dry with compressed air. ldle Control System ldle Speed Setting Inspection/Adiustmenl Adjust the idle speed, if necessary, by removing the cap and turning the idle adjusting screw. lllustrated lndex Refer to the drawing below for transmission disassembly/reassembly, Clean all the parts thoroughly in solvent and dry with compressed air.

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I n s t a l l t h e o i l g u i d e P l a t e , t h e n d r i v e t h e n e e d l e Cou ntershaft u s i n g t h e s p e c i a l b e a r i n g i n t o t h e c l u t c h h o u s i n g. If you can find one that is good mechanical shape, it can easily last for three-four years without major issues. w h e e l f r o m t h e c r a n k s h a f t f l a n g e. lnspection Measure the piston pin-to-piston clearance.

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Road and engine noise, firm ride, paint scratches easily. Exhaust Pipe and Muffler Replacement {cont'dl NOTE: Use new gaskets and self-locking nuts when reassembling. Keep open Do not smoke while working on luel sys- flamcs away from your work arsa. Removal Loosen the idler pulley bracket bolt and adjusting Engine removal is not required for this procedure. Linear Solenoid Assembly Test lf not, remove the linear solenoid assembly.

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Clean the oil pan gasket mating surfaces before installing it. Lift and Support Points Floor Jack Apply the parking brake and block the wheets that are not being lifted. Genuine Honda CVT Fluid- Use Genuine Honda CW fluid only. S e t t h e l o c k n u t o n t h e c a b l e b r a c k e t.

See the OBD ll scan tool or Honda PGM Tester user's manuals lor specitic operating instructions. Remove the oil seal from the transmission housing, NOTE: Do not install the oil seal vet. lf still no good, adjust motor mounts as outlined in engine section of this manual. Mainshaft Disassembly/lnspestion/Reassembly NOTE: Lubricate all parts with ATF during reassembly. Mt pleasant sc auto repair. NoTE: Higher pressure may be indicated if measurements are made in shift lever positions other than @ or @ posi tron. If you happen to find a well-cared for car in good condition, it might worth to pay a higher price. Transmission Removal Remove the transmission ground cable, and discon_ Maks sure lifts, iacks and safety stands are placed nect the lock-up control solenoid connector. Reassembly Inspection CAUTION: surfaces lor Inspect the gear surfaces and bearang. lntake Manifold/Exhaust System lntake Manifold Replacement..Exhaust Manifold Rep|acement..".

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Remove the control Iever from the control shaft, then remove the shift cable. Check that the snap ring is securely seated in the groove of the countershaft bearing. As this takes place, the mainshaft rotates at the same speed as the engine crankshaft, Together with the hydraulic c o n t r o l , t h e P C M o p t i m i z e d t h e t i m i n g o f t h e l o c k _ u p. Gountershaft Assembly Reassembly CAUTION: lnstall the reverse gear. Clutch Disc RemovaUlnspection Remove the clutch disc and special tools. I n s t a l l t h e b a c k - u p l i g h t s w i t c h a n d t r a n s m i s s i o n t h e n u m b e r e d s e q u e n c e i n s e v e r a l s t e p s s h o w n hanger. PROBABLE CAUSE LIST Low CVT fluid level ATF pump worn. Remove the upper bearing halves from the connect- Remove the bolts and the bearing caps. Remove the oil filler plug, then check the level and condition of the oil. Check tor Another Code: Check whether the OBD ll scan t o o l o r t h e E. Troubleshooting Flowchart - Shift Control System NOTE: Record all freeze data before vou troubleshoot. Transmission lnstallation Install the transmission mount bracket. Push the spring in with a screwdriver, then install the spring seat.

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A p p l y l i q u i d g a s k e t o n t h e o i l p u m p a n d r i g h t s i d e shaded areas. Handling and ride: Honda Civic handles well, although the ride is firm and the engine is a bit noisy on acceleration. T i g h t e n t h e m i n s e v e r a l s t e p s t o p r e v e n t warping the diaPhragm sPring

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