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Worse, it lacks the satisfying kick-down that all drivers have come to expect when a powertrain gives its best. Instead of the fine, fussy details Detroit reached for back in the Iacocca era to lay on the simulated luxury, the Five Hundred has bold shapes that look weighty. Pulling such a premium platform down-market is most unusual. The [Five Hundred] was very horizontal, and the A-pillars and the C-pillars were the same thickness-the car had very little sense of direction. Some of those CEOs have had more conservative tastes than others." Mays later conceded of the Five Hundred's styling: "“It’s just lacking in the emotional appeal that we should have put into it. That's a shame, because compared to the aging Crown Victoria, a car whose sales are still going strong, the Five Hundred offers more passenger space, a better chassis, better safety ratings and the option of all-wheel drive. We hope they're right, because with every all-wheel-drive Five Hundred and all Freestyles teamed with the gearless box, Ford will soon be building more CVTs than anyone else. Alongside standard dual front airbags, the Five Hundred was available with both side airbags and curtain airbags as an option. During its production run, the Ford Five Hundred saw relatively few changes. Auto glass repair centres. But history tells us that's not necessarily a disqualifier in this segment. For now at least, the Five Hundred has zero engine choices. The Lincoln-Mercury Division marketed the Ford Five Hundred as the Mercury Montego, slotted below the Mercury Grand Marquis. Two aspects of this car stand out: the huge interior space and the strong graphic simplicity of the interior design. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for further suggestions. Ford says you can put eight golf bags in the trunk, but the company makes no claim to being able to accommodate that many golfers in the cabin. Outside of the United States and Canada, the Ford Five Hundred was marketed in Mexico, South Korea, and the Middle East. Having maxed out its credit cards buying Aston Martin, Jaguar, Volvo, and Land Rover, all with iffy finances of their own, Charming Billy now has to take the best from these acquisitions and, without stepping into any puddles, build a high-volume money maker. It suggests mental health, not emotional rescue." Later testing Mercury's rebadged variant, the Montego, Neil said: "There is no soul to this car, and it's about as sexy as going through your mother's underwear drawer. A mid-year running change removed the exterior doorside trim molding on all trim levels in favor of a small sill molding at the bottom edge of the door. Just one of two factories where the Taurus was built gets the assignment for the Five Hundred. than the Five Hundred." Larry Printz with The Morning Call wrote: "Aside from the grill, little on the Five Hundred identifies the car as a Ford. Blaine auto repair. As with the first-generation Ford Focus, the seats of the Five Hundred were positioned relatively high from the floor, providing an upright seating position and improved visibility, access, and egress. You have to be careful that people don't point their finger and say that's an Audi rip-off. Mays helped to create VW's style in his previous job.

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An all wheel drive system was available across the range. The other is a traditional six-speed automatic purchased from Aisin-Warner, longtime Toyota supplier, that is standard equipment on up-level two-wheel-drive SEL and Limited sedans. And for a large sedan that doesn't cost much, the Five Hundred goes down the road with unusual precision and composure. Yes, happen in this car, a condition we associate with family four-doors generally. Inside, the Five Hundred is roomy, and it looks and feels terrific. For the first time ever, a Ford full-size sedan was produced without rear-wheel drive. In addition, the rear seat was positioned higher than the front seats.

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Yawns happen in cars long on prudence, short on verve. The Five Hundred shares one notable distinction with Chrysler's number car--neither acts as if it were born to carry rebates CSABA CSEREAt first glance the Ford Five Hundred is just another boring sedan. This car understeers firmly, consistently, and reliably. The Five Hundred was produced alongside the Montego and Freestyle at Chicago Assembly in Chicago, Illinois. Now comes the car that will inherit the flagship mantle and bear the enormous pressure of at least coming close to the popularity of the Taurus: the Ford Five Hundred. Transferring power to the wheels are two transmissions. Maybe the front buckets on our top-of-the-line Limited test car didn't delight the editorial trouser seat, but few will complain. Ford is also hedging its bet, as the current Taurus will be sold side by side with this new Five Hundred. The warm caramel and camel hues of the vinyl and leather are punctuated with frosty aluminum. This section contains wording that without imparting real information. In its development as one of the vehicles to replace the Ford Taurus, the model lineup of the Five Hundred/Montego was reduced to the four-door sedan exclusively. While not deleted, the role of the Taurus/Sable station wagon would change as it was repackaged as a functionally similar crossover SUV, replacing the long-running third-row jumpseat with a forward-facing folding third row. If you think of it as the smartest transmission in the world, always making the best choices, you'll love it. From behind the wheel, the controls appear well laid out, but the interior materials are a disappointment. Rear passengers will find cathedral headroom and knee clearance for the Jolly Green. Only footroom under the front seats seems to have limits. Both are incredibly roomy in the manner of the Ford Galaxies and Chrysler New Yorkers baby boomers grew up with. I remember when we did the face lift, and it became the Taurus; it didn’t set the world on fire, either. That's a shame, because the Five Hundred is otherwise chock-a-block with family values. The plastic looks bargain-basement, not up to par with the competition. As with the Five Hundred, the Montego was produced in front and all-wheel drive configurations, sharing the same powertrains. Interior volume and appointments are limoesque, ride quality is above reproach, and road manners are surprisingly capable.

Auto glass repair in houston. We find the big Five Hundred's look a bit uninspired; this is not a car that will draw a lot of attention.

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But instead of kicking down, it merely oozes forward, accompanied by a seamless surge in engine song as the computer adjusts the drive ratio to kick up the revs to what it thinks is the most advantageous point on the power curve. The exterior of the Five Hundred isn't very exciting to look at, but neither are those of the Accords, Camrys, and LaCrosses of the world. Under a hinged lid centered atop the dash is a compartment just the right size for takeout burritos.

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While visibility was one factor behind the higher seating position, safety was another as well. With some reservations, we think it is good enough. If you value space over power, this new sedan is worth a serious look. The instrument bezels look like they weigh a pound apiece. He was at Volkswagen when the current Passat was designed and at Ford when the current Euro Mondeo emerged. The importance of this vehicle has caused Ford to rethink offering the traditional sedan/wagon formula of the past. For the first time in a full-size Ford sedan, the Ford Five Hundred featured independent suspension for both front and rear axles, with MacPherson strut front suspension and a multi-link rear axle with coilover shocks; both axles were fitted with stabilizer bars. Another space under the center armrest swallows your bag of chips. New options for the SEL trim include navigation, heated seats and SIRIUS Satellite Radio No small accomplishment in view of the slick competition from Japanese automakers. In fact, we haven’t made a mistake like that since we did it About Ford Five Hundred Ford's full-size Five Hundred has not been the hit for which the company had hoped.

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A pair of console cup recesses will hold enough Big Gulps at the ready to get you across the Mojave

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