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THESE HEADLAMPS FAIL TO CONFORM TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF FEDERAL MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY STANDARD NO. Recall Date Description VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: CUTAWAYS AND STRIPPED CHASSIS WITH SINGLE REAR WHEELS. With a full frame, the Econoline became popular as a cutaway van chassis; the design served as a basis for many ambulances, and various types of trucks and buses. That's something the team at Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln is trained to provide, and they do so by sitting down with you, one-on-one. These tires can wear prematurely which fails to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard no. While the body and interior saw massive changes, to lower development costs, Ford retained the existing VN platform that had underpinned the Econoline/Club Wagon. Consequence: Non-functioning lights could increase the risk of a crash. 10th street auto repair. INSULATOR PADS WILL BE INSTALLED ON ALL VEHICLES TO REDUCE THE STRESS LEVELS IN THE FUEL TANK. The glovebox was relocated from the engine cover to forward of the passenger seat. Thoroughly inspected for quality and integrity, you can be sure that each one meets our incredibly high standards for excellence. The pressure sensing switch that detects the presence of weight on the platform was not adjusted to the necessary sensitivity level. DEALERS WILL INSPECT THE SENSOR AND REPLACE IT WITH AN IMPROVED CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR FREE OF CHARGE. A higher degree of parts commonality with the F-Series made itself known in the bodystyling: the vent windows, taillights, bumpers, and wheels were common items between the two vehicles.

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DEALERS WILL INSPECT THE FUEL TANK AND, IF CRACKED, WILL REPLACE THE TANK. Sharing many controls with the F-Series, the new design also improved interior ergonomics. While the front engine cover still dominated the space between the front seats, part of the redesign freed up additional passenger room. Recall Date Description ON CERTAIN VANS EQUIPPED WITH SURE-LOK WHEELCHAIR SECUREMENT SYSTEMS, THE SPROCKET TEETH OF THE RETRACTOR ASSEMBLY IS OUT OF ALIGNMENT. The rims provided in these wheel modification groups wear through the oem brake lines. Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln doesn't expect you to simply take our word that we offer excellent service, however. In addition to a smaller engine cover, a more ergonomic dashboard was added; dual airbags were added to all models, replacing the "brick"-style steering wheel.

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During this model year, the front turn signal housings became completely amber, while the low-end plastic grill and sealed-beam headlight housings were molded in a dark gray color. Second, by staffing a knowledgeable service and repair department to make sure you get more out of each and every mile you spend behind the wheel. DEALERS WILL REPLACE THE REAR WHEEL ATTACHING STUDS. These include Ford Expedition, Ford Bronco, Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Ford Lincoln Continental and many more Based on an all-new chassis, Ford became the first American manufacturer to adapt body-on-frame construction to a full-size van. The instrument panel featured a small LCD digital odometer. The rear suspension consisted of a live rear axle with rear leaf springs. Recall Date Description VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: BI-FUEL CNG PICKUP TRUCKS AND BI-FUEL CNG VANS, MODIFIED BY CFI CONTROL SYSTEMS, INC., FAIL TO CONFORM TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF FMVSS NO.

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Although Ford utilized the longest forward body of any full-size van, the hood was angled downward slightly and the windshield raked back; if specified, all side window glass was flush-mounted. THE SCDS MAY LEAK INTERNALLY AND THEN OVERHEAT, SMOKE, OR BURN. That's why Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln also makes sure to carry a wide range of used cars to choose from as well. During its sixteen-year production run, the exterior of the Econoline/Club Wagon would remain nearly unaltered. We repair many types of electronic and digital Ford instrument clusters. A multi-function switch with a deformed slider may malfunction causing the turn signal, tail lights, hazard warning signal flashers and/or brake lights not to activate.  Continental will notify owners and replace the tires free of charge.

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Designed to share components with the Super Duty trucks, the E-Series now comes with the Ford Sync system, in-dash navigation as an option, and integrated auxiliary switches. SURE-LOK WILL HANDLE THE REPAIRS FOR THIS CAMPAIGN. STRIKERS WITH STRESS CRACKS MAY NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF FMVSS NO. THESE VEHICLES WERE BUILT WITH INCORRECT SPEEDOMETER DRIVEN GEARS, RESULTING IN A LOWER SPEEDOMETER READING THAN THE ACTUAL VEHICLE SPEED BEING DRIVEN. Consequence: The user of the lift could be injured should the lift move unintentionally.

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Consequence: This could result in bending of the hitch channel or the hitch could be pulled off the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. Consequence: Affected tires may not meet the endurance test requirements of the standard. In addition to increasing the strength of the chassis, the configuration allowed more commonality with the F-Series trucks. OWNERS OF THE PASSENGER CARS INCLUDED IN THIS CAMPAIGN WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO RETURN THEIR VEHICLES TO THEIR DEALERS TO HAVE THE SPEED CONTROL DEACTIVATION SWITCH DISCONNECTED AS AN INTERIM REPAIR Because of this, you can expect only positive surprises you order Ford cluster and auto parts from us! We have repaired just about every Ford make and model that anyone still operates. FORD WILL NOTIFY OWNERS THAT DEALERS WILL INSTALL A FUSED WIRING HARNESS IN LINE WITH THE SCDS. The shared drivetrain with the F-Series marked the beginning of aftermarket four-wheel drive conversions. Sharing many components with the F-Series trucks, the E-Series maintained the "Twin I-Beam" front suspension common to nearly all rear-wheel drive Ford trucks in North America. SABERSPORT WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND OFFER A FULL REFUND FOR THE NONCOMPLIANT COMBINATION LAMPS. Consequence: Decreased lighting visibility may result in a vehicle crash. The new-generation Econoline would become common not only in its own right, but as the basis for other vehicles. It was unconfirmed whether this means the engine physically does not fit or there is not enough space to allow for proper ventilation. These lifts fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard no. You can also find auto finance options, car service, auto repair, and access to parts and accessories you need for your vehicle.It's easy to jump to the conclusion that shopping for a models can be strenuous, but it doesn't have to be. THE AFFECTED VEHICLES WERE PREVIOUSLY REPAIRED USING A WIRING HARNESS THAT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE VEHICLE CIRCUIT POLARITY. In its new configuration, the engine was moved further forward and lowered, relative to the body. THE LUG NUTS CAN POTENTIALLY BOTTOM OUT ON A SHOULDER ON THE STUDS. DEALERS WILL INSPECT AND REPLACE THE WHEELCHAIR SECUREMENT RETRACTORS AS NECESSARY. In addition, the Club Wagon was produced solely as a passenger van. DEALERS WILL INSTALL A NEW WIRING HARNESS, OR REPLACE THE MATING ELECTRICAL COMPONENT. Recall Date Description ON CERTAIN PICKUP TRUCKS, PASSENGER VEHICLES, SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES, AND MOTOR HOMES CHASSIS, THE SPEED CONTROL DEACTIVATION SWITCH MAY, UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS, LEAK INTERNALLY AND THEN OVERHEAT, SMOKE, OR BURN. Inside, the redesign of the chassis expanded interior room, though the rear of the engine still remained between the front seats; an engine cover still provided access for servicing. According to Ford the primary reason is due to space limitations. A stillborn variant of the Econoline, the Ford Carousel, nearly reached production as the first American minivan.  Sabersport will notify owners and offer a full refund for the noncompliant combination lamps. Recall Date Description ON CERTAIN TRUCKS EQUIPPED WITH SPEED CONTROL, GASOLINE OR NATURAL GAS ENGINES, THE SPEED CONTROL DEACTIVATION SWITCH MAY OVERHEAT.

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Continued use of the affected tires can result in tire failure which could lead to vehicle damage or motor vehicle crash. The instrument panel was also changed although the odometer became analogue. Using the sparsely-equipped Econoline cargo van as a basis, a luxurious interior was fitted, along with extensive customization of the exterior. These headlamps fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard no

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