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You can pop the tappet cover gasket like I did and spend big bucks pulling the injection pump to replace it. The small end of the tab is designed to lock into the contours of the gearcase to prevent any rotation of the tab. The thread is left hand and you may need to whack the wrench with a hammer to break the nut loose. Also, setting the timing is easier while the gear cover is off becauseloosening the gear is much easier and you can clean the gear and shaft better. If one of the tappets falls off the dowel rod, you will need to remove the oil pan to get it out! Now you can remove the camshaft. This clutch is designed to be used as an upgrade when using our higher hp kits and when towing heavy loads. The friction plate is constructed of heavy duty ceramic material on one side and Kevlar on the other. I made a couple of alignment pins out of some long old screws so that the cover was straight. On my ride the Horton fan and shroud must come out together as one unit. I finally bolted the damper back over the seal tool that came with the seal and pressed it in that way. The seal lip and the sealing surface on the crankshaft must be free from all oil residue to prevent seal leaks. After the pin is pounded back in, replace the short temporary bolt with a long one. Either cover the openings to the pan or use a magnet when putting the tab in place to keep it from falling into the oil pan. The camshaft is likely to hit the tappets while being removed and reinstalled. After seeing the jig and how it works, and how tight the tolerances were on those pieces, I didnt think it was a problem doing the countersink first.

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The new no-slip by Powertrax is designed specifically for late model SUV's and pickup trucks, this unit incorporates the benefits of a limited slip locker without the noise of the solid locking units. On this particular engine, no visible damage was done to the timing gears. Use a hammer and punch to drive the old seal out of the cover. You put the seal installer into the cover to center the hole in the cover over the crank and then tighten the bolts. DO NOT tighten the bolts to the correct torque value at this time. We have a wide variety of gear sets in stock and can recommend and select the best suited differential combination for your driving routine. All other parts that do not have absolutely new potential service life are replaced with the highest quality parts available. This photo was taken from the back side of the new case. While you are there, check the torque on the other housing bolts.

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Gear Splitting just like the big commercial trucks. Dodge has conveniently left two holes in the cowl of the truck just for this purpose. Mount the jig pushed to the right so the bolts occupy the leftmost space in the slots. Clean all the oil from area with solvent and dry completely. This clutch is right at home in a high heat heavy load environment. Units are available in limited slip and solid locking configurations. You then drive the dowel rod into the tappets and pick them up off the camshaft. This requires removing all six valve covers, rocker assemblies and push rods. If you remove the alternator before the pulley and fan mount it is easier to get your hands in. The retainer tab goes under the bolt head just to the lower right of the KDP hole. They are designed to transfer a film of teflon to the dry, clean crank surface after initial startup. We specialize in optimizing your vehicles application requirements, i.e. You then remove the case cover and expose the internal timing gears.

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The four studs that mount to the injection pump as well as the timing pin need to be moved from the old housing to the new housing as shown here. Fit the wrench to the bottom right bolt and go for it. When the camshaft is positioned correctly it slides out easily. These aftermarket wheels are designed to enhance your vehicle appearance by complementing the tire and body style you have selected. We will recommend the right gear ratio to match your engine horsepower, transmission specifications. It also helps to use several studs to guide the plate on and hold it until you get the other bolts started. Using a low-powered drill-such as a cordless-put the smaller of the two bushings in the jig and drill through the casting with the drill provided. Then you slip a plastic sleeve into the seal to keep it from deforming as it slips over the crankshaft end. If you can get your fan out past the shroud, do it now. Use a thin plastic, like what is on a loose leaf binder, and tape it together to make a tapered sleeve.Just be very careful installing the crank seal over the snout.

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HEMI®Dart: You don’t need to drain the coolant or take off the upper radiator hose. Then take you oil fill cap loose to see if you are getting much pressure buildup. It looks as if the pin was ground on for quite a while by some of the gear. removing the timing houseing is a bit more involved. Oil the snout and sleeve with synthetic oil, and it will slide right on. Lubricate the front gear train with clean engine oil. Always install a new main seal before replacing the timing cover. This ensures that your load is balanced and level for better comfort and control. Emergency auto glass repair. Weather you interest is street image, custom, show, racing, off road or street we have a wheel to meet your requirements. Without disconnecting any of the wires, set the alternator up on the rubber intake hose. Tap on the dowel pin with a flat punch to insure that it is seated in the bore. We didn’t realize just how many tools the job required until we saw this. Remove your shaft and ship it to us by UPS we will provide you an estimate to repair and return it to you the next day! We offer quality differential covers by Mag-Hytec, as you know heat can kill, it can cause deterioration of fluids and components. NEW PICS!!!!!!! With out tab [thanks to Flex, TDR & used with permnission] Please join us for fun, talk and news on your Dodge Cummins Truck.Several people on the TDR website showed interest in learning more about the work involved in replacing a broken timing gear housing from damage caused by.welcome to the diesel man, and fast lane diesel repar Learn More IF YOU WANT A LIKE NEW TRUCK ALL THE WAY AROUND THIS IS THE ONE, YOU WON'T FIND ANOTHER. Saves money by minimizing wear on tires, shocks, shackles and leaf springs. When you drill the hole, the air pressure will force most of the metal filings out, but you will most likely need to use a small screw driver or something to reach in the jig hole to move them around enough so the air pressure will force them out. Move the shroud from side to side to sneak the protruding ears past the radiator hoses. This is best done by using a long drift placed on the right side of the nut flats and giving it a good whack with a hammer. You can turn the air on quite a bit without danger of over-pressure, the excess will flow out the blow by tube. Learn More OUR HIGH LINE TRUCKS ARE LIKE NEW TRUCKS.

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You will hear the airflow slow if you allow too many chips to accumulate in the tap. These top of the line American Eagle alloy wheels are quality manufactured using both state of the art machining, finishing and plating. Also I like to fill the drill bit with grease before drilling,tapping and counter sinking as well. A severely bent hand wrench will access the top nut. Then tap the wrench with a hammer, clockwise as you face it, and, eventually, it will come loose. I put the tool in the seal in the cover before installing the cover. Sluggish performance on hills, poor passing power and depressing gas mileage

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