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Do-It-Yourself Pricing

Full Service Pricing

Automotive Lift Hourly Rental2 $20 Mechanic's Hourly Labor1 $65
Non-Automotive Lift (Flat Bay) Hourly Rental1 $10

Please call ahead and schedule an appointment if you wish to consult with a mechanic.

Specialty and Tool Rental Pricing

Full Toolkit Hourly Rental1

Our Full Tool Kit includes access to all of our air tools, torque wrenches, pry bars, impact sockets, volt meters, oversized wrenches, etc. All of the tools necessary to either make a job go faster or get into the heavier duty repairs.

Full Toolkit Daily Rental3 $30
Over Night Storage5 $10/Night
Fluid Disposal Fee $3

1. Minimum of 1 Hour for this Service.
2. Charged in .5 hour increments.
3. Price for 8 Hour Block of Time.
4. Premium 9,000 mile synthetic oil up to 5 quarts and premium oil filter up to $14.99 value.
5. Only charged if vehicle must be stored inside.