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Philippines I would recommend this item to a friend. She told me she wanted me out by that night, so I left. It will remove everything off the surface of your vehicle including wax and will restore smoothness to the paint. It makes bucket loads of wash! Autogeek always has this in stock.

I'm definitely buying again when I use up my first bottle. Polymer is a bit more expensive but is easier to apply and some say performs better. The appeal of these manmade paint protectants is two-fold: they are easy to apply and they last a long time. Our water is hard and I use it after a conventional wash too. Mercedes wing mirror repair. So take it from me, use ONR at your own risk, and if you feel that you may have a problem, please get help. Calling in sick to work to stay home and wash clean cars, eventually I got fired, the cable got shut off first, and then the water, and power. After using ONR, to my surprise, after drying I had NO water spots at all!! Now THAT is worth the price of this product right there. A new car or one that already has a good coat of wax on it, may only need a wash and wax to maintain it, but a car with an average to neglected exterior may need to be clean and polished as well.Before using any type of car cleaning chemical, it is important to read the label. I was very happy with the result especially considering this car only gets washed about once a year and never waxed. She worked two jobs to support our family, and pay for my addiction. She said that it was hard to even tell what color the car was because it was reflecting so much. Before long I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and the only reason I left the house was to drive the cars to get them dirty so I could come home and wash them with ONR. I've been trying to take better care of my vehicles now. After washing your car, use it to clean, polishing, and protect your car in one product. Use it as a wash or clay lube or even use it polishing as clean up.

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Both types of wax perform the same, but a polymer wax won't haze as it dries and can usually be wiped off soon after applying. I have no idea what is in this product, but the metallic green paint on my Mazda looked better than I have ever seen. Hold it in the palm of one hand and run it across the surface of your car.To remove scratches and etching that are below the surface, you'll need to use a compound. Then one day I saw autogeek had a sale on this stuff called Optimum No Rinse, it looked good, so I decided to give it a try. She told me she wanted a divorce, at first I didn't hear her, I thought I saw a smudge on the counter, and she slapped me. The part that hurts the most is that I know someday my kids will grow into adults, and they will buy cars, and I won't be around to wash them. Clean Freak is a great place for students, career-minded individuals or those looking for a place to learn and grow. Always use a car washing soap and not a liquid detergent or dish cleaner, which can damage the paint and strip away wax. One day I came inside to see how the stove top looked, ONR in hand, and she was packing up all of my things, things I no longer cared about. Everything was going well, but I wasn't expecting it to look any different than when I waxed. Wash your towels and cleaning mitts after every use.Washing your car will remove loose contaminants such as dust, dirt, and mud from the exterior of your vehicle. I lost my family and everything I ever loved or cared about to the devil that is ONR. I think I will still power wash it before using this. Have been throughly pleased using this product for that purpose. Preparing the paint surface involves washing, polishing, and deep-cleaning with detail clay. I added an ounce to my wash as per the instructions and washed my truck. Uses much less water than a traditional wash and is convenient. I have several other Optimum products and they are the best in my opinion. Clean Freak is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment decisions based on any factor protected by federal, state or local law Evaluate the Condition of Your VehicleEvaluating the condition of your vehicle will steer you towards how it should be cleaned.

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It preserves your high gloss finish and is available in a carnauba or polymer form. My wife loves the fact that I had found a hobby, detailing, only I could care less about other products, or techniques.

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Now I know why I keep coming across this item mentioned in all the forums. You can use it as a spray and wipe detailer or in a bucket of water with a microfiber rag and towel when a dirtier car makes that approach more appropriate. It eliminates the spots that used to drive me crazy. As I normally do after the wash, I was scrambling to blow it dry and then quickly hit it with drying towels to avoid water spots. I ordered a bottle, mixed it with water and sprayed it on my dusty car. It is wonderful however for a quick detailer and clay lube! We offer competitive compensation packages, perks, flexible schedules and benefits. I don't know what came over me, before I knew it, it was the next morning, I had used it on my car, my wife's car, even the stove top inside. I love it as an every day detail spray especially during rainy days. Washington DC I would recommend this item to a friend.

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Matthews auto repair carmel. This can be used as a QD, Clay Lube, waterless wash, rinse less wash. They can be applied by hand using applicator pads or by using a dual-action polisher, and wiped away soon after applying. With the clothes on my back, two bottles of ONR and a couple microfibers. Keep a spray detailer and clean microfiber cloth in your trunk, which can come in handy for quickly removing dust, overspray, and bird droppings.If your car is relatively clean and all of these steps seem daunting and time-consuming, a one-step cleaner wax may be the best choice for you. I cannot imagine doing without this product! And a bottle goes a long way! Best product in the battle against pollen! Helps prevent scratches from pollen and dust, leaves a nice, clean surface, and does a really good job of helping to gently remove bird poo. It does a good job and saves the labor of always hauling out all the usual material to wash your car. Also invest in premium microfiber clothes and keep separate piles for those used on your paint, wheels, and windows. I wandered all through the night through the neighborhood, washing everyone's cars with ONR and when I ran out, I realized what had happened. EXTRA POINTS for other uses such as clay lube! Recommend product fully to those still looking. Start by kneading it into a flat wafer and use a detailer as a lubricant. I used the rinseless wash mitt and a couple of microfibers from AG. It is a versatile product and is a useful tool for any detailer. Anyway, I did the wheels and tires a couple of weeks later and decided to do a rinseless wash with Optimum No Rinse. Used the detailer spray when wiping down, left a clean car with a good shine, no residue. Use "Optimum" when the weather prohibits an outdoor wash, or you want to limit the use of water on your classic car. My wife had to get a job, and reluctantly left me at home with the kids. For example, using a chrome wheel cleaner which is extremely acidic on an aluminum wheel can ruin it. But what amazed me about this product was its water softening properties. The application for soap, wax, or detailer can vary from brand to brand and vehicle to vehicle. us it anywhere any time indoors or outdoors dose not matter. Eventually my wife got frustrated with my constant antics.

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Worked after a snow with salt on the road and cleaned up really nice with no visible markings on the clear coat. Even three days later, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It can be applied by hand or with a polisher and you'll achieve much better results using a product like this instead of just going straight to wax after washing.The most important wheel cleaning tip is to use the product that has been specifically formulated for your type of wheel. If you don't know what type of wheels you have, then go with the least powerful version which is an acid-free pH balanced aluminum wheel cleaner as these can be used on all type of wheels The Wolfgang Concours Series line of car care products is based around a premium paint sealant and, more recently, a carnauba polymer car wax. Washing a white car.

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Knowing that I can wash a dirty car without running a hose is a relief. Wolfgang Concours Series is world class car care! PRODUCTS PROTECTANTS TRIM & PLASTIC RESTORATION WIPES TIRES WHEELS CAR WASH WAX CLEANERS LEATHER GLASS AIR FRESHENERS ACCESSORIES LICENSED PRODUCTS. I will never go back Quick to use less messy and less wet conserves water great shine/finish I'm still hesitant to use it on midwest winter grime. I have a black car, so swirls and scratches stick out like a sore thumb. It adds a layer of protection from UV rays to prevent fading, as well as anything that may land on the paint. Now I do dirty, disgusting things with my mouth to afford ONR, just so I can wash people's cars in the Walmart parking lot to afford more ONR. Chris Graybill I would recommend this item to a friend. The smell is pleasant, and the final shine is good too. Can also be used as clay lube and a "detail" spray in a pinch

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