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When everything is functioning properly, clutch engagement is easily noticeable when the center of the compressor assembly is rotating. With A/C ON, pressure gauges tell your A/C clutch when to de/activate. Auto glass repair macon ga. Auto repair ithaca. If it keeps trying to switch on, but without enough gas, the compressor cycles off again. The cold air is blowing full blast but I guess one of the doors in the air flow ducts is locked. Check refrigerant pressure and add coolant, and check for leaks. Or, go to your local parts store and there is a blue dye you can use and it will show you where the leak is. Most likely, according to your description, the pulley will spin for a second or two, then stop.

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If the air conditioning still functions improperly, the problem is not in the coolant level. Although running the air conditioner while low on refrigerant can damage the A/C compressor Popular Apps Popular Mac Apps View all Mac apps Popular Windows Apps View all Windows apps Popular iOS Apps View all iOS apps Popular Android Apps View all Android apps Automotive Repair      Information for Professionals Print & CD-ROM Products.

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There's no easy repair here -- speak to a qualified repairer for help. Check your compressor pulley to see if it is turning.

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Other causes include: physical damage to the compressor or the fan, overheating, extreme temperatures, particle accumulation in moving parts, and foreign objects inside ventilation ducts. Auto repair merced ca.

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