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Thanks.Tom" from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Easy to work with. The quality of work that they do is great and not over priced." , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "T & D's customer service and quality work keep me coming back. They provide excellent service and are trustworthy. They not only take the time to educate so that you understand what the problem is before working on the vehicle but, also make sure they don't proceed unless you do. Auto repair names. OXYGEN SENSOR: This measures the exhaust oxygen content. They have always given me sound advice.It is a warm and friendly atmosphere where I can trust their advice." from , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "they do very good work" , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Don't even think twice. The mechanics are straight forward and don't sell you something you don't need. Also the prices they charge for services offered are very reasonable." on : "Outstanding service beyond expectations at a reasonable cost!" from , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Great service, reasonable price" on : "Great service, job done right and affordable. Nissan car repairs. , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "go to these guys their good" Steven J. If you can't find it, check out for reset instructions. Friendly and honest." on : "Mike is a straight shooter. Tighten the cap and the light will go off after awhile, but the code will still be stored. on : "They are extremely busy which sometimes means you have to be patient, but they are worth the wait! They are knowledgeable, friendly and repair only what is required. Some body control computers do the climate control too. The quality of work and care put into the service can't be beat! We were new in town and were very impressed." , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Can't be beat.

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Most all sensors povide a variable resistance to the computer to let it know what's happening. This is especially scarey when you think of all the remote access automotive stuff, like the ad showing folks unlocking and starting their car from miles away with their cell phone, or the On-Star capability to shut off a stolen car. I've never had a complaint with the quality of work and appreciate the extra advice they give on keeping my truck running well. Once they were started the old diesels would keep running even if the electrical system burned up. Prices are reasonable and the service was excellent. It often has a wide open throttle and a closed throttle switch either as part of it or as separate components. The new technical name for this light is the "MIL" light. The computer gives a "rich oxygen sensor" trouble code. Also: the cars changed and computer software updates were required: manufacturers used the same computer trouble code number for different things on different years. I loved it so much I stayed and opened my car repair business. Same with the Ford distributors with the module on the side. An electronic ignition module is used on new vehicles instead of points and condensor, but it can suddenly burn out without warning and strand you on the side of the road. T & D mix new technology with old school experience and reliable, quality information on the best application. The car still smokes black, still has a "rich oxygen sensor" trouble code.

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The computer interfaces were different, and the computer diagnostic capabilities varied widely. T&D has a very professional staff all of which are obviously knowledgeable. Of course, there are many garages that do MOTs and repairs completely honestly and fairly. We'll take care of your routine maintenance, your warranty service, and just about any repair that needs to be done.

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T&D will ALWAYS be our mechanic." from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "I would highly recommend them." from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "that you guys are honest and do and give awesome work and service." from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Very trustworthy and honest. Repair panels auto body rust. Everything is nicely displayed and the staff will help you find the best equipment to meet your needs.

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Vehicle Anti-theft and Keyless Entry A separate computer often controls anti-theft and keyless entry. "These guys are great! I got my lawn tractor tuned up and it's running better than ever. A downstream Oxygen sensor code will keep your MIL on, but won't affect your fuel economy. Because the computer controls the fuel so precisely the powerstroke uses no glow plugs or pre-chambers. , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "I would tell them that each time I went there, I was treated well-work was done correctly and timely." , whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on : "Very pleased. At Metro West Lawn and Power Equipment, we pride ourselves in helping people get the right equipment for the job. These failures are normally after many miles on the vehicles: it's not a recall issue.

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Two other couples in my neighborhood say the same things, and we all drive different cars, all high end: Lexus, Saab, Prius." , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Rest easy---very competent. E-mail me and I will either make arrangements to look at your car, or I will recommend you to someone who will I take work by appointment only to prevent having a back log of work and it allows me the flexibility to change my schedule depending on the status of other jobs that are pending. An intermittant sensor problem on most vehicles still causes a trouble code to be stored in the computer.

Service You Just Can't Get at the Big Box Stores. I appreciate his explanations and caring! I always feel first there." , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Straight forward, honest assessment of what needed to be done and/or should be done with no pressure or scare tactics." on : "YOU ARE A VERY GOOD PLEACE TO HAVE WORK DONE.  From this point forward, my personal time is my time unless you are willing to pay for it or make arrangements from , whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "Great work, reasonably priced, and fast." on : "World class service. Use them for your auto services" from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "they are the best" from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "They are exceptional in every way, technically and customer service" Donna M. I take what they tell as gospel and truth, as they have proved themselves time and time again. FAILURE SYMPTOMS: Poor fuel economy, light on dash, stalling while parking or at traffic lights All vehicles do not have all of these sensors. And even though my truck is not the prettiest, they treated it like it was brand new. Not only was the price the same as at major retailers, but delivery was free!" Don't waste your precious time with inexperienced staff who are only thinking about making a sale, and who are'nt dedicated to making sure you get exactly what you need and want At J & M Golf Carts of Augusta, Georgia, we are a Nationwide Authorized Distributor of Quality Golf Cart Engines and Parts for a wide variety of popular golf cart manufacturers. A digital multimeter is all you need for most sensor tests. I have not had any problems after the repairs." on : "Exceptional service!" from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Amazing work and extremely trustworthy which is most important for me." from Chicago, IL, whose was in for an auto repair service, on : "It's excellent. from Ft.Myers, FL, whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Too notch owner fair prices and quick turn around when parts are available" from , whose was in for an auto repair, on : "Promp, professional and courteous service at reasonable prices." R

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