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Unrealistic Estimates If the insurance company’s estimate of repairs is based on its own inspection rather than on that of a qualified repair shop, you can argue that the estimate is a meaningless figure because it does not reflect what it would actually cost to get the work done competently. Now, the dash piece will move more but it is tricky to get the bottom part out from the bottom, you have to kind of help the lighter socket wiring get past the solid dash piece that stops it. Once removed, you can pull out and push up on the backrest to slide off hooks along top rear of backrest. ~ Working under cars and in a street or parking lot are very dangerous. Unplug the connectors to it and move it from around the shifter. But, don't be fooled by that statement, they are repairable and will be fine. Pre-owned Certification with Per Car Pricing Complete Detailing Services *services vary by location Auto Auctions Auto Dealers - Used Cars Auto Dealers - Body Shop Auto Dealers - New Car Auto Dealers - Parts Dept. The plug makes the job simple, if no plug then it's not so easy and you may want to consider having a mechanic remove them. Do not try to go between the top section and the bottom section as it is not necessary and may scratch.

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Then the portion that goes around the stereo will unsnap off which exposes the screws. The air vents above  the stereo will pop out by working around the edge with a regular screwdriver, carefully working it until it pops loose. Draw a picture before dis-assembly -- or if you have to, get someone else to draw pictures and work on labeling them with you. Basically, they are to the point that they will be self destructing if continue to turn them on. ~ They can also run diagnostics on your de-installed parts such as starter, battery, alternator, etc. The door will unsnap along the bottom edge by laying down and looking for where the snap is and use a regular screwdriver to pry it loose. There are tips on the Nissan Page of our website for you or your mechanic. This is often the most difficult part of a vehicle repair, as the repair itself is covered step-by-step in the manual. The screws then can be seen that hold the stereo in and the stereo just unplugs.

I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Then the plastic that goes around the stereo will unsnap. How Vehicle Repair Disputes Crop Up You've probably obtained your own estimates of what it will cost to repair your car, and hopefully you've gone about it the right way. The young man that left here a few weeks ago after we had rebuilt his Bose amps had a smile on his face and he said "you weren't kidding when you said people are amazed at how good it will sound", he was glad. Particularly with regard to vehicles, these estimates are often made by someone taking a quick overall guess at what repairs would cost rather than taking the time to itemize each part and labor cost. I know I checked all the fuses once before, but somehow missed that one.

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If you will need to get under the car, a flattened, large cardboard box or a scrap of carpet pad can make all the difference for comfort when you are lying on the ground and for cleanliness. ~ Battery acid, hot fluids, and oil can each burn you, etc. Thank you & happy to recommend!"Gloria Middleton, Ashton Abbots"We use Julian for repairs and are happy to recommend him."Arnold Clark Motors Specialists in vehicle interior , plastics, vinyl, velour, leather and SMC.dent removal,paint damage,paint repair,Car Body Trim,Seat Repairs,South Wales - UK wide mobile repair company. Many engine compartments are very crowded and it may be difficult to see the parts, screws and nuts, and accessing, reaching or even touching the parts, nuts and bolts is often tricky. It's great to finally have great sound in my auto again. Before actually negotiating, however, make sure that both you and the adjuster have exchanged written copies of all estimates and inspection reports. Work your way towards the speaker removing bolts and screws to be able to take out the screws that hold the speaker housing in.

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Well.Willman's is most assuredly NOT too good to be true; they are true and they are good. ~ Mashed fingers, skinned knuckles, slips and misalignments are problematic. If the insurance company’s estimate does not spell out all the parts to be used and their cost, and specify that they are to be factory authorized replacement parts, you can explain to the adjuster why that repair estimate is inadequate. Estimates for Improper Repairs Particularly if the property to be repaired is new, expensive, or rare, an estimate that is not based on factory replacement parts or is not made by a shop that specializes in repairs of that specific make or brand is worthless. Cell phone pictures are small, and it's more helpful if you are able to upload them to your PC when needed; but even a small picture, taken from very close to show a vital detail, can potentially save you hours. Creative Colors International is always working…to improve bottom line! * Consult your Creative Colors International franchisee for types of services offered in your area The portion of the dash that comes from below the ashtray and goes around the shifter will come up and off from around the shifter, carefully use a regular screwdriver and pry it up. This article looks at the kinds of disputes than can come about over vehicle damage estimates and repair work after a car accident. It will be loud and clear with plenty of bass once rebuilt. This was standard equipment when new and I did not want to change to aftermarket equipment.

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While you may find a manual at the library, these manuals need to be exactly specific to your vehicle, which can make that difficult, and they are so indispensable, it is best to buy one. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. I personally think it is a mistake to put another amp and speakers in it.

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We are so quick to complain in today's world and I thought this was a good time to say --good job and thank you. If so, there are several factors to consider in negotiating with the adjuster about the fair amount of a property damage settlement. It doesn't eliminate the possibility of the radio needing work but that is the main problem. You will be impressed with what you've done when they're back in. The item must be returned in new and unused condition. Familiarize yourself briefly with the complete layout of the manual. Once it is forced out a little bit, it will unsnap and be loose. If there is no plug, then the whole assembly will have to be taken out from the top. Move slowly and do not use excessive force, work around gently and you can get it to come out. Now, slide a screwdriver between the door panel and the doorframe, and pry to release the plasic snaps. I've got my receipt with the shipment and will hold on to it should I encounter any problems. ~ Caution: A manual instruction such as "now replace the peripheral flange bracket" is useless to you, if you can't remember how the bracket came off -- and while the manual is helpful, the pictures often are not very clear and are not labeled or explained well. The first time he repaired the back bumper, this time the front. You might find a fuse panel in the glove box or by unscrewing a cover in the dashboard/near the instrument panel. Study each problem thoroughly before beginning: If you are in any doubt as to your ability to perform a needed repair, read the manual step-by-step R&R for that repair, re-read it; it will give you a pretty good idea whether you're up to it or not Leather Car Seat Repair Automotive Interior, Upholstery & Leather Car Seat Repair At Creative Colors International, we are dedicated to restoring your car’s leather, vinyl or fabric interior appearance to a like-new condition using our own proprietary repair and restoration systems. I was greatly impressed that you spent the time to check out my unit and not charge me labor, for which I would have expected to pay. ~ Over tightening of screws and bolts can strip, or break them off and be very difficult to extract the embedded broken off screw. Unless the repair estimate has been carefully itemized and can be compared with your own estimate, you can argue that it is too vague or incomplete to be taken seriously. And make sure that the estimate includes any repainting that might be required. Nail polish applied to two touching/matching parts for gaskets, etc. Now you can see the bottom bolts and once they are removed, the stereo and AC controls all come out together. The only thing you need to do is get the speakers and radio out of the car to send in. Certified Pre-Owned/Reconditioning Program Creative Colors International’s Certified Pre-Owned/Recondition Program improves your bottom line by reducing your recon time and cost. Move around the top gently with straight edge screwdriver. The fixed-price estimate is rarely seen these days, and pre-approval for over-runs provides customer control at every stage. Where the inside latch is, there is a black plastic piece on the rear side of the latch. Many times we have repaired the scratchy volume control, most places will spray cleaner in it and it will seem repaired for a while but we are going to fix it right, so it stays fixed. Having pulled the unit and now replacing it back in the car, I can say that it shouldn't take more that half an hour to pull or replace the radio. We just remove amp circuit board from box on side of speaker from inside the trunk; we just need the boards, The fronts ship as an assembly. Thanks, Mark Thank you for the great service, the unit works just like new. So, the stereo would have to be looked at and we could check out CD too for possible fix. Highly recommended."Heather - Edinburgh"Thanks for the excellent work yesterday I will pass the positive feedback on and recommend you to people looking for the work"Kevin - Newcastle"Julian repaired the back bumper that was cracked on my Vauxhall Zafira. To my surprise, the installation was very easy -- the only problem I had was removing two machine screws from the side of a bracket on my old radio which caused some considerable frustration. Closest auto repair to my location. I will keep you in mind as I find I need repaired/improved stereo components and will pass your name along to anyone needing radio parts or repairs. ~ Remove only "one" clear plastic fuse at a time and check by seeing if it is burned out "one by one" to keep from mixing them up. I really appreciate the quickness in getting the stereo fixed. These written estimates will form the basis of your negotiations, so the more detailed your estimates are, the more easily you can argue that they are more complete and accurate than the insurance company’s estimates

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