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I've read other comments and I figure it's either a faulty switch inside that one door or the actuator. I took apart the door and couldn't tell what was wrong. The gauge test with the ignition key cycles through with no indication of a problem. Use the data stream to evaluate your engine performance, acceleration and braking improvements from modifications, cooling system performance, battery condition, and more. It was working just fine and then just out of random it just hasn't been working. Replacing them is relatively straightforward, but you need to remove the door panel and get in there to reach them. remove the seat and try to remove the door panel to gain access to the door latch to release the lock. - Nick at Pelican Parts interior lights keep coming on while driving and dash indicaites door open then it goes off and goes dark again, only to repeat itself again. If i use the key in the passenger door the rest of the car except the drivers door unlocks. Restore the look of your car and improve it's resale value by replacing these today. To do this, you need to remove the door panel - you typically don't have to remove the window, just roll it up to access the mechanism. - Nick at Pelican Parts Hello - I have a question regarding a specific part. We can't get in through the back seat either to get into the boot. It's so well-integrated that it looks like a BMW part. The entire kit can be un-installed for use in another vehicle or sold. Remove the door panel and check the latch and the door handle carrier and cables. It will have the procedure, special tools and torque specs. Also I cannot open or close the drivers side door with the key, it just wont turn. When I go to the passenger side, all the doors unlock.

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The computer that is under the seat is the alarm system computer, and it can indeed get really screwed up if you let it rain on your car with the top down. I can then only open it using my key, but that requires much more force than it normally does, which seems to backup my idea of something being stuck. - Wayne at Pelican Parts I took the door lock out, but when i was about to replace the microswitch, i could not find it. Small gasoline engine repair. This part is on the outside of the door pull handle. My passenger door window is stuck in the fully closed position. The front passenger side window opens and closes slowly. I had the car to an official BMW mechanic, and they couldn't either solve the problem, nor open the door.

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The problem may be with the GME module, checking it for fault codes is the best place to start. The function of the key can be checked with the BMW scan tool.

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i have tried everything, even the arms of small children up through the window motor. The actuator does not hold it in the locked position. Driver and passenger doors have to have pressure applied for them to open. I had to climb in from the passenger side to drive the car.

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The latch on the inside still works so I can open the door by reaching in through the window. i need to re install door lock barrels after a paint job. You can hear the door trying to lock but it doesn't. - Nick at Pelican Parts Hi, when using my key in drivers side door it locks&unlocks the drivers door and boot, however does not affect the passenger side door. Also the windows do not go down when you hold the remote button but the back windows do. Then lubricate it with a penetrating oil or hinge lubricant. whats my best option can i order three lock cylinders for the trunk and both doors with one new key. - Nick at Pelican Parts My door latch has broken cast metal on the frame itself and the door is getting hard to open. The driver side lock turns infinitely in either directions without locking or unlocking the car. Improve your interior lighting experience, open your door to a world of stunning light from Ziza. - Nick at Pelican Parts While we were driving down the highway, the doors began to lock and unlock. A contemporary look that offers better visibility in a dark car, LED lighting is the choice of many enthusiasts looking to further modernize their BMW. If you have a second key, try it, if it doesn't work, this will rule out the key as the issue. Everythings is working But when i tryed lock the door its not open anymore. I'm guessing I need to replace the latching assembly. You are going to have to manually unlock, then inspect the lock cylinder switches.

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Then a door panel tool to release the clips and of course spare door panel clips. I changed the lock cylynder, it turns, and I got the lock rod into it's clip in the latch. Both the window, and the lock do not operate as they should with the rest of the car. Be sure to inspect the window seal, if it is worn out it could grab the glass and slow down the regulator. The ' door button will not normally close when using the remote but does when the outside temperature is high.

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I feel no tension from the lock when I turn the key in the driver door lock. I can't seem to get the lip of the door panel down into the top metal clips

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