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I would like to switch to a performance chip mostly because of the gas mileage. If the wiring in intact and no other problems can be found, the DME might be the issue. Bmw window repair cost. The last shop that worked on the car thinks it's the DME.

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It has a new idle air valve and I have double checked that the mass air flow sensor is functioning. He was highly skilled and very proficient at his job. I don't know specifically which ECU is proper for your car, but generally speaking, all of the ECUs from that general era were very much the same. Also, be sure to check spark and fuelk injector pulse when the problem is present. I can feel the gears changing starting from the first and to the second and so on but, it takes a long time to shift between the gears.

ETC could be electronic throttle control or electronic transmission control, I don't know what abbreviations Mitchell uses. It also depends on how many control modules are faulty. Check if the ecu is receiving power, ground and a good data signal. Oh wait, I see you're pointing in the photo to a part on the board.

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I would start by checking if the starter is getting the crank signal from the ignition switch. My students were very interested in watching my windshield being replaced. I put the stock chip back in the ecu same problem has new plugs.

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It finally died on me after heating up but not overheating and now the car will not start at all, there is no spark and no fuel. As for the other problem you're having, I would guess it's a vacuum leak. The rain may have something to do with your problem. I called and got your salesman in the office doing paper work and he Continue ReadingMelvin M., read moreThe technician just left my house. The best thing to do would be to voltage drop test the starter. One day it suddenly stopped cranking over, it would try to turn over but it wouldnt.

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However, with the holidays, he can't make it over for a couple weeks. However now the traction control light is on and the transmission light is on. I checked the DME for water and was completely dry,It has a Turner motorsport chip in it. So, if you get the same ECU but use a different chip, then you should be fine. The car goes into safe mode while the lights are on and recently I started getting tranny light on too. - Recommend starting with DME control module and programming. I don’t understand the causation but it worked perfectly, and saved me a lot of money. He was the most considerate and professional person.

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I do get all kinds of read outs in the car low water head lihgt brake system all system thow are fine. I replaced the DME and the car ran good for a couple of weeks. You will have to inspect the shift lever assembly to see if the cable is releasing the lock for the shifter. I believe that's how it's setup on that car - with the EWS. From previous research, I decided to replace the crankshaft position sensor. If the ICM is connected the car starts and idles badly. When you have quirky problems like these, I suspect the wire harness or connector might be at fault. If lean, causing the rich condition may fix it enough to start. I just bought and installed a new Crank Position Sensor. Tested EWS and DME and ISTA states to replace faulty DME. Plugs are reasonably clean if you shut it off immediately. I would need the whole part number to see if I could cross reference it for you. any other suggestions would be awesome as im a bit lost now. It sounds like your alarm system may have become defective, and is constantly on, draining the battery. So I would assume it had to go to a shop with a BMW scan tool. It's difficult to diagnose this over the Internet though. The car runs fine, and software such as INPA, DIS, PROGMAN etc all work, with the exception of obtaining any data from the DMEs with any of these systems. I don't want to give up on this car because it's a solid car if everything works properly. Auto body repair knoxville tn. There's another article in our section here about how to read out the codes The Service Technician, Jessy, is kind, professional, and very knowledgeable. The telephone representative was very nice and answered all of my questions. You'll want to monitor the draw on the battery when the vehicle is asleep. Took the DME out and also found a bunch of wires burnt. When I stepped on the accelerator it seemed like no fuel was getting wh too the engine. I don't have any power getting to the fuel pump testing for voltage at the the connector that connects to the top of the fuel level sending unit

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