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Rain-X has worked much better for me, and that was without previously polishing/buffing and washing the windshields with water/alcohol solution. The glass repair kit proved to be ineffective in repairing these scratches. Easily stone chips, car scratches and road rash to make your car.Dr You are here: Articles >> Paint Chip Repair – How to Repair Car Chips So you’ve got a paint chip on your car door, hood, roof or elsewhere and you want to fix it before it quickly becomes a rusty paint chip! Paint chip repair is easy to do yourself with an automotive touch up paint pen or brush. The buffer assembly for the drill works great and the windshield cleaner that comes with the kit works great also. We have found the paint pens are the easiest to use on small car paint chip repair jobs. A drill or buffer with an angle drive would be much easier on the wrists and much easier to control. I tested a little spot before I did the whole windshield.Glad I tested a small area.I scratched the heck out of it. Unfortunately some scratches cannot be completely removed from glass.

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Even if there is a perfect paint match, the paint chip repair will look darker. The Diamondite Glass Repair System Kit worked as promised; my windows look brand new. When I later drove these cars in rain, I was not impressed. This product did not diminish any scratches on the glass let alone remove them. Mercedes benz repair manuals. I succeeded in significantly reducing the windshield wiper scratch pattern on the BMW which fortunately for me was located such that I could more easily reach and control the power drill during buffing. The product arrived very quickly from and I was pleased with the shipping speed, however the product didn't work as described by the manufacturer and surely did not produce results that were shown in the demonstrative photographs. Also, anyone having a vehicle with a rain sensing wiper system should be cautious when using any of these glass sealant/water repellent products. South Carolinian Texan South Carolina I would recommend this item to a friend. Driver's Side Door Jamb Driver's Side Door Jamb Driver's Side Door Jamb, newer models Nissan / Infiniti Driver's Side Door Jamb This code is from a Boxster, located under the hood, front center. Auto body repair pictures. Other than that the product worked just as described. Audi specifically warns against their use in its owner's manuals, but they did not seem to interfere when applied to my car's windshield. The Ceriglass solution used with the buffer does not remove scratches. Otherwise the polishing compound dries up too quickly. After buffing the scratches, and again thoroughly cleaning the windshield[s] with water/alcohol, I applied the glass sealant as per the directions.

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Auto repair massena ny. I just wish I would have purchased more leveling pads.

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Paint Chip Spray Can For a DIY car paint chip repair job on metallic paint or chips larger than a dime, you will want to use automotive spray paint. Somewhat effective at removing minor windshield scratches, e.g.

I found it difficult and hard on the wrists to hold the pad properly on the windshield and move it as instructed. IMAGE TO ENLARGE. I came across this site and typed in scratch repair. But on the Audi, it appeared that I created as many scratches as I removed, and do not understand why or how that could have occurred since I thoroughly pre-cleaned its windshield with soap and water, then alcohol and water solution multiple times prior to using this kit. I would highly recommend this product to other highly intelligent numskulls like me with great ideas.

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Paint Chip Repair – How To Do It Yourself To begin your paint chip repair, first determine how many chips there are and how large they are. I went right to work on my heavily stained windows that took years of abuse from hard water being sprinkled from a lawn sprinkler system. Chrysler / Dodge Driver's Side Door Jamb or Door Driver's Side Door Jamb General Motors GM color code locations vary. Not sure if the scratches are too deep, but I know they are surface as the scratches are not really visible unless it is in direct sunlight or at night when tail lights or head lights are in a direct path through the windshield. Merchant Response:David, It sounds like the scratches are deeper than what CeriGlass is capable of removing. To replace the glass would have cost me many hundreds of dollars; some pieces are no longer available. As long as you use touch up paint that matches your car color, and allow the layers to dry between coats, you can repair those chips inexpensively at home. Scratches!! I went to a detail dealer and several auto parts store to see if I could find something to take the scratches out. I had an oily residue on my windshield that would not come off.

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Not only did it take my scratches out, it removed the residue I originally tried to take off. Driver's Side Door Jamb Toyota / Lexus / Scion Driver's Side Door Jamb or Door I tried using the products as directed by the manufacturer, using a battery powered drill, and a small "Off" brand pump spray atomizer bottle filled with water to keep the compound wet. The scratches appear to be surface only and were probably made by something metallic when they wiped down the windshield as part of dealer prep. Also, if you run a finger nail across the surface of the windshield, you cannot detect the scratches. Save yourself the trouble and use an automotive spray paint can for larger areas! Use this flowchart to select touch up paint for your paint chip repair Audi / Volkswagen This code is from an Audi, but VW has a similar sticker, usually found in the trunk under the mat or in the spare tire compartment. The polishing compound dries quickly as you polish. Find your car’s color code so you can make sure to use the touch up paint that matches. I first tried vinegar and then CLR with no results. Other model locations may vary, and there are often several codes for the same color. I ordered the glass repair kit on a Friday night and got the kit on Wednesday. Hard to use as directed, unless you have an angle drive power drill or buffer.

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Car paint chip repair on areas larger than a pencil eraser or dime with a touch up pen or brush will result in an uneven auto paint job. Faith auto repair. Under hood; over driver side strut, along top of driver side firewall, or over passenger side air filter.

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The only recommendation is to use a little water from a spray bottle to helped the cleaning process move along. When you apply metallic car paint with a touch up pen or brush, the metallic flake in the paint will not lay down correctly. Order a chip to touch up chips on your car now.Chipex revolutionary car touch up paint kit. Just be sure to use the other liquid to protect the now clean glass, or you'll be doing it again

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