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The display is of a higher resolution, and is generally more responsive than CCC, to address one of the common complaints of iDrive.

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iDrive is also used in current Rolls-Royce models; as Rolls-Royce is owned by BMW. is a computer system used to control most secondary vehicle systems in many current BMW cars. Updated iDrive controller featuring a leather top, menu as well as customization buttons. iDrive introduced the first multiplexed MOST Bus/Byteflight optical fiber databusses with very high bit rate in a production vehicle. Toronto auto repair. This would be a problem for BMW’s older demographic: while driving, any corrective eyewear needs to be set for distance vision, making closer objects difficult to see by older drivers with presbyopia. Many reviewers of BMW vehicles in automobile magazines disapproved of the system. This, however, is only operational when the vehicle is in the "Park" position for automatic transmissions, or while the parking brake is set for vehicles that have a manual transmission. In addition, as only one optical drive is available, one cannot use both navigation and listen to a CD simultaneously. The controls necessary for vehicle control and safety, such as the headlights and turn signals, are still located in the immediate vicinity of the steering column.

M-ASK stands for MMI Audio System controller and is manufactured by Becker. Most users report that they adapt to the system after about one hour of practice, and the advent of voice controls has reduced the learning curve greatly.

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CIC stands for Car Information Computer and is manufactured by Becker, utilizing the QNX operating system.

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It adds additional programmable buttons in the dashboard to directly access frequent functions and it removes the haptic feedback from the iDrive controller. This allows the driver to use a function or menu, while simultaneously maintaining secondary information. iDrive Business Navigation uses a different map DVD than iDrive Professional Navigation. The touchscreen has the disadvantage that it needs to be closer to the driver than the BMW iDrive screen to be within easy reach. Other information that can be displayed includes navigation route directions and a trip computer. These are used for high-speed applications such as controlling the television, DVD, or driver assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, infrared night vision or head-up display. The iDrive system includes a button marked "Menu" behind the control knob that provides quick access to the home screen. BMW also owns the Mini brand, and a pared-down version of iDrive is sold on those cars, branded as Connected. The iDrive controls consists of a LCD panel mounted in the dashboard and a controller knob mounted on the center console. These cars get the new iDrive controller that is also used on cars with CIC. When iDrive Professional is ordered the M-ASK system is replaced by either the CCC or CIC in addition to a larger display. For facilitating the uploading of music files to the HDD, a USB port is provided in the glove box. Possible options include a TV tuner, DVD changer, BMW Night Vision, side view camera and a rear view camera. This article and/or is entirely based on routine coverage. Please expand this article with properly sourced content to meet Wikipedia's quality standards, event notability guideline, and/or encyclopedic content policy.

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UPS delivered my repaired player yesterday and I re-installed it today. iDrive Business is available on the following cars; Note that the above list can vary depending on the region. The design rationale of iDrive is to replace an array of controls for the above systems with an all-in-one unit. For example, if the driver is not in the Navigation menu, he or she can still see a map on the assistance window. Criticisms of iDrive included its steep learning curve and its tendency to cause the driver to look away from the road too much. This can easily be seen when the system reboots or restarts after a software crash displaying a "Windows CE" logo.

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These areas are also colour-coded providing identification as to which part of the system is currently being viewed. iDrive caused significant controversy among users, the automotive media, and critics when it was first introduced. We repair all Models of Lexus Navigation CD Changer DVD Player From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the BMW vehicle control system. iDrive unifies vehicle systems under a single control architecture for convenient use by the driver. Since, in the rationale of the designers, the air conditioning, car audio, navigation and communication controls are not used equally often, they have been moved into a central location

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