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If there are any sensors that need to be replaced, the tool will tell you. I would check the airbag control module for fault codes. While the light is on I can read for codes and there are none present. After I turned off the engine I then checked the fuse. Would the starter relay do this or is it the computer they key opens all locks and alarm. But with the ignition key could erase the lamp of the air bag on the panel. Needless to say the crash detection went off, SRS flashing, hazards turned on. Carburetor carb adjustment tool kit small engine repair. The speed sensor might indeed be confusing the transmission. - Nick at Pelican Parts Hi I really need help in this. the passenger restraint system malfunction light has been on since i bought the car used months ago. - Wayne at Pelican Parts Goto you can fix the problem. I cannot get the car inspected without reset of that lamp. Hopefully, it's as easy as simply resetting the lamp, and there's nothing actually wrong with the system. You will need to scan the vehicle and identify the fault, then repair the item. I'm happy to say that it worked! I unplugged both sensors under each seat, installed a new fuse & then plugged them together one at a time. You must match your part number for proper fitment. The codes will tell you - the shopt that reset them for you should have written them down. Check the fuses to the amp, and I think in that car, the external amp may have it's own internal fuses too.

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Sometimes when the car is turned on the radio experiences poor reception and the air bag light is faint and will flicker with the music. One of the things that i also included in the process was fastening each set of wires to their opening in the metal plate on the bottom of the seat. The electrical gremlins you have with your cluster may be causing problems with your transmission getting confused - I would bet that they may be related. I had my mechanic check the light and the light is still fine and everything is working. The radio volume control on steering does not work. Until you turn the car on an doff again the cruise control won't work. Guess I'll have to talk to my "own" mechanic and work out some other work, and just have him look at it - sure he has a diagnose kit. I will not have it disconnected, do not plan on selling the vehicle. If a system is not working properly, a fault code will be set. I had my German mechanic look at it, they apparently can not pinpoint the exact location; Seat Belt, sensors under the seats or Air Bag Sensor Control Unit. Check power and grounds to the module, if good, it may be faulty. Using autel scanner machine airbag came up as pass but light is still on. Replaced airbag fuses twice but they continue to blow out. - Item is in nice, clean and good cosmetic co.ABS MODULE. I would get the SRS tool and see what the problem is yourself - I don't tend to trust the dealer on issues like these. - Nick at Pelican Parts Thank you for your reply.Nick Bill, from down under. Airbag light on, Radio Illuminated but not functioning, sun visor light when turned on , the interior light coming on , and also coinsiding with the car horn not working at times. Volvo repair raleigh nc. works for me, and I'm not stuck with a tool I'll never use again. I stopped at a red lite and without warning my car died. I read the codes and they were the same as before with the exception of a code adding the driver's side airbag. I decided to conduct a search and I located a Open National recall on the "airbag control unit". airbag light and "Line" faults on both side impact sensors. seat belt/airbag light on instrument panel stays illuminated. INPA is designed for engineers, not service techs, using it may have caused an issue with the airbag module. - Wayne at Pelican Parts I'm experiencing the "airnag warning light" constantly on. The first time you read the codes, you will find just about every code triggered since the car was new. Mobile auto glass repair sacramento. Recently have had various warning lights come on ABS, air bag, oil, then radio cuts out, finally hot air stops. I would reset the fault and see if it comes back again. - Nick at Pelican Parts Thanks for the response & question Nick. When your airbag light is on, it does not mean that the entire system is disabled, it just means that there is a fault. Iv had the after market system ripped out so its back to factory wiring, just with better speakers and new wires. When I press the unlock button the door won't do any unluck sound and when I'm inside when I try to open it by pulling the door handle the door won't open won't open or the door lock button won't pop up I think I disprogramed the door and also the remote. Also make sure the orange connector going to the BST is properly connected and the wiring looks in tact. The light message is due to a fault in the adaptive light system. The only reason I can think of why the light came on in the first place is that the ignition was turned on to put the window up after the ddoor airbag was unplugged.

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- Nick at Pelican Parts Don't let your dog jump into the front seat. However, it will need to be programmed using a BMW scan tool. How to replace a tire tube. - Nick at Pelican Parts Nick, Thank you for the pragmatic suggestion. Tried hard reset, battery disconnect, same problem. Your Euro Diesel car is not sold here in the states so I don't have any direct experience with them, unfortunately. I would try flushing / bleeding the system, and then if that doesn't work, then it might be time to replace the master cylinder. In case of an accident, the belt tensioner goes off and tightens the belt. Replaced entire airbag module and installed new connector, light still on, same code. The first thing I would do is plug this into the car and see if it registers any fault. also when i turn on my high beams the light for that doesnt come up on my dash board. - Wayne at Pelican Parts Hi Wayne, thanks for your reply. I think the auto industry pushed back on this, and then finally implemented this after pressure from the insurance industry, who was paying for all of the used passenger airbags. You can ask here and we can try to help, or you can try a local mechanic for advice. It makes common sense that a bad passenger seat belt switch would not turn off the driver's side airbag. Everything has been fixed except for the airbag and seatbelt light. The previous owner said that the light came on due removing the front seats. Have no idea what "line fault" means as wires are not open to the SRS module. I would not bypass any safety equipment on your vehicle. I would have the fault code read and repair what is broken. - Nick at Pelican Parts JayinWisconsin Thanks, Nick.

Also, the ignition switch or wiring for it may have been damaged. There is a plastic part in the connector that unshorts the shorting bar in the air bag connector, it could be broken. These have a tendency to give intermittent errors like this. If that doesn't remedy the issue, it is either the sensor or the control module.

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When your engine doesn’t start you’ll want to check the basics. After taking the door to bits and checking the connectors, i cant see any problems with it. I would start by scanning the control unit for fault codes.

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Measured for ground again and sensor and measures good. I lifted up the hood and found where it sits on but I don't know how to use it. Bought the car used w/light on and am not sure how to diagnose. Try unplugging each item and seeing if the fuse blows, do this until you find the cause. Now the new seatbelt switch replaced and the airbag constantly on and the seat belt sign does not disappear not matter how many time he try to click on the new seat belt switch. I pushed the "Go" button, the only thing appears on the tool is " _ _ "

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