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If you keep riding on it, your saddle won’t hold its position. And you can even use it on rides if your brakes begin to feel weak as sometimes happens when it's muddy or wet. The tires have a lot of cracks on the side, however. Such a bike would be much lighter and hence more efficient, have a comfortable relatively upright riding position, have easy to operate gears with index shifting, and stop much faster. Furthermore, we are the largest bicycle repair shop on the west coast of Florida. The base, barrel, handle and gauge are crafted from aluminum, so it's tough, durable and… The Solstice MIPS helmet is proof you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great fitting, great looking, and easy-to-use helmet It rides great, is very cool looking and is green - my favorite color. To maintain a given wheel diameter while maintaining sufficient top tube clearance a sloping top tube may be needed. See, e.g., and The rust also gives the bike a nice patina! All gears initially worked, but after I cleaned the bike and put more oil into the gear hub, the bike won't shift into first. Some BikeE seats were the subject of a recall as explained at Bicyle Man - BikeE Recalls. That store has a very wide selection of recumbents and excellent information about recumbents on their Web site including information on BikeE, the CT, and the owner's manual in PDF format. doing so can cause the brake pads to clamp together tightly-­and separating them is no easy task When replacing a brake cable, initially adjust it so the pads are fully against the rim, then squeeze the brake lever as hard as you can a few times to release slack in the cable and compress the housing. Inspect your rims by looking for a concave section or by running your fingers along the braking surface to feel for one.

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The naming and minor styling differences are confusing to say the least. Handling is more touchy, however, and takes some getting use to. The seat is a vinyl coated mattress seat that appears to be original. Protect your frame from rubs with neatly applied electrical tape or anti-slip bathtub tape. Original Stingrays often sell for hundreds on eBay. The Netherlands is noted as a country of bicyclists where the population uses bicycles for daily transportation. The tires hold air, but are very worn to the nylon thread, with the tube actually showing through one part of the front tire! The one piece crank appears to be slightly bent and just clears the rear stay. Wipe down dust seals on suspension components after every ride. Rules usually prohibit them in traditional bicycle races. If you don’t have a chain checker, go find a ruler. The bike is also illustrative of cultural stereotypes regarding girls. NEED TO KNOW Do not use a solvent to lube your chain. Assuming it’s wrapped properly, it can handle the elbow grease.

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Mine was a green one-speed which my father purchased for me used. There is also a similar Ross Super Deluxe at Gibbons Shop. The light output isn't great, but it adds to the cosmetics and can still be used as head lamp. Loosen your stem-binder bolts, not your top-cap bolts, to straighten an askew handlebar. Now, squeeze the lever to hold the brake pads against the rim while you tighten the brake bolt on the back of the frame. The bike would have originally come with chromed fenders which are now missing. They were the precussor to modern day BMX bikes which are really a much better design. Don’t adhere a patch to a tube until the glue you applied goes from clear to cloudy. All in all it's a pretty neat bike for the low price. If the type on your front hub doesn’t read left to right as you sit in the saddle, your wheel is installed backwards. It is a five speed with a Shimano Tourney derailleur. Now adjust your brakes the way you want them to feel. When one feels off or its tone is different from the rest, you know you have a loose spoke. There was some minor rust on the rims, handlebars and other unpainted steel parts, but it cleaned up very nicely with steel wool. Apply lube to the chain’s rollers, not its side plates. Pluck your spokes often so you get to know what feels and sounds right. When your chainring teeth start to look like shark fins, it’s time to replace your chainrings. It seals threaded fasteners and keeps them from rattling loose due to vibration. I rode it around my rather long block with no problems. PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE Soak the edge of a rag with degreaser and slide it back and forth between each cog to clean your cassette. Places where grit hides: in brake pads, between tubes and tires, in cleats and pedals. You’ll get a cleaner cut, with no frayed ends on cables or sharp burrs on housing. The other reason for sloping down tubes is that females are typically shorter on average than males. She is not the bike enthusiast that I am and should enjoy the upright ride, the mattress saddle, and the rear coaster brake which is somewhat unique for a multi-speed bike. You could ruin cables, accessories, even your saddle. Store a mountain bike with the suspension-fork legs pointed up so the oil can flow down and keep the foam rings under the seals well lubricated. SLICK TRICKS Not all chain lubricants are the same. Everything works reasonably well and I was able to take on a trip around the neighborhood. After cleaning I also put car polish on it including the chrome parts. On my Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra brakes, I use Kool Stop brake pads.Wheel centering in the frame and fork One of the most common brake problems is a dragging brake pad; one that remains against the rim or stays close to it after you’ve released the brake lever. Auto repair shops in fargo nd. If the stops are split, you’ll be able to remove the housing and lubricate most of the cable. The tube had been patched twice and there was no rim tape. My grandparents used this photo for their Christmas cards that year After you box your bike for travel but before you seal it, give it a side-to-side shake to note any loose or rattling parts. Push in the excess tape with the bar-end plug and reposition your brake-hood cover. To more easily seat a tire on a tubeless rim, inflate with a compressor. If you can’t, open the lever, loosen the nut a bit, and try again. The Fair Lady is "beautiful" and "for mother, daughter or even grandmother." The Sting-Ray is not described as beautiful and is not for dad or grandfather. I put transparent duct tape around the front section so it would not come apart further. The year following the Fair Lady, the very similar "Slik Chik" came out. The Stingrays were all made in Chicago like other Schwinns at the time. Motorcycles and motor scooters were sold under the Puch name. Blasting your bike with a high-pressure hose forces in unwanted grit and dirt and blows out much-needed grease and lube. We sell all of our bicycles below the advertised retail price, and offer a plethora of new brands, unique styles, and unexpected applications. To compensate for this girl's bikes often used heavier tubing which increased the weight.

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The Stingrays thus allowed children to have their own muscle car or motorcycle. The seller was quite adept at fabricating recumbent bikes from old bikes. The rear wheel in the photo is from the Specialized Hard Rock above.

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Check for gaps around the clamp area and rewrap as needed.   When lubricating a suspension fork, use the lube recommended by the manufacturer. Nostaglia is important, however, since vintage Sting Rays sell for several hundred dollars today. Hang hooks in your garage to keep your bike ­vertical. They have plenty of tread, but the sidewalls are heavily cracked.

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Install quick-release skewers so the levers are on the non-driveside. The saddle is vinyl over a steel base with a layer of polyfoam. If you inadvertently interchange them, you will likely have to buy new crankarms. Repeat these steps until you don’t feel the cable and housing give anymore. When doing a full tuneup, work from front to back or top to bottom so you’ll know where you were should you get interrupted.

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Carbon seatposts always get friction paste regardless of frame material. Use a metal ferrule at the housing entrance to the rear derailleur rather than plastic, which can crack easily with looped entrances. THESE ARE THE BRAKES Three signs your brake pads are worn: You hear a gritty scraping sound, the grooves in the pad have all but disappeared, or you feel stickiness when you brake. When installing new cable, use your old cable housing as a guide when cutting new housing. The gears seem to work - poorly at first, better when I put oil in the rear hub. To use adjusting barrels, turn them counterclockwise by hand and check the setting by squeezing the levers.

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Those prior bikes were lously for popping wheelies, but were much better for efficient transportation as explained at the wonderful Sheldon Brown site. The paint is somewhat faded but is in generally good condition. I had knee surgery for a torn medial meniscus nine days earlier and in my follow up visit the day before the garage sale the doctor said to exercise the knee using a stationary bike! It seems to be a high quality bike with a large solid metal rear wheel. When replacing a spoke, make sure it’s the right length. When you reinstall the wheel, make sure the colored washers under the axle nuts correctly engage the dropout slot. Its seat post is very long and telescopes with two sections. The company produced the Mercedes Benz G class vehicles. If not, the brake pivots or cables might be dry, causing binding. The chrome on the "Mag" chainwheel is beginning to buckle and has come off on a portion of the inner side of the chainwheel. Never use brake housing with shift cable or shift housing with brake cable. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it seems plausible

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