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Signs of wear: Engine hesitation Stalling Decline in engine performance “Service Engine Soon” light illuminates Oxygen Sensor: The oxygen sensor measures the amount of leftover oxygen from the combustion process in the exhaust. Muffler & Tailpipe: The exhaust muffler reduces the noise levels of the engine exhaust by the use of tuning tubes. Strut Mount/Bearing: The strut mount helps improve strut operation by absorbing energy and restoring smooth steering, while the bearing allows the strut to turn with the wheels while steering. Berkley auto repair. Signs of wear: Lubricant leak Clicking sounds during turning Clunks during acceleration Front-end vibrations The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Signs of wear: Clanking noise Whining or humming noise at steady speed or during coast down This round, multi-toothed disc connects the engine, clutch system, and automatic transmission. Heater Hose: The heater hose within your vehicle routes the hot engine coolant to the heater core to heat the cabin Radiator Hose: The radiator hose moves coolant from the engine to the radiator to be cooled. We are also a state-licensed DEP emission repair facility, with on-site emission repair technicians. Signs of wear: Leaking Elevated engine temperature Coolant leak Cracking/hardening/brittleness of hose “Check Engine” light illuminates Automatic Transmission Filter: This filter keeps certain abrasive particles in the transmission fluid from reaching the transmission’s internal components.

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Signs of wear: Fluid leakage Difficult low-speed steering Whining noise while turning Steering-wheel wobble Pump housing leakage Rack-And-Pinion: This steering assembly uses a long steel bar that is meshed with a pinion gear and connected to rods that turn the front wheels. Some exhaust systems are equipped with a resonator. Signs of wear: Rough running High oil or fuel consumption Visible smoke while engine is running Transmission/Transaxle: The transmission/transaxle in your vehicle uses a combination of hydraulics and gears to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. In-Line Fuel Filter: This filter is designed to trap fuel contaminants before they enter the engine’s fuel-delivery system.

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Signs of wear: Sluggish engine performance Poor acceleration “Service Engine Soon” light illuminates Mass Air Flow Sensor: This sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine. The tailpipe carries the exhaust gases from the muffler to the rear of your vehicle. The resonator, located either before or after the muffler, allows the use of mufflers with less back pressure. Signs of wear: Rough-running engine Poor fuel economy “Service Engine Soon” light illuminates Knock Sensor: Constantly measures the spark knock from the engine so the ECM can adjust the ignition timing to reduce it.

Signs of wear: Lack of power Vehicle will not start Vehicle only runs in idle or low speeds Cabin Air Filter: Cabin air filters prevent a majority of airborne particles from entering the cabin. Signs of wear: Uneven tire wear Suspension noise or misalignment Steering-wheel wobble or vibration Power Steering: The hydraulic power-steering pump is a constant displacement pump that provides hydraulic pressure and flow for the power-steering gear. Resonators are used when vehicle characteristics require specific exhaust tuning. Signs of wear: Rough-running engine Engine hesitation or stalling “Service Engine Soon” light illuminates Fuel Injector: The fuel injector sprays a fine mist of fuel into a vehicle’s intake manifold or cylinders a fraction of a second before the spark plug ignites it. Bmw repair san diego. Signs of wear: Noticeable transmission slippage Lack of acceleration Failure to engage Erratic transmission operation Manual vehicles use this combination of components to engage and disengage the engine to and from the transmission for changing gears. The hydraulic power-steering pump is belt-driven off your engine. Control Arm: Control arms join wheel hubs to the vehicle frame, allowing for a full range of motion while maintaining proper wheel alignment. Fuel Pressure Sensor: Constantly measures the fuel pressure in the fuel rail so the ECM can maintain the pressure at optimum levels. Signs of wear: Excessive play in steering-wheel Steering-wheel vibration Unusual noises while turning the wheel The idler arm in your vehicle acts as a pivot point to the steering linkage assembly. Transmissions are utilized in rear-wheel-drive applications and transaxles on front-wheel-drive. The rack-and-pinion can be hydraulically assisted by a power-steering pump or electrically assisted. Signs of wear: Low vehicle ride height Rough, unstable, or uncontrollable ride Excessive tire wear on one side The bushings attached to the suspension system provide a cushioned link between control arms and chassis. We are a state-authorized inspection facility, with on-site licensed inspectors.

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Sign of wear: “Wandering” and excessive steering with little directional change Tie-Rod End: The tie-rod end connects or ties the steering linkage to the wheel hub assembly, allowing for the transfer of motion to the wheel. Signs of wear: Engine won’t start Reduced or loss of engine power “Service Engine Soon” light illuminates Exhaust Gas Recirculation The EGR valve recirculates some of the engine’s exhaust gas back into the intake manifold to be reburned, reducing emissions.

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Signs of wear: Noticeable transmission/transaxle slippage Lack of acceleration Transmission fluid emits a burning odor Differential/Rear Axle: The differential receives power from the drive shaft and delivers power to rear-drive wheels through a series of gears. Signs of wear: Slipping and/or squealing belt Dimming headlights while driving Loss of battery charging Air Conditioning Hose: Refrigerant stored under high pressure is transferred from your vehicle’s evaporator in the engine compartment to the condenser in front of the radiator. The bearings reduce friction and increase your control of the vehicle as the wheel turns over the surface of the road. If the boot is worn or damaged, these particles can eat away at the CV joint, potentially causing the need to replace the CV joint or even a half axle.

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The tuning tubes create channels inside the exhaust muffler that lower the sound levels created by the combustion of the engine. We are renowned for professional excellence and unparalleled customer services All sensors input information to the ECM to constantly adjust the air/fuel mixture for optimum emissions, drivability, and performance. Signs of wear: Rough-running engine Poor fuel economy “Service Engine Soon” light illuminates Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor: Constantly measures the engine’s coolant temperature. Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor: Constantly measures the amount the accelerator is depressed so the ECM can open the throttle proportionately to increase acceleration. Nissan repair shops. What can i use to wash my car. Pitman Arm: On vehicles that utilize a steering gear, the pitman arm connects the steering gear and steering linkage

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